A little backstory on the Android logo

  • Jim Fullhouse
    • Jesse_Knight

      That’s just one person’s opinion. Sure it’s a great resemblance, but “the real backstory” can only be told by those sitting around the conference table during the design sessions.

    • Squeak

      I thought of that Engadget article when I saw this article.

    • Chris

      That article is such bullshit lmfao. Did you even read it? They found a picture of a robot from a 90’s game, and said it looked similar, so Google HAD to have copied it. They have no facts or proof or anything, they just think it’s similar. What idiots they are.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Look at who wrote the story. The same apple tool bag running the verge.

      • Nick

        It’s Engadget. They’re on the same level as all the Gawker media sites IMO.

        • Chris

          True that man. I don’t read Engadget and I won’t lol.

    • master94

      yeah because it takes a genius to come up with a Apple for their logo right? So original. Plus that link has no facts, and the example they showed looks nothing like the Android bugdroid figure we all know and love.

    • Lou_Sasshole

      Go home Jim.

  • Anthony McKay

    Didn’t know that! For your health!

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Link on where to get the shirt?

  • james ortiz

    there’s a nexus 5 video going around the internet and you guys haven’t posted it yet….get with the program. lol

  • John Smith

    cool story.

  • master94

    This is why I love the Android team. They aren’t thinking about making the quick buck, they actually care about the community and their users as a whole. Equal access to all. Got to love Android for that

  • Jared Meadows

    Thanks for the story @RaveeshBhalla ! I consider myself quite the android fan, secondly because of that, I usually try to know as mush as I can about it, but this story had until now missed my radar. THANKS! :D

  • ari_free

    And I have the best avatar

    • ari_free

      Thanks to

  • Mark Washington

    And this whole time I thought it was taken straight out of star wars!

  • discdoc

    Does anyone have a link to purchase that tee shirt?

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      It usually is available on the Google store (google-store.com) but doesn’t seem to be right now. The only other alternative that I know is to ask someone you know who works at Google to get it for you (I got mine from the Mountain View campus)

      • discdoc

        Thanks Raveesh… I’ll keep an eye out for it.