Hands-on: HTC One M8 Dot View case brings a heavy dose of 80s nostalgia [VIDEO]


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The flip case isn’t a new idea by any means. We saw them rise in popularity after the iPad made them mainstream and eventually they began making their way to phablets like the Galaxy Note and even last year’s HTC One. That being said, leave it to HTC’s design team to dress it up a bit, adding equal parts style and function — even a splash of 80s nostalgia — in the “Dot View case” for the HTC One M8.

We’ve already seen the case leaked out in pictures. Featuring tiny holes that allow light to peak through (Lite-Brite, anyone?), the Dot View case shows everything from the time, to weather, or incoming calls. Where the average flip case has you opening the protective cover in order to interact with the device, the Dot View case actually allows the flap to remain shut, as shown in our hands-on video. Again, it’s nothing ground breaking, just a way to add a little style and make your friends go, “Woah.”

HTC’s Dot View flip covers will be available in Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis (green), Baton Rouge (dark red) — $50 each via HTC’s online store here.


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  1. Dumb. If it had it’s only pixel array, I would have thought it was cool. But this method? Dumb. This would have worked nicely with an AMOLED, though. But not HTC’s screen.

    1. its not dumb that you can see who is calling without opening a flip cover case that covers the entire phone.

      1. having a flip cover case is dumb to begin with…

        1. if that’s how you feel that’s how you feel, but flip cover cases seem to be reasonably popular. I’ve seen quite a few samsung ones out in the wild.

    2. Honestly, explain why it is ‘dumb’. I’m sure plenty of people could do with knowing.

      1. Because it does nothing a small window wouldn’t do. And it powers the full display to get a stylized view.
        If it were an actual powered pixel array, I would think it was pretty cool. It’s just a perforated screen.

    3. It’s just meant to be cool. That’s about it.

  2. Someone needs to make an app that emulates the Knight Rider KITT flashing scanner to project through this. That would be awesome.

    See: .

  3. This actually pretty cool… I likes.

  4. Is it bad that this is one of the things that makes me want this phone? I think it’s pretty neat

    1. No, it’s always the little things.

  5. I prefer the sview case. Offers alot more functionality.

    1. How so?

      To my knowledge, the case only shows you time and things aren’t really interactive unless you open the case.

      1. The s4 version was limited.. calls, time, weather…. but the newer ones (note 3 and s5) allow for camera control, music control, action memo, pedometer, calls, weather, and other functions

        1. Ah, nice!!

          From what I’m seeing in this video, the screen is still “touchable” through the case. So who’s to say you won’t be able to interact with the screen more?

          What I’m worried about is if the case can protect against accidental presses.

          That would defeat the purpose of a flip case in my opinion.

          But camera control is well sounds pretty nifty. Any way for me to get to my camera fast is always nice. Hmm… Not bad Samsung SView Case. LoL!!

  6. This would of been cooler if this was an entire theme effect.

  7. This may be the coolest thing about this phone. Also, per HTC’s unveiling today, it doesn’t use up any extra juice!

  8. This case makes me wonder about accidental presses. So if the screen happens to be on can you butt dial someone? Hmm…

  9. So because the screen isn’t amoled it doesn’t save any battery. right? And the screen itself doesn’t have any LEDs or something like that. So $50 is very expensive for a plastic with dots.

    1. WP has almost no games and apps.
      WP is going backwards
      Wp killed nokia

      Cant use Chromecast and so on and so on.c

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