Contest: Win 1 of 10 Nexus 5 cases from Cruzerlite

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After celebrating an early Christmas yesterday with the launch of the Nexus 5, we’ve teamed up with Cruzerlite to bring you 10 free Nexus 5 cases for your newly purchased Android phone. If you’re a die-hard Android fan, there’s no better way to show off your Android pride than with an Android themed case from Cruzerlite. As you can see below, Cruzerlite cases are truly unique and easily allow you to show off in public where you mobile phone allegiance lies.


Cruzrerlite gel cases are made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this slim-fitting case provides great protection from day to day use and accidental bumps and spills. The sleek, light-weight design of the case fully wraps around the phone while also raising the front of the phone to protect the screen while face down. Precise cutouts provide easy access to all ports while buttons have been covered for protection from daily use. Flexible, easy to apply, and easy to remove, this affordable case comes in several different colors, allowing you to choose the case that fits you as well as it fits the phone.

The contest

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The rules

  • Contestant must be at least 18 years old.
  • This is an international contest, open to everyone with a valid shipping address.
  • The contest begins immediately and ends Tuesday, November 5th at midnight eastern time.
  • Winning contestants will be contacted via email within 24 hours of the contest ending.
  • Upon winning, you’re required to provide your choice of case style.
  • Upon winning, you’re required to provide a valid shipping address.


If you aren’t lucky or don’t want to wait, you can always head on over to or and order your Nexus 5 cases directly from the source. Good luck Phandroids!


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  • Kam Siu

    i just purchased the bug droid for the nexus 5 on amazon. I’m hoping the quality is as good as the cruzlite for nexus 4

    • Derek Ross

      It should be. Cruzerlite cases rock! I have one for my Moto X and Nexus 7 right now. Love’em.

  • Sheldon

    Sweet!! I don’t have twitter!!

  • Rigoberto Cabrera


  • Avatar26

    I ordered it because I love the pure Android experience on my Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5 hardware absolutely screams! PUMPED.

  • aranea100

    Because it’s nexus 5, enough said. I plan to sell or give my nexus 4 away when I get nexus 5.

  • James Kennelly

    I am sending back my week old LG G2 for this beast.

    • whirly89

      So you’re sending back basically a N5 with a better camera and bigger battery. The LG G2 and N5 are basically the same phone minus the specs being better for the G2, ports are already in the works and since the hardware is so similar once the N5 gets a new update it will be ported over to work on the G2 in no time. All roms and kernels will be ported over as well, after a few changes are made. So awesome dev community for the N5 will mean an awesome one for the G2 as well. :-)

      • James Kennelly

        Very true, just so happens i make it with about 5 0% of my battery left each day and almost never use the camera. I am also on my seconf g2. First on had bad pixels and this ones touchscreen is too sensitive. The price difference is a factor too.

  • Remi Thibault

    I just bought a Nexus 5! I need a case to go with it!! Thanks for the contest!! :-D

  • the milkman

    They look cool.

  • Marcu Ioan

    I guess it was time for me to upgrade from my 2 year old GNex :)
    Nexus rocks!

  • Agustin Torres

    So great phone, Excellent B-Day present for myself.

  • Justin Giles

    I love cruzerlite cases!

  • Aaron Jaeger

    Because it’s a great deal.

  • Zain Kalwani

    Damn it! Im under 18.

  • TeeJay1100

    Nexus 5 and Cruzerlite collaboration was the best.

  • bbcrisp_03

    I ordered one because as an Android enthusiast, I deserve the absolute best Android can offer.

  • jonathan m

    just ordered my nexus 5, I need this

  • Rudy Rivapalacio

    i know i’m getting a nexus 5… eventually. may as well be prepared with a great case!

  • Gaurav Ganoo

    Hoping to get my first Nexus phone soon :D

  • StacyD

    I ordered TWO nexus 5’s. One because I get sick of messing around with porting AOSP to non-Nexus devices and only buy play or nexus edition devices.

    The other was to get my HUSBAND to ditch his WINDOWS PHONE. Too many bugs and I can’t help him fix them. Blame Windows.

    • PuzzledObserver

      My Respect, Madam. It’s a pleasure to see a lady nerd.

      • StacyD

        Yeah. I haven’t met more than one other Embedded Android female. Met a few other application devs though.

        And thank you!

