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Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S vs HTC One chart

Officially unveiled only moments ago, there’s no question Apple’s latest and greatest — the iPhone 5S — faces some stiff competition in a market utterly dominated by Android handsets. That doesn’t mean the iPhone 5S doesn’t feature some nice hardware and software features in its own right. In this article we’ll take a look at some of its strengths and weaknesses, and find out if Apple was able to create some of that “magic” iPhone loving fans swear by. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the iPhone 5S and see how it fares against (arguably) the best Android currently has to offer: the HTC One and and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Apple iPhone 5S



Just because we’re an Android focused blog, doesn’t mean we’re going auto-bash the new iPhone 5S. In fact, the newly announced iPhone has 3 major things going for it: powerful processor, improved camera, and all new fingerprint scanner.

As expected with every “S” release, the iPhone 5S will be the first Apple device to use the company’s new in-house A7 chipset. Apple promises the new SoC is 5x’s faster than the previous model and is the first smartphone in the world to run 64-bit apps. What does that mean to you? Simply faster performance all around. Hopping on the Moto X bandwagon, the iPhone 5S also features a co-processor Apple is calling the M7 for handling contextual awareness. Again, for you this just means the device is more sensitive to motion, and can capture more data for use in health and fitness apps.

As for the camera, this is admittedly one area the iPhone has always shined — not always in tests, but typically in real-world usage. For the 5S, the device borrows some ideas from the HTC One, forgoing an increase in MP “for technology’s sake”, instead throwing bigger pixels and slightly increased sensor size to help capture more light. This means (hypothetically) better low-light shots, with all around more vibrant and sharper looking photos. We’ll need to see it to believe it, but if Apple’s sample photos are an indication, the phone will receive high marks.

Also new for 2013 is the long-rumored fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 5S features a handy fingerprint scanner in the home button, a feature Apple is calling Touch ID. Because around half of smartphone users don’t like to bother with entering in pass codes or pattern unlocks (myself included), Apple has addressed this issue with the easiest way of securing your phone: using your own unique fingerprint. Unlike Android’s face unlock, which isn’t 100% secure or practical under various lighting conditions, Touch ID works seamlessly with the iPhone. Honestly, it’s one of the better smartphone improvements we’ve seen in awhile, and probably the last “innovative” one out of Apple. Android OEMs, I hope you’re taking note.

Another big draw with the iPhone 5S is the peace of mind of knowing the device will receive regular software updates for years to come. With the release of the all new acid-trippy iOS 7 introducing Control Center, Notification Center, and iTunes Radio — it’s nice knowing the update will reach previous iPhone devices, all the way back to the iPhone 4S. Typically, that’s not something you can find in Android devices. Also, because of Apple’s very tightly knit and closed ecosystem, you can generally find more quality apps and games on iOS than any other mobile platform.


Don’t let the fanboys fool you, the iPhone 5S isn’t smartphone perfection. The tiny, low resolution display is best suited for teens and young people with perfect 20/20 vision. For older folks, Android offers countless options for devices featuring 4.7 inch+ displays, making it easier to read, write or browse the web. You know, if you don’t enjoy holding your smartphone all the way up to your nose. Don’t forget that while iOS 7 definitely brings many new software features, Apple’s closed operating system means they’re always just a few steps behind Android devices, especially when you factor in the manufacturer UI’s found on each.

Samsung Galaxy S4



Released back in April, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the company’s latest flagship and best device the Korean manufacturer has ever built. First off, its has a 1080p full HD Super AMOLED display is unrivaled. The device also packs in the fan-favorite SD card slot for adding extra memory, a removable battery for extra juice on-the-go, and more software features than you can shake a stick at. Don’t forget that the Galaxy S4 will also be one of the few devices to offer connectivity with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

There’s no question the Galaxy S4 is the Swiss Army Knife of smartphones. The fact that Samsung is pouring countless dollars into advertising the Galaxy S4 means you’ll find more of them on the street and with that, brings more developers and greater app compatibility. Combine all of this with Samsung’s dedication to supporting new and older devices with timely Android updates and you have the makings of a real winner.


Unfortunately, Samsung’s countless software features featured in the Galaxy S4 may sound great on paper, but the operating system has become bogged down by hundreds of features you’ll likely never use. And while beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, TouchWiz has become stale and the Galaxy S4′s glossy plastic build materials make for a device that feels cheap in the hand, no matter how many tricks it has up its sleeve.




