Santa will be using Google Glass to find your chimney this Christmas

santa google glass

We’re on the eve of Christmas, and the Google Santa tracker shows that the big guy from the North Pole has finally gotten all his affairs together and taken off for the holidays. It looks like Santa will be adding a new tool to his repertoire for helping him find his way to healthy helpings of milk and cookies this holiday season — Google Glass!

We imagine it’ll be important for ol’ St. Nick to have some sort of heads-up display to help him get around at night. It’s hard to maneuver that sleigh and those reindeer through all those trees and rooftops, so perhaps he has his own special version of Google Maps that can help him navigate the air. He could also have his helpful little elves develop an augmented reality app to help point out those who’re naughty vs those who’re nice.

Imagination aside, if you’re looking for something that might help get you into the Christmas spirit, seeing the “final prep” process Santa takes might be just the trick to do it. Watch the jolly fellow take care of the final steps on his checklist (including fitting himself with a nice pair of Google Glass before taking off in his sleigh of awesomeness) over at the source link.

[Santa Tracker]

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  • Anthony McKay

    If that fat old man films himself making out with my mom underneath the mistletoe with glass.. I’m gonna be so pissed!

    • jessez93

      lol you’re sick.

    • Henri Conradie

      Ever since I heard that Christmas carol I’ve thought it was weird (the bad kind of weird, btw).

  • CerealFTW

    I guess he’s not gonna get any from Mrs. Claus with those clock blocking him

  • metronome

    And if Santa didn’t bring you you’re own Glass then you pick up a pair of these SMART Glasses instead :)