        My husband has me fix his phone all the time. Being on a Windows phone for the last 6 months has driven him mad in some ways and it really is a pleasure in others. Windows phone just isn’t geared towards the power user.

        He wants AOSP with certain buttons that have been disabled in newer Android releases (like search and menu). That is only possible with “soft” buttons and full source trees. :) Wifey will make it all better soon.

        • intangible

          I miss the menu button too (ugg, settings can be in any random place now like iphone), but the quick-app-switcher button we’ve gained is great, I don’t know how anyone can do without it :)

          • StacyD

            Yeah I go for a combo approach with press and hold.

            MENU, HOME, BACK
            ^ ^
            search switcher

            As long as that code didn’t change much between 4.3 and 4.4 in (from tree perspective) /system and /frameworks. It can be copy/paste.

            BTW – heh – got my “sticker” from Defcon with team pedobear, your sig just reminded me.

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    I would have loved to order it but I got an s4 a few months ago on t-mobile

  • azholio

    The Old G-Nex was a bit long in the tooth and Big Red sucks!

  • Elise Hines

    Waiting for my 32GB to ship. So excited.

  • calvinnbs

    Looking for true google os experience without custom rom

  • KenBarnum

    My Gnex is on its last legs!

  • TheCaullen

    I ordered 2 Nexus 5s because I am sick of delayed updates. Also, my favorite flavor is vanilla.

  • jscofi

    my nexus 5 arrives monday! wooot woot!!

  • Sorin Bereca

    whant one :D

  • Topher

    Best phone ever.

  • TheRealBBOX

    Because I’m a slut for Android, just like I’m a slut for Cruzer Lite.

  • Marc Young

    I was lucky enough to get an order in for the Nexus 5. Looking for cases now so this contest has great timing.

  • cgerhartz

    Ordered mine yesterday just waiting for it to arrive!!

  • Dean Politis

    I wanted the latest Nexus goodness.

  • John Burg

    Im waiting on tmobile too get my nexus 5 . . . . .cant wait :)

  • Anthony Maciel

    No KitKat for my Galaxy Nexus, so time for an upgrade.

  • Nathan Krick

    because my GN is apparently end of life and won’t get KitKat

  • mark

    Needing a phone with a non-cracked screen

  • chuck

    I got a Nexus5 because you gotta stay pure and actually own your hardware…

  • Mohit Thadani

    I ordered the Nexus 5, because I am in love with Google. I buy EVERY Nexus device that comes out! :D

  • Hunter Knepshield

    I’ve been waiting for this upgrade to my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Vikinglifeguard

    Phone shipped already. Let it come Monday, let me be home….

  • nuttyknot

    <3 nexus 5 because it's a stock android

  • Adam Benfer

    I ordered mine because I love the Nexus program.

  • Todd

    Would love a case for my fresh Nexus! Keep it that way.

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    I’ve been waiting on the Nexus 5 to replace my aging Galaxy Nexus!

  • Hafid

    Bought 2 yesterday. Black32 for me, white16 for my wife. I had a nexus one before… What a change…

    • intangible

      I was going to do the same, but ended up getting both as 32gb…. Now I’m considering using the white myself instead… It does look nice, and oily fingerprints might not be as visible on white.

  • Bolly Wolf

    I got a Nexus 5 because it should last me a couple of years.

  • psycholasers

    switching to t-mobile, so need a new phone off contract

  • Eric Hauser

    Want it! Galaxy Nexus needs to retire

  • Demi

    Ordered because it’s the best phone on the market, and so I can move to TMO when my ATT contract is up.

  • Nico

    I want it! I´d like to feel the pure android expirience!

  • berniemolloy

    I ordered because I am a Nexus addict and I needed my Fix.

  • Mark Sussman

    Because its by far the best phone at the best price and allows me to use Solavei as my prepaid carrier

  • Kanarico

    Wouldn’t mind a case for my new Nexus 5!

  • scoter man1

    I’ll pass and go for one of the clean looking ones from spiegen.

  • leebier

    I always struggle with cases, but i did like the TPU case I had back on my Vibrant. Be happy to give this a try.

    As for the N5, I’m still on the fence, but leaning toward a yes as I can get a high-end google experience for half the price of other similar unlocked phones.

  • Josh Sleeper

    Because what I really wanted was the LG G2 with stock Android and this gives me almost exactly that haha.

