HTC One M8 Google Play edition now available for $700 [UPDATE]


HTC One M8 Google Play edition listing

If you’ve been eyeballing the HTC One M8 since it became official early this morning, you’re not alone. So were we. For those that perhaps weren’t too crazy about the idea of HTC Sense 6.0 running the show — good news. The listing for the HTC M8 Google Play edition is now live in the Play Store. While that doesn’t mean the phone is actually available right now, we’re expecting it orders to begin sometime in late April (whenever the phone becomes widely available for other carriers).

HTC One M8 Google Play edition

Those curious about pricing will find the phone carrying the heft price tag of $700. No surprise there. That’s the kinda price you have to pay for quality. The good news? The HTC M8 Google Play edition is running a stock Android experience and receives updates nearly as quick as Nexus devices. Also, with HTC’s new apps hitting the Play Store, expect features like the IR blaster to remain intact for the Google Play edition, as well as others. Don’t you just love this new trend?

As for carrier compatibility, keep in mind the HTC M8 Google Play edition is only compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks (just like last year’s model). For all those interested, Google Play link provided below.

UPDATE: It looks like it’s finally available, with shipping times scheduled to leave the warehouse in 2-3 weeks.

Purchase on Google Play: HTC One M8 Google Play edition

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  1. I hope it’s out by that April 10th timeline like all others

    1. They updated the listing. Now leaves the warehouse in 2-3 weeks.

  2. $699??

    eat a pickle..

    1. LMFAO :)

    2. Dill? Sure. No half-sours, though.

    3. my job has pickles!

  3. I would like it more if there was a payment plan..such as 6 months Interest free..

    1. Buy with a credit card?

      1. “Interest free…”

        1. My Best Buy credit cards and others are always hitting me up about promotional interest free financing for like a year or 6 months. That, or it’s easy to sign up for a new card and get it. *shrugs*

          1. must be nice to be a Phandroid contributing editor…..

          2. Anytime I hear the phrase “Must be nice…” what I really hear is “I’m a petty and jealous person with poor people skills”

          3. Then you have hearing issues my friend..quit putting your business on the internet.

          4. It definitely has it’s perks, yes. I have great credit but worked SUPER hard at getting it there.

            I’ve also been fortunate enough to live out of my parent’s basement for most my adult life. O_o

          5. The evil in their heart. You get a day over and still owe 3 cents, they will slam all 6 months of 50% APR on you.

            I used to be a cashier at Fry’s Electronics (they started in 1985, so they’re still fairly new) and they had this Fry’s Credit card. 12 months of no interest if you paid it off within that time frame, but you go one day over…

            I don’t like those offers. I know my weakness and I’ll get too comfortable with that and go one day over. =.[

        2. talk about attention to details…

    2. Or you could’ve started saving up 6 months ago and you would’ve had enough money… This is a huge problem these days

      1. You are so Godamn smart, they should make you president!

  4. It is not listed on GP.

      1. Sure is it…….lmao

  5. MicroSD Slot!!!

  6. $700?

    Hah. No. I paid $690 for a new Note 3, and the HTC doesn’t come close in value…… IMO.

    Chalk it up to the preeeeemium-feeeeel aluminum tax.

    1. yeah, a premium feel that won’t have a premium look after its all scratched up and won’t do a darn thing in protecting your screen which is made of glass.

      1. No doubt. AndroidCentral’s 1080p review video featured tons of nasty scratches on theirs, since they didn’t bother putting it in a plastic case like 99% of people do.

    2. Yeah, sure it doesn’t come close to in value when it is faster in every benchmark, has better sound quality, a better display, better battery life (with a smaller battery even.), and a camera better suited for internet sharing/sms, low light photos, and editing.

        1. Kay have fun then with your opinion. I’ll take my higher specs and nicer feeling phone and go through with my life where I only use a camera when either A: using Skype, or B: Begged to take a picture by my parents of my fiance and I. Which BTW the One is better for selfies too so Skype is better there. Oh and when I listen to music my speakers won’t be crap, like they are on the Note. Oh and I can use it one-handed too. Whelp I’ll just be waiting for it to hit T-mobile in two weeks or so.

  7. seriously over priced – these 600 and up phones have to change with the advent of carriers dropping subsides and google pricing the nexus for 350 which is crazy that you can get 2 nexus’s for the price of this HTC – its crazy… Even the the IPHONE UNLOCKED is cheaper at 649 and the crappier 5c for 499 – what is HTC thinking – how will this TURN them around?

  8. $700? Seriously? That is just crazy. I would have considered it for $4 to $500. At $700 this phone is seriously off of my radar. The Oneplus One now sounds much more interesting….

  9. It’s in my cart but it wont let me check out. I just keep getting the broken robot Uh Oh there was a problem…meh

  10. All the people bitching about the price are welcome to pick up the subsidized versions from the carriers. You’d think this was the cost for all models the way some of you are posting. I will get a T-Mobile version and unlock it myself and rewrite the software to make it a GPE like i did with my current ONE. Easy. More action, less whiny drama.

    1. by tethering yourself to a 2 year contract where if you terminate early you’ll pay a hefty ETF or if you’re on tmobile or ATT next you’ll owe the remaining balance on the full price of the phone.

      people pay full price for these phones one way or another.

      1. Yea, but not in one shot, which seems to be the issue here.

        1. Yeah. Ok. $700 is a great price.

          1. You pay less with a full priced phone and a good MVNO that runs on AT&T or T-Mobile’s network. Meaning you pay a lot less in the long run.

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