Mar 31st, 2014

Because pulling an April Fools prank on April 1st would be way too conspicuous, Google is kicking things off a little early this year. In an update to the Google Maps app, Android and iOS users can now search their area for Pokemon, as part of Google’s Maps’ Pokemon Challenge. Let us be clear — this is not a joke.

Okay, so maybe the part in the the video that mentions you can catch Pokemon by snapping them with your phone’s camera. While that would be insanely cool, it’s only that part that’s the joke.

Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

By opening Google Maps, tapping on the search bar and pressing “Start,” you’ll notice the presence of new little critters in your area, more specifically: POKEMON. Tapping on them the little guys will let you catch them, with a total of 150 to catch in all.

To view your Pokedex, tap on the search bar where you’ll see 2 new options at the top: “Return to the Pokemon Lab” and “View Pokedex.” If you’re having trouble finding Pokemon in your area, click on the Pokemon Lab option and you’ll notice the once former Googleplex is teaming with pocket monsters.

It’s a fun little touch, one that takes us right back to the 7th grade. Anyone catch ’em all yet?

[Google Lat Long Blog]

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