  • Brandon McGrath

    I am a trendsetter in need of a really awesome phone at a great price that is unlocked, stocked and ready to go!

  • PriestSyrinx

    Because I’ve been dealing with a Bionic for 2 years and wanted a true Google experience.

  • Mirad77

    The only reason I bought a case for my N4 was the glass back. I liked the the bumper thing that was made better as I get to see the beauty of my pone that way. Hope they make similar bumper for the N5.

  • mlj11

    Awesome! I’ve bought cases from Cruzerlite for both my Nexus 4 & 7, and I can tell you their quality is amazing. I’d love to get a Cruzerlite case for the Nexus 5 too!

    And why am I getting the Nexus 5? Simple: I think it’s the best phone out there now.

  • kishan

    Android gives me freedom and lot of innovation happening in this space. Also, choices of phone sizes, price, etc all are favorable in Android space.

  • Justin Strong

    Dont have a nexus but I would love one!

  • Nick

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I’m sick of my Galaxy S III and want a stock android experience.

  • Chris Asprelli

    Come on, Phandroid. Show me some Nexus 5 love!

  • Nick Thompson

    Nexus 5 is awesome! half the price of the g2, (nearly) same specs

  • mikerotenberg

    Just ordered a Nexus 5 because my GNex isn’t getting KitKat… and because it looks amazing!!!

  • Jon Brashear

    Cause Im a Nexus nerd. LOL!!!

  • Masson Liang

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I have a brain and didn’t fall for Apple’s garbage iDevices.

  • fajitatt

    I’ve had every Nexus so far… can’t stop now!

  • Rifsha

    After note 2, I just don’t want the bloat. After getting a nexus 7… nexus line only from now on.

  • Ahmed Buchery

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because its the pure experience from Google

  • Jeff72

    It was time for an upgrade.

  • Emanuel D

    amazing phone

  • steveb944

    Did them all, fingers crossed! I love my N4’s Cruzerlite case.

  • Andrew

    commenting for a new case on an amazing phone

  • ChristianMcC

    Loved my GNex, but was tired of the heating up, which also affected the battery life, and N4 was too breakable. Come to me my N5….. And case…..

  • Rage4Order

    It was time to upgrade. My Galaxy Nexus is still viable, but my wife will take it over. I also have Nexus One, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013. The one time I strayed from the Google sourced Android builds was the T-Mobile G2x, and it was an unmitigated disaster. Swore to not buy any device that isn’t Nexus from then on, and hence now I have Nexus 5 on the way.

  • Chad D

    Whoa, I was ready to order a Google Play bumper, this may change my mind

    • ChristianMcC

      EBay has TPU cases in the USA for as low as $5($3 from China, but obviously extra shipping time).

  • an observer

    My galaxy nexus won’t officially get kit kat. So sad!

  • Stefan

    Awesome contest, I’ve been looking at the Cruzerlite cases but in the US they have more choice than abroad.

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I wanted to recieve the newest version of Android. I had the S3 and was ‘stuck’ on 4.1.2. Not much wrong with 4.1.2 but I wanted the new goodies!

  • Matt Donovan

    Would love a case!

  • violator702

    Left Verizon for T-mo

  • Brian Tehan

    zomg can’t wait to order

  • Jason Farrell

    InOtherNews: Cruzerlite had an Amazon promo code for the Note3 that dropped the price down to FREE. Needless to say… that lasted less than a day.

  • SlobJunkie

    I ordered the New Nexus 5, as I have the nexus 4 and I want to give it too my wife and It gives me a really good excuse to buy a nexus 5

  • Brett

    Been stuck on O2X since it first came out and tbh the phone was great but the software and support shoddy to say the least. Been waiting for a new phone to come out and nothing really took my fancy so moved to a sim-only deal 2 months ago which set me up perfectly for N5. All I have to do is now wait patiently for delivery *gimmie*

  • William Robertson

    Bought a Nexus 5 for a few reasons:

    1.) Updates, updates, updates.
    2.) Snapdragon 800 beats the hell out of my Bionic’s OMAP
    3.) I am ready to leave Verizon behind. Hello, T-Mobile!

  • redspear2

    Nexus 5! 5 of them woot!

