LG G Pro 2 Official: 5.9-inch multimedia beast


Head-to-head comparison: LG G Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

At last year’s Mobile World Congress, LG introduced the LG G Pro, which would win Best Smartphone of MWC 2013 in what was a pretty impressive event industry-wide. Following up on that success, LG has just made the LG G Pro 2 official, and it will fittingly launch at MWC 2014.


We’ll be there to go hands on the device, but until that day arrives, here’s what you need to know about the latest addition to LG’s recently impressive and growing Android Portfolio.

The camera on the LG Pro boasts some eye-opening features including 120FPS HD recording, 4K ULTRA HD recording for playback on 4K TVs, and some software options to help you get just the right picture with focus, flash, and filters.

Key Specs:

  • 5.9-inch IPS Display (1920 x 1080)
  • 13MP camera
  • 2.1MP front camera
  • 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 3GB DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB or 32GB ROM
  • microSD slot
  • 3,200mAh battery (removable)
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Dimensions: 157.9 x 81.9 x 8.3mm
  • Weight: 172g
  • Bluetooth 4.0

The LG G Pro 2 will come in 3 colors: White, Red, and Titan.

The company is also touting a bunch of software features that are exclusive to LG devices, including:

  • Knock Code which can unlock your screen with a morse-code like series of taps
  • Content Lock to let users password protect specific files and apps
  • Mini View which shrinks the screen from 5.7 inches to 4.7 inches or 3.4 inches for one-handed use
  • Dual Browser for multi-tasking with side by side windows

Pricing and availability have yet to be determined, but we couldn’t be more excited to check out the LG G Pro 2. It definitely enters Phablet territory and will compete head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other large, beefy, multimedia intensive devices.

Stay tuned for live coverage on the LG G Pro from Mobile World Congress 2014!

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  1. And that’s how you make a phablet HTC, learn it well!!

    1. Hmm…

      Just like I thought. If HTC can’t keep their game up, I think I’m looking at my next phone.

  2. Anyone interested in a gently-used G-FLEX?

    J. J.,the G-FLEX is cool & a keeper,however, the G2 is going adieu via T-MOBILE’s JUMP when this lands……..

  3. Mini View……SOLD!!!

    1. IKR!? Oh my gosh!! That sounds amazing.

    2. Wish they made it more adjustable like the note 3 and not just to 2 sizes. But better than nothing.

    3. ‘Cept you don’t save battery with an IPS display miniview vs AMOLED, but at least it’s still nifty

  4. Current OS, micro SD, and removable battery. Well played LG. Lets hope the G3 follows suit with the SD and removable battery. Just upgraded to the OG g pro. Maybe this will be next in line.

    1. Don’t forget it’s the Korean Version. The North American version of the G2 didn’t have those useful options for unknown reasons

      1. Yup. That’s why I was going to ditch Lg on my next upgrade, but maybe they will add the SD card/removeable battery back into the G lineup.

      2. Well to be fair the original Pro did have these options outside of Korea so I think it will be the same with the Pro 2.

      3. I dunno,sounds like this is what is shipping outside of S. Korea:


  5. I was going to wait for the G3….. I don’t think I will be able to. This ticks all the boxes. Well done LG, well done.

  6. I’m sold no gimmicks just all power

  7. AC wifi should be the standard now a days…right..?
    (They need that for Chromecast 2.0 also)

  8. I’ve been looking for something that’ll convince me to get rid of my Note 2. The LG G Pro 2 might just be it. :o

    1. I’m on the original note, and I’m super stoked

    2. You do realize these specs are almost identical to the Note 3 today right?

      1. I know the Note 3 is locked down like Fort Knox and can’t be easily rooted. That and me being tired of TouchWiz are the reasons I don’t have a Note 3.

        1. The international and t-mobile versions of the Note 3 are easily rooted and ROM’d (mine is running CM11). It’s just ATT and the others that chose to be lame-ohs.

          KNOX doesn’t actually do anything unless you use it in an enterprise setting.

  9. Looking forward to the camera review. Hope they fix the low light fuzzy images on the G2.

  10. Content lock and knock code are pretty good.

  11. Content lock sounds nice but seriously Joogle, where the hell are user profiles already? Need guest account for kids and/or other users so they can’t go sifting through all those selfies of my crotch or my text messages with Barbara Streisand.

