Gmail update for Android adds card-like UI to conversations


Gmail update for Android

A little something to look forward to as you rummage about your daily emails. The Gmail team is back with another update to their awesome Android app, this time introducing a cleaner, card-like UI for conversations. Of course, you can expect smaller tweaks as well.

The Gmail team has added little check marks when multiple emails are selected, and a notification in the app reminding you whenever your account sync is turned off. All welcomed changes for sure, and just a few new additions putting Android users ahead of their iOS counterparts.

[Gmail on Google Play]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Oh joy

  2. I’d like it if I don’t have to swipe 50+% of my phone screen to refresh. I’d like to do smaller swipes. It get’s to the point where it looks like I’m just trying to play with the after glow effect. LoL!!

    1. I don’t even get why it’s there when Gmail updates on its own anyway. I guess for those that turn off auto-sync but it shouldn’t be there when sync is on then. :/

      1. auto-sync has become considerably less frequent in a recent update.

        if you’re registering for/logging in to a website/service with an extra verification e-mail it can save some time to check manually right-away instead of waiting for the next scheduled sync.

        1. Yea. On my tablet, after I mark things as starred and read emails, I would manually sync. No telling when I will run out of WiFi range to go do something.

      2. Yea. I have auto-sync off on my phone, but have it turn on on my tablet. I just refresh when I’m expecting an email, like with verifying things or something.

  3. Still can’t turn OFF conversation view, though. It looks like I may have to switch to a different email service.

    1. Embrace it. You will eventually see its beauty

    2. LOL and you think yahoo or hotmail is better? GL with that.

      1. Pretty sure he meant the app. And I agree. Gmail app sux. K-9 kicks ass and I can turn that damn conversation view off!

      1. I have now… thank you for the tip. This looks promising.

  4. Everytime I give this app a shot, I always end up going back to stock email app. I don’t like the bright interface and the conversation view.

  5. I can’t see much difference – is it me?

  6. Nice.. Keep it improving

  7. yeah i hate when you receive multiple emails from one or more people.. the history is so hard to follow. But this looks like it might work

  8. I haven’t seen an update yet..

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