The HTC One is still regarded by many as the best Android device to date and that’s saying a lot. Widely seen as the underdog in the smartphone world, HTC pulled a Hail Mary pass with the HTC One, equipping the device with every high-end spec imaginable. To top if all off, the completely redesigned their software, adding a new version of their “Sense UI” that’s clean, minimal, and fast. Don’t forget that the HTC One is one of a few Android devices that can actually go toe-to-toe with Apple in terms of build materials. The aluminum body feels solid, the full 1080p HD SLCD3 display is gorgeous, the “UltraPixel” camera takes some of the best low-light photos around, while the innovative new front facing stereo speakers make the device perfect for media consumption. There’s little here not to love, but there are some…


While the HTC One has a lot going for it, the device doesn’t feature the flexibility that some Android users have come to expect from their devices. What do we mean by that? Well, for starters, lack of micro SD slot means you’re confined to the One’s 32GB/64GB of internal storage, and depending on how much media you like to load on your device, could be an issue. Also, the non-removable battery means bulky portable chargers are the only option for keeping the device juiced up for those long adventures away from an outlet. Lastly, the One (in the US) is still running on an older version of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and while 4.3 is promised sometime this month, we have our reservations.


Of course, only you can decide which phone is best for you. Smartphones aren’t cheap, and like anything else in life, we encourage you to visit your local carrier store to kick the tires of all these new handsets to find which one simply best for you. But, after reading this comparison post, we’re still curious: out of the smartphones listed above, which one do you find is best in its class? Vote in our poll, leave a comment as to why, and don’t forget to check out more iPhone coverage from our sister site iSource. You know, if you’re into that sorta thing.

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  1. I’d like to see some kind of “LTE Browsing” battery rating for the Android phones. Battery is far more important than some meaningless clock speed number at this point.

  2. “Larger pixels equals more light”. There might be some technical truth to that, but it’s only a small part of the story. It’s like the difference between ASA 100 and 1600 film. The 1600 is faster, but also a lot more grainy. Maybe not a big deal if you’re instagramming snaps, but if you want to crop and expand, more pixels give you more to work with. For more light, what you really want is a larger sensor and aperture, not just larger pixels.

  3. None of the above. The ONE was the most compelling out of them all. But the screen was a bit too small for me, and I can’t get past sense and the awful button situation.

    1. That button configuration was a horrible idea. The HTC Button should have been home. Like WTF they were thinking?

    1. LG G2 vs HTC One Max vs Galaxy Note 3. I can’t wait to see this.

  4. Surely wireless ac should have been included on the new iPhone?

    1. The iPhone does need wireless ac because everyone who sees you with one already knows you’re cool. :P

  5. And like all other posts, I will continue to state how I chose the HTC One only because that’s the phone I have. I thought that made me biased, but I did choose this over the S4. Hmm…

    Anyways, I don’t like how Apple says you have 10 hours of talk time. What does that transmit to? Talking keeps the screen off. What about screen on time? I play games on my phone and my phone will last about 3-5 hours depending on the game and surrounding temperature. That’s why actual battery size is nice to know.

    Why Apple gotta hide this? =.S

    1. I’m pretty sure everyone that has either an S4 or an HTC One chose that over the other.

  6. TouchWiz stale! my arse, your arse and everybody else’s arse who thinks that.

  7. Why isn’t the LG G2 on this list? Iphone 5S should really be compared to LG G2 and Xperia Z1 instead of these “older” phones. No love for LG and Sony, Chaves?

    1. These are the phones that are already out and more likely to sell to customers since they have been out for awhile and have cheaper prices than the Note III, G2, etc. The Z1 is a different story. T-Mobile has struggled to sell the phone despite its water resistant capabilities.

  8. Moto took note on the fingerprint reader with the atrix… Sadly they didn’t keep it… That was my favorite feature..

  9. S4 is the best of that bunch….but I went with Note3. That thing is a spec monster with a giant removable battery and expandable storage. Awesome!

    1. Stop being so butthurt over it. iPhone 5S destroys galaxy s4

  10. Verdict: Note 3 kills them all. mmm multiwindow

    1. IKR!? Well… not agreeing with the killing part, but I do agree with that multi-window part. Allowing more than one instance of the same app to run? How nice!!