  • Chris Auman

    Gave windows phone a try and yeah… Can’t wait to be back in the fold

  • Alan Shearer

    Getting a nexus five to replace my galaxy nexus. So a case to go with it would be great!!! Love this site. (does kissing up help? :P )

  • Jason Seegmiller

    Lost my GS3 in August and debated between Moto X and Nexus 5. Glad I held out :)

  • dcpnz

    Too cheap to buy a top of the line phone so been using an old optimus v for past year or so waiting for this iteration of nexus

  • RitishOemraw

    Sure why not

  • Craig Russell

    Replacing my good ol’ Gnex, which is finally ready to be put out to pasture.

  • Kevin

    I ordered the Nexus 5 as a replacement for my Galaxy Nexus device, which I seem to cause it to have a stroke every now and again with the multi-tasking I put it through day after day.

    It may sound ridiculous but I talk anywhere from 3000-4000 mins a month and also text a few thousand messages a month, and in addition to multiple apps I need to access daily. It’s a must to have a phone that can keep up with all of that when running a business, so I guess I just needed to order a new brain after all of those strokes.

  • Bob

    I’ll be getting one eventually so hooray!

  • Boris Pirstinger

    I want to replace my N4 with the N5, because of the improved hardware. Especially always listening Google Now, FULL HD, Snapdragon 800.

  • Andrew Symes

    I was about to order one, then I saw this giveaway.

  • Robert

    I’ve been needing a new phone for a while cos the battery in my nexus s is well past being able to survive a full day on stand by, and it’s a good excuse to finally upgrade to the latest and gratest

  • Jiro K

    nexus freak need all nexi

  • Abhi-nay

    Colours suit the Nexus 5

  • Thomas Bridgewater

    Ordered because it’s simply the best phone for the price and I am at the stage where I must upgrade every year or I feel left behind. Maybe this will keep that feeling at bay, being a nexus.

  • Matt McCauley

    Need off VZW!

  • Oleg O.

    I just wanted to see if mine would get delayed.


    That bug droid circuit case looks hot

  • ajerman

    Missed opportunity to make Spi-Force kickstand look like an Android too! It would have been so easy, haha. I always have one or two of these cases though!

  • UnknownSoldier

    I want this phone so bad!

  • Erik Knudsen

    Definitely want

  • George Byers

    Great… a chance to win a case for something nobody currently has.

    • NinoBr0wn

      I don’t understand your point. Is it a complaint? People obviously ordered the phone and we’ll have it next week.

  • ellett

    Bought an Androidified case in smoke yesterday immediately after ordering my N5. Would like to get a Bugdroid case in another color for when I’m feeling whimsical:-)

  • Jack Truong

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I must have all the new gadgets!

  • Simon

    Needed to replace my old S2

  • NinoBr0wn

    I ordered because it’s a Nexus, not an unwashed Android heathen.

  • kev2684

    Need to upgrade from Note II

  • Boris

    I bought the nexus 5 because my nexus 4 is getting old and I need LTE

  • robertlwalters

    I am sick of Verizon’s BS and jumping ship!

  • Forget_you

    give me the sky blue!

  • Jared Andrada

    My Nexus 4 never disappointed other than LTE. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Nexus 5!

  • Nigel Linnett

    Woohoo those are some nice cases. As to why I bought the phone? I’ve been using a nexus tablet for the last year and love it

  • RG

    Thanks for this contest. Searching for a good case and a chance to win one is great. Nexus 5 was the best option out there, best value.

  • Damon Hart

    want this

  • dmleung

    woah, those are cool looking icons on the back

  • MrWicket

    heck yeah! mostly I’m getting a Nexus 5 because it’s the latest and being on T-Mobile with nothing stopping me, I can!

  • Jorge Vieira

    I need a case please!

  • Dreamer

    I want this. By the time time it reaches my home, I’ll have a Nexus 5 in my hands.

  • jxnicola

    those are cool cases, want one for my nexus 5

  • SkyPira

    why I want the nexus 5? same as everyone else – the updates!

  • Ge Yang

    I want and need

  • Minja Miketa

    I had cruzerlite on my Galaxy Nexus so I would like to grab another one.

  • techlte

    I got a Nexus 5 so I can navigate between carriers easily. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • cptmcnair

    I ordered it because I want to always have the latest software

  • LegendaryLegendOfLegendVille

    And people wonder why android is called cheap. People going crazy over a 12.00 item wow :'( I hate apple but the amount of cheapness here made me sad

  • alnmonkey

    comment +1

  • Jon D.

