Nexus 5 leaked in 7-minute hands-on video


We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you breaking news. Our “Nexus 5 Watch 2013” continues with a new video of the device that has just been leaked on YouTube. The 7-minute hands-on video is brought to us by the fellas at “smartphones.sfr.fr”, and gives us our best look yet at the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie (KitKat).

It’s pretty obvious the phone shown off in the video is simply an early prototype, as highlighted by the fact that the actual Nexus branding is absent from the device’s back cover. We’re going to continue analyzing the video but in the meantime, if you notice anything noteworthy, shout it out in the comments. Have a great weekend.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  2. Looks great. I actually prefer the soft-touch plastic to glass, and it doesn’t seem to be annoyingly huge. I don’t like how the camera is protruding from the back though, as it might easily get scratched.

    1. It is most likely a prototype model so I wouldn’t worry about the camera. The bottom left of the front of the phone has some pre-production markings and the back doesn’t have the Nexus logo.

    2. I’ve seen phones with protruding cameras. Makes no sense why a manufacturer would release a phone like that. I hope the 5 doesn’t have one… it’s a deal breaker for me.

      1. Probably will, but, when it comes down to it, would you rather they’d thickened the phone toto make the camera flush?

        1. i would if they filled in some of that thickness with more battery

        2. Actually, yes… yes, I would. But I don’t want a scratched up lens. Nothing drives me up a wall more than a “fuzzy” picture because the lens is either scratched or dirty. People have actually laughed when they hand me their phone and I wipe their oilys off when I take a picture for them. But that’s probably just the “photographer” in me being a little too particular…

          1. I guess I’m seeing the benefit of it being more flush, if not fully, with the TPU case I’ll be putting on it. Always use protection, I say.

  3. I hope and wish, this is just a Prototype!

  4. Did you notice the dots im the left down corner ? What could this be?

    1. Easy. That’s the microphone. On the bottom there is 2 speaker grills but I’m not sure if it’s two speakers; probably just one .

      1. Pretty sure two, based on the FCC teardown and the part that came out.

    2. Likely to be markings which help to ID the owner of the prototype device…

  5. Dear God, Thank you for answering my prayers!!!!!i missed out on Nexus 4 but this one is mine all mine!!!!!!buahahhaaha

    1. why.. the phone looks standard. kind of boring really. oh yeah I have to add buhahahaha at the end. buhahahaha

      1. You serious?

        5″, 1080p, Snapdragon 800, OIS camera. Oh, thrown in multiple LTE bands, CDMA, and HSPA+ — all unlocked. All for LESS than $400 total price, with no contracts.

        And since it’s a NEXUS, will always have the latest version of Android with no carrier interference or bloatware.

        1. It seems to have everything going for it I agree, but the camera so far doesn’t seem to impress

      2. That’s almost the point: well built phone with great specs, no erroneous useless features with stock Android at a great price. Even then, it looks better than most non-Nexus devices.

        1. he just wants attention….

      3. thats what i like about it d!ck. simple yet all black device…no need for gold, faux leather, buttons on back, or fingerprint scanners….this is a real techie’s device……

      4. Its based on the Nexus 7 2013 build which is not only the best tablet on the market but the best design of any phone or tablet period. No gimmicky finger print scanners no dumb aluminum (which is a horrible material for smartphones) just sleek and professional and sexy, heck I bet even batman would use this device, it also reminds me of the inside interior of a all black luxury like a bmw , Lexus or Audi.

      5. You mad bro?

  6. anyone notice that a “messaging” app was missing from the app drawer?? only the “hangouts” app present…i think that basically ensures the inclusion of sms into hangouts. YAY!!!! =)

    1. I still need to watch the remainder, but I hope you’re right, I haven’t really cared for any of the apps out there that sync messages between tablet and phone and that’s a feature I’d really like, so if they do integrate everything messaging, I will be quite happy.

    2. Isn’t there a messaging app in his app drawer on the second page? I first noticed it at 3:24, comes after his phone app. Maybe because messaging is a different word in French? I can’t tell cuz I’m watching it on my phone, hope I’m wrong for everyone’s sake.

