Republic Wireless Moto X heads to Motomaker April 1st – first 2,000 orders get wood for free

Republic Wireless Motomaker Moto X

Aside from the absurdly low service plans Republic Wireless offers on their “hybrid network” (a combination of WiFi calling and piggy backing on Sprint’s network when out and about), the Motorola Moto X was also another great reason to try out the MVNO.

Having launched the Moto X back in November of last year, Republic Wireless is hoping to tap into prospective buyers’ creative side, by offering the option to make the devices truly “theirs.” The Republic Wireless Moto X will officially arrive tomorrow on Motomaker (we know, bad timing), giving customers the chance to pick up their own custom tailored — off-contract — Moto X on the cheap.

As part of a special promotion, Motorola will be giving the first 2,000 orders receiving a complimentary wood back upgrade (a $25 value) but only if they sign up here. Sign ups don’t start until tomorrow at 11:00AM ET, with Motorola emailing promo codes to the first 2,000 who sign up.

Republic Wireless mentions that because a phone purchased through Motomaker is coming direct from Motorola, you’ll need to go to them should you require support for the phone. Another thing to be mindful of is you’ll be paying more by buying through Motorola/Motomaker, with the 16GB model running $350 vs the standard white/black 16GB model purchased from Republic Wireless for $300.

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