      1. not just that but also copy and paste between 2 windows.

        1. Drag and drop!

      2. You can have different apps to run at the same time =-/

        e.g. Youtube on one, S-Note on the other.

        1. That’s how it is now. What I meant was it’s more like a computer. You can have Youtube open in one, then Youtube open in another window. Or 2 S-Notes open. LoL!!

          You have more than one instance of the same app open. That’s a very nice feature to add. I don’t know the limitations of multi-window since I never got to play around with it, but yea. Like what apps work with it, or if it’s every app or not.

  11. HTC ONE IS THE BEST. im waiting for HTC ONE MAX

  12. I am in love with my HTC One. Sure I want 4.3, but what this phone can do is awesome. And the pictures I can take….. OH MAN!

  13. Haha you asked android users if there gonna buy a iPhone xD

    1. I know that some people were saying that if the iPhone 5S was a phablet, they would go back to iOS.

      1. That would make 2 of us! Owning a Note 2 I can not switch to a smaller phone then ~5.3~ inch’s of screen

      2. You have a HTC one no? Would you upgrade to the rumored HTC max?

        1. Yes. I would upgrade to that. I like the HTC One, so I would get the phablet version of it.

  14. I chose the HTC One, def my favorite option. But I truly wish they made the screen larger, If the allowed it to have less bezel this would be even more of a beast. So I may eventually go with the G2 in a while, sell off my HTC One…

  15. 10 hour mAh battery! What a beast..

    1. what is the Nexus4 talk time in hours?

      1. If I used my phone as a phone I’d be able to tell you, but I only use about 27 mins per month on my phone lol. My point is 10 hours is not a way to judge the size of a battery lol mAh would be good to know lol

        1. Yes, I totally agree.

      2. Up to 14 hours.

        1. Kristoff119, what you’re telling me is that the N4 has longer talk time than the iPhone 5S……..

          1. Yes, that’s what independent tests have found on average, some pushing as high as 15, but that’s if you are doing one super long call, probably, definitely not including any standby or other activities.

  16. And the winner is…. LG G2!

    1. until the note 3 drops

  17. HTC One is by far the best device of the bunch. No gimmicky BS, just great hardware and great software.

  18. Apple has it own buyers to buy their IPhone, doesn’t matter. It just like any Android phone out in the market.

  19. I find it funny that nearly every weakness of the HTC One is shared by the iPhone (no expandable storage, no removable battery) but not listed as such there. While I’m all for having an honest and fair review, if a product sucks or is lacking, call it.

    1. You forgot that they iPhone and HTC do not have a built-in thermometer, barometer, humidity sensor and altimeter. And a super sensitive touch screen that you can hoover your finger and still works.

      1. Also, having “HTC UltraPixel” as the camera, while the others say 8MP or 13MP, is misleading.

        If the other phones are talking about pixels, as in MP, then HTC’s should be 4MP, not their marketing term.

        1. But HTC’s camera is good nevertheless. The editing features are very competitive.

      2. Do you even know the differences between these specs? Differences in real world usage? If you did you probably would understand why these differences would be omitted, don’t just throw around differences for the heck of it.

        Not to mention that extra processing power and memory can easily be counteracted with features and background processes eating up this extra power. That would essentially give you no increase in performance between devices during usage.

        Don’t just spout features and specs out.

      3. Samsung fanboy spotted!

      4. But try as you might, the CPU clock speed on the S4 doesn’t help it because the HTC One is still faster in real world use. Touchwiz kills that .2 GHz bump.

        1. A root solves the issue for the HTC One user since they can just overclock the processor to reach 1.9-2.3 GHz. Same with the Galaxy S4, 2.3 GHz is achievable. The Samsung user can remove the TW bloat and lag. I heard the lag is annoying on the S4.

      5. Who cares about those minute differences? If people want HTC or Apple, let them get it. I am getting the HTC One next week. Am I going to lose sleep because my RAM is DDR2? No, but you would.

  20. why isn’t the G2 in this comparison? cmon, it tops the S4.

    1. That’s for the phablet VS. When all the new phablet devices come out.

      1. The dimensions of the g2 are only about 1mm bigger than the s4 and HTC one. Not enough to make a difference. It should be on this list.


