Mar 25th, 2014

HTC One M8 Google Play edition listing

If you’ve been eyeballing the HTC One M8 since it became official early this morning, you’re not alone. So were we. For those that perhaps weren’t too crazy about the idea of HTC Sense 6.0 running the show — good news. The listing for the HTC M8 Google Play edition is now live in the Play Store. While that doesn’t mean the phone is actually available right now, we’re expecting it orders to begin sometime in late April (whenever the phone becomes widely available for other carriers).

HTC One M8 Google Play edition

Those curious about pricing will find the phone carrying the heft price tag of $700. No surprise there. That’s the kinda price you have to pay for quality. The good news? The HTC M8 Google Play edition is running a stock Android experience and receives updates nearly as quick as Nexus devices. Also, with HTC’s new apps hitting the Play Store, expect features like the IR blaster to remain intact for the Google Play edition, as well as others. Don’t you just love this new trend?

As for carrier compatibility, keep in mind the HTC M8 Google Play edition is only compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks (just like last year’s model). For all those interested, Google Play link provided below.

UPDATE: It looks like it’s finally available, with shipping times scheduled to leave the warehouse in 2-3 weeks.

Purchase on Google Play: HTC One M8 Google Play edition

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