    1. the G2, Gflex and Gpad all come with a guest mode in the UX

    2. lol @ Barbara Streisand

  12. Where’s 4.4 for my G2. Come on LG..

    1. It will be released by the end of Q1.

    2. That’s not what this article was even about. Stop complaining.

      1. Pound sand..

    3. What about the g flex? 4.2.2 smh?

  13. That`s good, now I am waiting for my Galaxy Note 4.

  14. It needs a removable battery but looks awesome

    1. Um ok did you read the article ?

      1. Do you see how many words are in the article??? That would take at least a couple minutes to read!

        1. Lmfao

    2. Please kick yourself in the ass.

  15. Too big. Obnoxiously big.

    1. Yes, too big… no human being would ever be able to carry such a humongous thing, it is just impossible, can’t do it!!

      1. I could carry a brick around also; it just looks silly.

        1. Whats silly is your comment bro.

  16. Question- With mini view, is the rest of the screen black? and if so does the IPS get any battery benefit at all? (even if its just in pushing less pixels with the gpu?)

    also is that a typo? wouldn’t it shrink from 5.9 to 4.7 to 3.4?

    There are a ton of times lighting up my whole screen is entirely unnecessary… making a phone call, texting sometimes, changing song listening to music, checking what notifications just chimed in, etc,

    1. you may be on to something, a developer should cook up a ROM that has features where the screen adjusts to accommodate certain functions…would work best with AMOLED screen…

    2. Nope, you get zero battery savings with the “mini view” when using IPS displays vs AMOLED because the IPS backlight is always on. Unless… LG is the first to add TV-like “local dimming” to their phones, then you’d get some benefit.

  17. Not bad, but imagine what the Note 4 is gonna have

    1. It’ll probably still have physical buttons (that I no longer want), and it’s rumored to be made of inferior metal for some snobby reason, which means easy battery access might be going away. <3 my Note3 w/ CM11 though.

      1. Inferior metal than aluminum? Does that really matter? The look and feel is what matters, not the material it was used (unless it’s a precious metal or stone with intrinsic value, which is obviously out of question)…

        1. It matters. Plastic is better for drop protection (it flexes), radio interference (it doesn’t), thinness, keeping cost down, keeping bezels small, and allowing for easier battery access. The only good thing about metal is that some people think it’s “premium” for some reason, and then proceed to put a plastic case over it anyway.

          1. I think quality of the material and implementation can matter more than the material. My Droid 1 was made of cheap metal, and it was indestructible. One interesting thing I noticed with it, was when you dropped it, that the battery cover always flew off, and the battery always fell out. This is a good thing! The energy used in flexing that case to throw the cover and battery is all energy that otherwise would’ve been shouldered by the more delicate components, like a crude accidental crumple zone.
            (it also didn’t hurt that the og droid screen was made of gorilla lead glass)

            also, my phones are always naked, as god and insurance intended!

    2. Too far away

  18. prettier than my G Pro…

  19. If this comes to verizon and is as easily hacked as the g2 I’ll be selling my note 3 and looking to pick one of these up. The N3 is an amazing device, but I miss the romming and tweaking i was able to do with my galaxy nexus.

    1. I got an AT&T N3, and I’m having lots of fun flashing. Currently running Knox raid V2.

      1. I don’t know how much more or less friendly the att n3 is vs the Verizon model, but I know that the boot loader is still locked and all the available Roms are still based off of the stock firmware for the vzw model. I don’t totally understand how bootloaders, kernals, and all that jazz works, but I know that because of the locked bootloader we have to use safestrap, which is way better than nothing, but isn’t as good as an unlocked bootloader with a full blown recovery. It’s also the reason I can’t run paranoid android, my favorite rom, on my note 3.

        1. Most rooms are based on stock firmware, either US carriers or international. The only thing I can’t flash is custom kernels. Also AOKP OR AOSP bases cant be flashed without a customer kernels.

          1. AOSP roms are usually my favorite roms.

          2. I like them too. But I feel that the essence of my note would be lost by installing an AOKP rom. So many features would get lost, specially all the ones on my note 3. And I know that for a fact. I’ve tried those on both my original Note and my Note 2.

  20. I love the specs and will consider it but I’d prefer one with the same specs with a slightly smaller screen.

  21. Wow, if this phone is offered across all US carriers, it could potentially be on eof ht ephones of the year, IMO.

  22. Put those specs (including the removable battery and expandable storage) into a 5″ phone and I’ll have an alternative to Samsung the next time I buy a phone.

  23. The specs + SD slot + removable battery(!) means that this is definitely a Galaxy Note contender in my book (even without the pen).

    I really love that there’s no physical buttons on the thing, unlike all of Samsung’s stuff, but, I don’t much like IPS displays (vs AMOLED) or the weird buttons on the back, so… it’s a tough call. The tie-breaker would have to be how ROM-friendly LG turns out to be.

    1. thanks for the comparison, Jason , I intend to buy one of these two , do you know if the pro has usb 3.0?

      1. Dunno about usb3 on the LG, but I don’t much like it on the Note3 either. Wish the new “reversible” usb connector come out instead.

  24. Looks awesome thanks for the removable battery

  25. Love it! Also support OTG to add storage with Meenova MicroSD reader: http://goo.gl/2iJ6gf

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