  22. I absolutely love my HTC One and can say that its been and will continue to be the best of the 3. Of course new tech is coming or already here, but the One is #1 out of this group.

    1. I’m liking my HTC One also. I’m waiting for 4.2.3 to hit on my device though, it really needs it.

      1. 4.2.3?

        1. My bad 4.3

    2. I’m a Motorola user for many reasons. But I recently looked at the HTC One and found it stunning in every way. Actually, if I was in the market, it would be a tough decision between the HTC One and the Nokia Lumina 1020.

  23. Note 3?

  24. I really don’t get it. Why is the fingerprint scanner innovative? The Atrix 4G had it 3 years ago. I used it 3 times as a party trick. It was more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth. Lame, non innovative feature. End of story.

    1. i dont think a scanner in general is innovative, but its implementation is where it hits the nail on the head.

      1. Thank you for pointing that out. Some people just want to bash Apple for what they’ve done. =.=

        1. Well, we’ve had them before…they were on the iPaq PocketPC’s (from 2002!) but most people forgot about them

          1. Yes. We’ve also had multi-window before but apparently that was still innovative of Samsung. Which it was, but that doesn’t deny the fact we didn’t have multi-window on Android already.

      2. How else could it have possibly been implemented other than what they did?

        1. apparently the way it was implemented on the Motorola atrix or the way its implemented on some laptops. I read a review that says it worked pretty flawlessly and effortlessly in their short time with it. I cant speak first hand here, i havent use it. I just think its a cool concept for people who like to lock their phones (i dont fit into that category).

    2. Almost like the Face Unlock for Android.

    3. So you have used and tested the fingerprint reader on the iPhone and found it lacking? I have them on all my computers an use them for most non essential passwords. If it works, I would love one on my phone. We’ll see how well it is implemented by Apple. But if it works as good as the ones on my computers, Apple has again improved their user experience–which is what most non geeks care about. I does not matter who did it first, just who did it right.

      1. The problem with fingerprint is that if it is compromised, you can’t change it.

    4. I could see this useful if it were setup with multiuser and as soon as it was unlocked it automatically logged in that specific user.

  25. I upgraded to the HTC One from a rooted and customized Galaxy Nexus. People complain that they want stock android… and after using the HTC One for a few days, I couldn’t go back to stock android. I love the Sense UI and I think Blinkfeed is great! I don’t use flipboard anymore. I also love that I can put all my app drawer apps into folders. It makes the app drawer even more usable, and if you forget where you placed an app, you can use the app drawer search feature. HTC hit this one out of the ball park. Best smartphone since the SMT5600, IMO.

    1. I agree 100% with this post.

    2. Absolutely agree. Stock Android is Boring!!!!

      1. That stock Gallery, though. My gosh!! That unsightly mess. I’m actually tempted to go back to a Sense ROM and leave Stock Android just because of that. I navigate through the Gallery quite often.

        Dugh!! I hate it.

        1. Try Quickpic. So much better.

          1. Thank you so much!! I’m so happy. I didn’t know you could get an alternative gallery. LoL!!

        2. F Stop Media Gallery is pretty good, I’ve made it my default gallery

  26. Is it me, or the new iPhone has more rounded edges similar to GS4? If so, it’s now Apple that has started to look up to Samsung. It’s now Apple copying Samsung.

    1. That’s been happening for a while software side, it was only a matter of time till they got to hardware.

  27. Well, it matters which performs betters, while giving premium look. HTC One and iPhone both give premium feel. So now the last thing, which performs better in every aspect..

    1. Everything is on par. I don’t think any one out performs the other. Things lag here and there, but people also install different things.

    2. Premium feel bullshit.. then why do you buy a phone case if your buying point is premium feel.

      1. I never buy it. “Premium” feel, meaning “solid” in our context. Not fragile as N4 and not plastic like Samsuck and NOT flashy like Gold iPhone.

        1. Have you seen this video? SOLID? The HTC one broke its speaker grill at 3 ft fall. The S4 got no scuff or anything.


  28. what about the LG G2? and I agree that the htc one and gs4 have their merits but I am greatly waiting for a phone with the brightness capabilities to rival the visibility of the lower resolution iPhones that have been around for so long now.