    Needed a new phone!

  • David Miller

    Cause a Nexus 5 is one better than my Nexus 4

  • Ogami Itto

    Black or white? Doesn’t matter…I’ll take a Nexus 5!!

  • OMZ44

    N5 for the updates!

  • Francois Forrest

    This is siiiiiiick! Wouldd love to get my hands on one

  • Donovan Jacobs

    The Nexus 5 is awesome!

  • wyldtek

    Mine is on the way

  • luis abreu



  • JLishere

    I used a Cruzerlite Androidified case for the N4. Of course I want one for the N5!

  • Frederik Rooms

    Because the price is just unbeatable for a Nexus device with these specs! And having 4.4 KitKat is just awesome!

  • serguma

    I bought the Nexus 5 because the price is just right and I needed a new phone :).

  • Joimin

    It’s the perfect phone for what i need: affordable and powerful

  • Utkarsh Daurani

    its affordable premium luxury phone …..yeaaaaah

  • Fab ian

    I bought the nexus 5 because I love pure android and I love to always have the latest and greatest android. And it’s affordable! :)

  • Kalil Stoudmire

    Best phone for $400 buck

  • Khiem Nguyen-Trong

    I got it b/c my EVO 3D was on its last leg… and I am ready for a pure Android experience. I was so close to getting the HTC one this year.. but for some reason, it just didn’t excite me!

  • Christopher A Lazarski

    Looking to upgrade from the G2x, a not bad phone which was crippled by lack of software updates. Cruzerlite looks to have some nice Nexus 7 cases, so the Nexus 5 is a good place to continue.

  • Kev A. Ojeda

    i love google and stock android so i ordered as soon as i hear the phone was out :)

  • Val

    Love Google and Android…had to get the Nexus 5!!

  • Igor Benić

    I didn’t get it I just want the cover , because that way i might feel a bit closer to getting one !

  • Kevin Ko

    Because it is a Nexus and it has good C/P value

  • AllLacqueredUp

    I bought the Nexus 5 after 2.5 years with my Nexus S 4g. Had to hold out for a Nexus that would work on Sprint.

  • giacomoge


  • EP4GT Ryda

    I’d love one for my White 32GB Nexus 5 =)

  • Adam Goldberg


  • the_gator

    Goes well with my Nexus 10.

  • nmaxfield

    i’ve had cruzerlite cases for for galaxy nexus and nexus 4. plan on getting one or more for my nexus 5. would love a giveaway though :)

  • Keith Mathews

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I live in Google’s world and love their version of Android.

  • Kyle Bailey

    Because I was tired of my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Vincent Marino

    Like Kyle said, I needed an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus

  • Chris Foote

    It’s a Google world for me!

  • st crago

    What up nexus 5

  • st crago

    It’s a Nexus nuff said

  • John

    I don’t want to break it when I finally get it.

  • Alexandra

    Because I want a cute unique case!

  • Toks W.

    I would love to have a case for my Nexus 5 I just ordered! My HTC Incredible S is falling apart.

  • Jsilvermist

    Dual-band WiFi, LTE, DSP, Snapdragon 800, need I go on?

  • Andy

    multi carrier option, and latest hardware

  • Oscar Dominguez

    unlocked, pentaband 4G, carrier free updates, looks sexy !

  • yankeesusa

    Awesome! I love these cases. My wife would love it on her new nexus 5. Thanks phandroid whether I win or not!

  • Christian Lucero

    Freedom of choice and no bloatware!

  • Russell Saisho

    My Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus had cruzerlite cases, my Nexus 5 should as well!

  • Kevin

    I bought the nexus 5 because it is fast, quality, cheap, off contract ( means i can spend only $5-10 per month on plan ) and also pure android.

    • Faraz Bukhari

      lol what plan is that, that you only have to spend $5-10 a month on.

      • Kevin

        Platinum tel at (real paygo plan) I use about 60 minutes minimal data(wifi is my best friend) and 100 texts per month which makes it about 7 dollars with their rates.

  • Kelly Evans

    My current phone is barely able to hold one or two apps.

  • Rajesh Garg

    I ordered it cause its cheap pure android my blackberry broke and it sucked.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    I always recommend their cases. also bought one for a friend for his birthday.

