Dual-wielding Google Glass patent shows a version of Glass covering each eye



It seems this was the only likely progression of Google Glass. As a unique wearable that (almost) covers one eye to super impose information onto the real world, the only way to 1-up the current version of Glass is to introduce 2 screens covering each eye. Proof that Google is at least toying around with the idea of a fully immersive Google Glass future, is a patent discovered by our friends at GGlassDay.

What they uncovered was a newly granted USTPO patent filed back in September of 2011 and listing off Google Glass lead Max Braun as one of its inventors. The patent filing describes HUD and/or augmented reality Glasses similar to the version of Glass we see today. Only in this patent, there’s 2Xs more Glass, because more Glass means more fun, right?

Dual Gogle Glass patent 1

With 2 screens being displayed on each eye, Glass could effectively offer a 3D experience. This would add a entirely new level of immersion to the wearable, and is something we’ve seen other OEMs target (the Epson Moverio, for instance). It’s tough to tell from the supplied schematics, but it appears as if this version might cover the user’s direct line of site, unlike the current version of Glass which actually sits above the eye, requiring the user to look up to see what’s displayed.

Dual Google Glass patent 2

This dual-wielding version of Glass also mentions how the display will change according to the image in the background (real-world), adjusting the virtual image’s saturation, hue, contrast, etc., to offer a more unobstructed view of the world through Glass. Pretty advanced stuff. Of course, some will liken this to the “Terminator” HUD view made popular in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, only we’re sure these will serve less dubious purposes.

[USPTO via GGlassDay]

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    I rather see more self-driving cars in the streets than be recorded with two cameras from the same head instead of one.

    1. So phones cameras and smart watches with cameras should die too. A little paranoid about cameras that are already everywhere. You’re technophobe and technobigot.

      1. He/she must be in the business of doing illegal things.

  2. I wonder what type of image would be displayed… would we see a 3D image? One larger screen? This would be a true HUD.

    1. I think it would have to be 3D. I don’t think it would actually look like a larger screen if they displayed it over two eyes like that. At least, I think it would look weird because only one eye could see each half of the screen…

  3. I came here for the brunette and the red head. I am disappoint

    1. Here is the brunette for ya:

      Have fun stalking. :p

    2. Amanda looks like a fun gal to hang with, and Chris needs to stop posting articles without the women from the main page! Give us da candy with the story bruv! Some of us are thirsty! Hahaha!

  4. 2 peripheral inputs are way better than one. way less distraction.

    now get the price down to 300 bucks.

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  6. Now just add the Opti-Grab!

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