      1. I don’t think so, that looks like the icon for WeChat


      2. I am french and i confirm that here in france the “messaging” app is usually named “SMS/MMS” in android. So the the original JB messaging app seems NOT to be in this nexus 5.

  7. Even bezels would be awesome

  8. just by looking at the volume/power buttons, and how the camera’s cover is sticking out a little, i can tell this was just a prototype. i mean, this might be the final product, but they should add some sort of texture to the back. if so, good. i don’t like a plain back. seems like it can get scratched easily.

    1. Also, the earpiece opening looks rather janky and unfinished. I figure this is a very early prototype.

      1. Considering the UI looks different (notably the icosn) from the release pics from the other day, i’d say you’re right.

    2. The camera is slightly protruded in all photos and vids thus far, and back is probably the same as new N7, nexus writing and all, so hope that works for you…

  9. its sad when the French have to show us a phone.

    1. better than a Canadian I guess… not a hybrid.

  10. I love it. Clean look, we see the all white notification as we thought among other things.

  11. Key Lime Pie anyone??? That was interesting…

  12. Is it just me, or is watching a guy play on his phone not that entertaining? Even when I check out someone else’s phone, I generally pick it up and have a tough time figuring out what to do with it… That said, I’ll be buying the Nexus 5.

  13. Can’t believe another weekend, another leak. It’s sad that this has made my weekend enjoyable…

  14. Date on the device is October 9th. This guy must have had this prototype for months. But if so, why no software update? His key lime pie version appears old as well. No transparent app drawer, notification bar doesn’t look transparent, still has gallery app, old phone icon…

    1. also old Youtube app O.o (and there was no update for it in the play store when he opened the update section).

  15. looks pretty average. Not sure why the hype

    1. 5″, 1080p, Snapdragon 800, OIS camera. Oh, thrown in multiple LTE bands, CDMA, and HSPA+ — all unlocked. All for LESS than $400 total price, with no contracts.

      And since it’s a NEXUS, will always have the latest version of Android with no carrier interference or bloatware.

      1. My balls are tingling

        1. They have stuff to take care of that.

    2. That has to be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on this site.

      1. You must be new…

    3. Early prototype of the hardware and software so maybe you can excuse it if it doesn’t blow any socks off

      1. Hardware is going to be the same. By the way, iPhone 5 & 5S are 4″, 640p — just for comparison — not even HD display. Laggards. 5″ FULL HD 1080P is much better.

        1. Not really sure what you are meaning I’m just saying the hardware lacks some polish like the nexus logo on the back and I’m sure a few other minor tweaks.

    4. Here’s a few:
      -Pricing : $299/$399 for 16gb/32gb
      -Vanilla Android OS w/no bloatware
      -Unlocked Bootloader
      -N phone OTA updates are generally pushed out through nexus phones first.
      -XDA Dev support is off the charts for these nexus phones. (ROMs, KERNELs)

      All phones look the same…WHY?? Because every phone has a generic rectangular block usually a black back cover and for the front, some type of diamond or corning glass for the front panel

      1. They aren’t generally pushed out through nexus phones first. They are pushed out to nexus phones first.

        1. i think he was so excited he meant to type “through to”.

          1. Yup.

      2. N5 will be rooted out of the box??

    5. yeah because what’s important is how the phone looks :/


  17. this looks like a chinese knockoff of nexus 5

  18. Version d’Android… I like that


    1. Ignoreyay imhay ehay antsway attentionyay

      1. Ouyay uresay it’sway otnay ouyay?

        1. I don’t identify with degrading other people. So yeah, I’m sure.

          1. How are you so sure he/she’s being degrading?

  20. ….I’m still stuck on Verizon…..so fk me :(

    1. im pretty sure the nexus 5 will have lte

      1. No on verizon, Sprint TMo and ATT only.

        1. I’ve seen rumors of both, although Verizon lied about its handling of its last Nexus and Google is justifiably untrusting. I’m on unlimited data, so no way I’m giving that up. Used to rooting my Android anyway. Google’s disastrous fragmentation and pathetic neglect to force Motorola to offer vanilla Android drove me to a 5S. iPhone’s def fast, but its UI is primitive and awkward compared to Android’s, esp keyboard, cut & paste, and app inter-penetrability.

