Google Play edition Moto G now available for $180


Moto G Google Play edition

Looks like the Moto G has officially taken the Nexus 4’s spot on the Play Store. The LTE-deficient G can currently be purchased on Google Play for $180 for 8GB, or $200 for 16GB. Keep in mind this is the GSM model, meaning it should work just fine on T-Mobile or AT&T, sans LTE (sorry, Sprint/Verizon).

While carrier-branded Moto Gs were already running a pretty darn near stock Android experience, this version has the added benefit of updates directly from Motorola/Google, where it already kicks things off with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. Link below for those looking to purchase.

Buy on Google Play: Moto G Google Play edition

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  1. So since the G had neither Touchless Control or an Active Display, what exactly is the difference between the Google Play Edition Moto G and a non GPE Moto G?

    1. You get……… more………………. Google? O_o

      1. WUP!! That’s all I needed to go buy this.

    2. the Moto G has very slight minimal customizations (remember Moto Blur?), not so extreme as that, but there were still some variations, minimal as they might be, barely noticieable.. the GPE version has none of that, also when you launch your app drawer, there will be zero bloatware apps….

    3. Motorola Assist and Motorola Migrate as well as a moto made kernel vice stock.

    4. The camera is different…. and that’s about it lol

      I think they’re just selling it there so they have an affordable option, and they’re not going to sell a plain Moto G sans GPE since that’s what Google is trying to do on the Play Store.

    1. Csar pls

      1. y u do dis?

  2. I bought a couple of these as xmas presents and noticed that the Tmobile version only shows 3g and not 4g when connected to HSPA+. Anyone know if this is what its supposed to show?

    1. It doesn’t have 4g/lte.

      1. I understand that but on my Nexus 4 on Tmobile it still showed a 4g icon on HSPA+ even tho its not LTE…Tmobile considers HSPA+ 4g…

        1. I think it clocks in at the slower ‘4G’, meaning 14 or 21. Try doing a speed test because I haven’t found specifications.

        2. that is what you call Faux G

          1. that is what you cask Faux G. plus the N4 had the radio bands for HSPA+, not for LTE officially.

        3. It’s not from T-Mobile though, so I think Google is trying to be a little more honest here by calling hspa+ 3G.

  3. This really doesn’t make sense anymore.

    1. yup.. the last thing i want on my phone is boring stock android. heckI coudlnt’ even stand cyanogenmod. where’s my touchwiz! lol

  4. Why can’t they offer it for $130 or under like boost or Verizon?

  5. Why carry a spare battery around,when @ these prices,you can have an extra phone.

  6. I have a galaxy s4 gpe, I’m very happy with it, I might snag one of these up for the mom, I’m just curious how long these devices will be updated to the latest version of android, it will be interesting to see pan out.

  7. Keep em coming Google!

  8. My next phone.

  9. Great option for folks who smashed their screen or something and need something to hold them over, or for my Mom. Keep em comin’!

  10. The funny thing is the Moto X was receiving KitKat before Most Nexus and Play Edition Devices….

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