[Video] Samsung finally gets a Note 3 ad right

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ad

Samsung typically does a decent job with their advertising. I thought their “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” campaign, targeting Apple fanboys, was pretty good, and I also enjoyed their Superbowl ad. However, their team definitely seemed to not be at the top of their game recently, particularly with their Note 3 efforts.

The puppets ad seemed to make no particular sense to me, while the one feature Lionel Messi was a case of not quite understanding the entire theme of the soundtrack used. In their latest bid, however, they’ve gone back to basics and focused purely on demonstrating the strengths of their device. It works well, in my opinion. It’s not glamorous or particularly memorable, but the best of the lot they’ve put out so far.

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  • Nathan Bryant

    Besides it being a good device, they always seem to do very well with their ads. Nice. I’m waiting to see what the next Nexus comes with.

    • Jerel Butler

      lol no ads

  • hollywood69

    Note 3 is king!!

  • simpleas

    Check out Business Insiders Article on another sammy ad.

    “Samsung’s Smart Watch Ads Are Killing Apple’s Ads For The iPhone 5C Right Now”

    TV advertising analytics firm Ace Metrix found that Samsung’s awesome ad featuring clips from futuristic shows and movies scored an extremely strong 682 on its 950-point Ace Score scale.

    The most popular ad for Apple’s 5C, on the other hand, scored a 522. Neither Apple nor Samsung is a client of Ace Metrix’s.

    • Fel Pe

      Amazing to think Samsung is beating apple in their own game: Marketing.

      • RingaDingDong

        Samdung marketing is not good. Why they don’t focus on Samsung products instead of Apples bashing. Also false advertising is not good. And paying ppl for fake reviews is bad publicity. They should play clean. And not following the rules of court of law in the US is also very bad.

        • Fel Pe

          Play clean? Don’t be so naive: ABSOLUTELY NO BIG company play 100% clean. The smartphone market is a war and all the companies in it are using all their available ammunition to win it. No exception.

  • steveb944

    That last ad is so freaking awesome! They got Messi!!!!

  • Fel Pe

    I think all 3 ads are very nice and targeted to specific different audiences. I think nothing is bigger in western Europe and S. America than soccer. And nothing in soccer is bigger than Messi. The latest ad I think is more towards a female audience. And the first one its all about empowering yourself and how the Note can help you doing that (more general audience). Sammy is no dummy, they know exactly what they’re doing.

  • guitarist5122

    The first video was good at demonstrating both the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Focused on the usefulness of the Note 3 and the limited usefulness of the Galaxy Gear.

  • master94

    Wtf? was the third ad. Made it look as if Samsung destroys homes.

  • renGek

    I like the Halloween ad that’s been going around with the darth vader pug. But don’t know if it’s sammy or the carriers ad. It does display the note 3 name at the end.

  • ari_free

    Why do we get stuck with stupid ads like

    • Fel Pe

      Because we live in the USA.