  • DoctorFu

    I ordered because of the pure Google experience!

  • Edd Trevino

    I love it cuz it’s vanilla KITKAT!!

  • tamshiwen

    For the love of Android!

  • themattkim

    Finally giving Android another go since Gingerbread. Looking forward to it..

  • Kent Gonzalez

    Love for Kit Kat!

  • engadgetpirate

    hardware + price + pure android

  • Kelly

    Great value :)

  • Evan Hendra

    Hardware beast + Great looking + Future Proof!

  • Mohammed Mubeen

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because……….ah come on everyone knows the reason why. It’s a universal truth that the Nexus 5 is a great VFM droid right now in the market because of its mammoth specs at a very reasonable price. The bottom-line is that the Nexus 5 is the new uncrowned king of smartphones. Further explanations need an entire page, so I’m backing out now. Good luck everyone.

  • borche

    Red or green one would be fine.

  • Carlosl Obaldia

    its awesome i want to feel the new and pure google expirience :)

  • Yael Tudela Barroso

    Because is awsome and is a Google Phone

  • Grace

    Because my daughter wants my GNex!

  • Mitchell

    Just ordered my white nexus 5!

  • Devone Jones

    That’s simple: I’ve been tracking this phone since the day Google wanted to keep it a secret. Now if only I could get an amazing case from Cruzerlite via Phandroid….

  • Sara Che

    I have been waiting for this!!!! Love my nexus 7 and do not expect anything else for the nexus 5

  • xfacor

    Is the best smartphone for me, I love android stock rom!

  • nvitone23

    Because it’s the pure Android experience.

  • ndroot

    Ordered a Nexus 5 because, well, it’s a Nexus 5. Also, because my Galaxy Nexus screen is cracked because I DIDN’T have a Cruzrerlite case!

  • Adrian Torres

    Because nexus e’s are just better

  • Fistigons

    It’s the best Nexus device yet.

  • Johnny_H

    Best performance for the price of any smartphone on the market.

  • coochang77


  • ceckman

    I picked one up so I can finally leave VZW.

  • Truth

    Honestly, this would be my first Android device

  • deepthikrk

    Unlocked, latest android and great price is why I am getting a N5

  • Robert Cranford

    Moving from Apple to Android, thank goodness

  • Rogue1101

    Testing it out, I have a Moto X…just wanna see the difference for myself.

  • Down8

    I’m a Google wh*re.

  • James Chodulski

    In nexus I trust

  • Sapero

    It’s awesome!

  • Jimmy

    Just bought a Nexus 5! Hope I win…

  • Yuval Rozin

    Hope I win! Actually havn’t bought it yet. Didn’t manage to order on time.

  • Kevin

    I’m getting a nexus to enjoy the pure Google experience right out of the box.

  • Tullyganny

    Cause I just love stock Android and I want KitKat SO bad!!

  • Peter

    Ordered because stock android, insane specs for the price, and the developer support

  • Michael

    Got a Nexus 5 to finally replace my old flip phone

  • slick8125

    Got a nexus 5 cuz I have an Optimus s

  • Iulian

    After using android for 4 years now, I am fed up with all the extra apps and costume UIs that manufacturers use on their devices. Nexus 5 has none of that and it has great specs for a great price !

  • Walter

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I sold my developer edition htc one for over 600 and the nexus 5 cost me 400. Made 200, not too bad.

  • Guest

    nexus 5 has the best value / $

  • Matolan

    I needed to replace my aging and no longer (and never really) supported VZW GNex.

  • Brian Walker

    I haven’t ordered one yet, I might end up skipping this gen, but just because of current funds. The camera on this one is enough to make me want to upgrade from my N4, though.

  • Justin

    I ordered the Nexus 5 because I want to get away from my carrier ATT contract… will be switching to TMobile and no more phone payments, woo!

    • Jeffrey Kim

      I just found out that AT&T has an option for $60 for unlimited talk, text and 2gb/mo.
      This is for prepaid version w/o contract.

      The nexus 5 has made me see the light and stop paying for the subsidy of a phone I never bought.

  • lilseal18

    I got mine so that I can say goodbye to Verizon, bloatware, and slow updates!

  • Aspire.

    I just love stock android and all the features that are included in the os and I’ve been analyzing rumors ever since the first leak so Yeah I’m drooling over this phone

  • Andrew Pham

    Because I love the Nexus line

  • Josh R.