    2. I think Verizon is enjoying thay very much but I do feel your pain..if live in a tmobile city I would go with them. I have had them since May 2013 in San Jose, CA are they are awesome for $70 unlimited everything…

  21. Did anyone notice the icon for GEL Home in the app drawer? Is this the Google Experience Launcher we’re hearing about?

    1. Looks like GEL Stub to me, but it must be what you’re saying, since I couldn’t find anything about such an app.

      1. you’re right, my eye sight is terrible.

  22. Not impressive. At all.

    1. Huh? Phones are not space ships dude. They look something like this.

      1. Man what the heck are you talking about lol. Ahahahah

        1. What is suppose to be impressive? They haven’t even revealed the specs yet..

  23. Printer heading in settings menu at 1:36. Nothing mind blowing, but definitely mentionable as directly integrated into Android.

  24. take my money now

  25. design of the phone is too mainstream

    1. I personally like how the front looks almost completely blank with the screen off. and as long as the back is glass, I’m happy. and I assume most people are buying this for specs, price, and/or fast updates so its not too big of a deal for most

  26. Why in these leak videos won’t anyone go intothe hangouts app to show if messaging is intergrated with hangouts

    1. Because it would fully reveal who they are.

      1. it wouldn’t be that hard to use a newly created account OR just block it out with video editing.

      2. Exactly what BobFrea said. There are ways to show it without revealing yourself. It makes me think these are intentional leaks by Google to tease people but not give them all the goodies. People have been asking about hangout SMS integration forever and with all these leaks no one mentions the hangout app

        1. I don’t think Mr. Fuzzy video is so skilled.

  27. Reminds me of my black HTC one except without the HTC or beats logo and no lines. Definitely getting this I can imagine how the final product looks with all the leaked photos as well.

  28. Seems like we won’t have the transparent notifcation bar and navigation bar then… Unlike the screenshots we saw here: https://phandroid.com/2013/10/11/android-kitkat-leak/

    1. Early Nexus 5 prototype. Early Key Lime Pie build.

    2. this build in the video is an older version(most likely) so it hasn’t incorporated it in yet

  29. Is there any sound on this video? I’ve tried several browsers and it’s silent on all of them (BTW it’s not my system, Pandora plays fine).

    1. Nope, no sound.

    2. Nope, no sound.

  30. From the specks it shows only 12mb of usable storage so that would mean a total of 16mb of total internal storage. That just sucks. If that is the final version they can keep it. I’m off the cloud, I use dropbox just like everyone else along with Google for my music but that is it. I want a phone with 64gb minimum of int storage. Anything less for today’s modern made Smart Phone is a joke. Will not buy it without allot of int storage. They will not sell many either with that kind of storage.

    1. I also would really like a Nexus with 64GB, but that likely won’t come on the Nexus 5. 32GB is decent, though I would hope by the next Nexus, it will come with 64GB of storage.

      By the way, you wrote “12mb” and “16mb” when you meant 12gb and 16gb, respectively.

      1. I would be happy enough with 32gb. The 16gb on my current n4 has been very restricting. If it wasn’t for the ridiculously small storage on the n4 I could probably ride out with it for a few years…but at this point i’m looking to upgrade. Can’t bring myself to do the S4, it lags too much and touchwiz is ugly :/

    2. Looks like a galaxy would be the one you’ll be getting, then, and if you go with the GS4, you can get a close to nexus experience by flashing the GE ROM. Considered it myself, but then I realized I could live with an 8GB N4(5GB usable) and everything I “must have” on my tablet, so if that’s the minimum again, I’m good.

    3. Dang that sucks not even enough for a 4k picture

  31. People keep complaining about no SD card or removable battery like it’s something new with a Nexus phone.. no need to cry about it, just go buy another phone that works for you. The fact is most people aren’t “power users” like you.

  32. So either the icons on 4.4 are extremely large or LG shrunk the width of this thing to iPhone 5 standards…doesn’t it look so skinny?

  33. The video was first spotted by us. Check the time of the tweet: 7:55PM at Barcelona (17:55 GMT). link: https://twitter.com/OneWeekCreation/status/389086902868930561

    There is the full history of a video hunting

  34. I saw this just now, and what I was eating during this article! KLP :D <3

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