    Most cost efficient new phone for a tmobile user.

  • Ian Tong Yen Chiun

    Nexus always bring us the next android

  • Vivian Han

    crawling out from underneath my rock, and finally getting data. planning to leave verizon and going for a pure delicious vanilla android experience with t-mobile. CANNOT WAIT.

  • Eyal Rofe

    My new Xperia Z was stolen from me (for the second time!). For now, I’m using my ugly ass back up phone Galaxy Mini (the horror!), because I can’t afford a new high end phone. Winning the nexus 5 will make me forget that this thing ever happened.

    • Dreamer

      They’re giving away the case, not the phone. Hope that makes you forget you ever commented on here

  • Francesco Santoro

    The display of my Nexus 4 is broken…. so I must need a new phone… Nexus 5 is the best alternative :D

  • Riccardo Delle Monache

    I love Nexus series :)

  • Nicholas Heck

    No one can beat Google when they offer a top-tier device for 350 bucks.

  • Liam Thomson

    switching to android from apple

  • Joris Gaudin

    It’s a gift for my girlfriend <3

  • Rajat

    Because I am craving for Nexus 5

  • Davik

    It’s my first Android! :)

  • Neil Graham

    Great phone for a great price, and my current phone is an ageing Nexus S

  • redips77

    I have a Zopo zp980, hw is near a Nexus 4, but winning a Nexus 5 would be great!

  • jzpeepz

    I had to have LTE so the Nexus 4 wouldn’t work for me. Nexus 5 is a no brainer. Finally, my first Nexus phone!

  • klufinator

    I got caught up in the hype

  • Angelo Prandelli

    Nothing is better than a new Nexus ^^

  • James Bang

    Lte on the cheap!… And 4 is a bad luck number.

  • smarchy

    simple design with a simple price.

  • 9nine

    its new

  • Micah Yahr

    5 seems to be the sweet spot for specs and I have always wanted a pure vanilla android device.

  • Kelly T


  • xybur

    I needed a new phone and this was priced and timed well. :)

  • Exiledfathom

    Awesome phone

  • Pradaman Shorey

    coz its damn sexy

  • Mark Ray

    I would have been nicer if you contest Spigen Neo Hybrid cases instead

  • Guest

    Thank you ! I participate !

  • Kyt44

    His price. For 350$, this is the best android device.

  • Garet Gauthier

    best android device to date. i didint order one yet though ;(

  • Artur Kulczynski

    I ordered since the Nexus 4 does not support LTE and speed is exciting….

  • Kieron Quinn

    Because my Gnex is now not officially supported and it’s time to move on

  • James Hamilton

    I was mainly attracted to the new shiny. But I’m on Verizon w/ an S3 and have another 10 months or so left on my contract; started looking at alternative services and realized I could be saving a LOT of money by going pre-paid. Enough to easily offset the cost of the ETF.

  • Molly Ellwood

    I ordered the nexus 5 because it’s a great phone for an even better price!

  • Aaron Fleshner

    nexus 5 in the mail want it now! :)

  • Tom McKenzie

    I wanttt

  • Shane Omac

    Who could turn down a 5 inch screen phone with a Snapdragon 800 SoC for $400?! That’s a lot better than those iPhones :P

  • wooters

    I purchased a Nexus 5 to beat out my brother’s S4

  • AromanticPriestess

    I have a Nexus 7 and love it, and want a Nexus for my phone!

  • Mark Wilson

    Can’t wait for my N5 to arrive — hope it lives up the standard set by the Nexus 7!

  • Bryan

    Looks great! Love the Nexus line because I always want the latest OS quickly.

  • yashwanth alampally


  • Josh Goetz

    Wow! Am so excited! My Nexus 5 is in the mail. Arrival in three weeks, now down to two days! Can you believe it!? And now a Cruzerlite case to top it off. I know…., but ” life is good”!

  • Javier Garrido

    I would love a new case to go along with my N5

  • Tiberius

    *eats a kit kat* om nom nom

  • Aratrika Ganguly

    So excited for this!

  • Bahaeddin

    Android is the best there is !!

  • Edd Trevino

    Kitkat sounds good

  • Kenny

    Never had a Nexus before and wanted to have the newest version of Android.

  • Asad Nabeel

    Want to taste one :)