  29. I’d pick the LG G2 over the GS4 and One

  30. I went for the SONY Xperia Z Ultra…

  31. I’m surprised the new iPhone doesn’t have NFC…..

    1. I don’t use NFC that often. Though the times I do use it makes me happy I have it. It’s so… nifty.

      It’s WAY easier than opening the PlayStore and searching for the app and clicking share, then finding some way to share it.

      I don’t realize how much I’m loving NFC.

      1. I share more stupid youtube videos with youtube than should be allowed but it is extremely useful for me. Hell even mcdonalds has nfc chips built into the tables now

      2. You should try tecTiles, I have them at home/car/work

  32. Note 3! I kid I kid, I’d go with an S4 Google Edition.

  33. Nexus 4 is still the best option on the market in my opinion.

  34. Nokia 3300 Blows all of these away!

    1. who? what?

  35. i hate how everytime we do these side-by-side comparisons, Apple’s details are Vague.. what’s the deal?!

    1. because if they get specific then everybody’ll know how lackluster their internals really are…they always hide behind buzzwords…

      1. “retina” display… which is what 320 ppi or something close… 469 ppi on my htc one… apple are you even trying anymore?

      2. …”40 times faster than original iPhone”…
        I was speechless when i read that. Why doesn’t Xbox One or PS4 don’t say that their CPUs are ~ 18,487 times faster than ATARI 2600?

        I’m not against iPhone at all and I admire their chip architecture designers. I think they do a great job of increasing overall output of their CPUs without throwing more cores and/or increasing the size of the chip itself….
        BUT don’t assume all people are stupid to go for “Retina” or “x56 faster that n” marketing buzzwords, just release the specs. I’m not a spec whore, but as a geek I do like to know what’s under the hood of my electronics and cars.

    2. The iPhone 5C battery is “Larger than the iPhone 5”.

  36. I’d have to say the best is the Note 3 right now.

  37. Note 3 FTW!!! ;)

  38. I’m really not too excited about recording my fingerprint in a phone. Call me paranoid, but…

    1. me too, I think the iphone is nice. Except for the screen size…. seriously wtf are they thinking.

    2. Well then don’t use the fingerprint scanner. I don’t believe you have to use it.

      1. Essentially by touching the bottom to unlock the device they have swiped your fingerprint and submitted it to the NSA, even if you don’t use it for locking. Big brother is watching!


      2. But it’s built into the home button. You use it to unlock

        1. Isn’t it still a clickable button?

  39. I find it ironic that it is always pointed out that Samsung is making plastic phones. I have an otter box commuter case on my SGN2. I will likely always have a case similar to this one no matter if the phone is make out of plastic or metal. I want the drop protection.

    1. Yeah, I hope with the iPhone 5c, Apple can make plastic ‘cool’ so people will shut up about it. Personally, I like plastic. Much more so than aluminum or glass, primarily because it makes devices lighter, and they don’t seem any less durable either.

      1. Maybe there will be enough plastic so that we won’t have to deal with metal detectors. O:-)

  40. Um… HTC doesn’t have multiwindow. That’s enough for me to go with the s4.

    1. IKR!? I wanna try that feature out SO badly!! LoL!!

      1. Multiwindow isn’t all it’s cracked up to be on the S4’s smaller screen. The Note series makes much better use of it.

      2. I used multiwindow at first, but I got tired of it, it’s not THAT useful. I have a Note 2

  41. Nexus 4

  42. people who choose the One over the S4 don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. the only reason they choose it is for its metal finish. not to mention they don’t even use the S4 and probably don’t have the One either.

    If you’re not an actual user of at least 2 of these phones then you have ZERO credibility when you say one is better than the others.

    1. I have an S4, and the only thing I really like about it is the large screen (which is crap under bright sunlight). I turn off all the bloatware/sensor stuff Samsung has decided I ‘need’, and run Nova over Touchwiz. I do like the light weight of the S4, as I use it as my music player when at the gym. All in all though, I wish I had a 5″ HTC One.

    2. There are definitely more reasons than that to like the One over the S4. There are a number of hardware and software differences. This is coming from an S4 owner I however preferred the ability to have a swappable battery and SD card.

    3. I have an S4 and a motox. I find the S4 feels like a cheap bloated phone that starts lagging a week after you get it. Way overhyped. MotoX is much more consistant, smooth and lag free. I dont own the HTC One, but have spent time with a friends; and it seems to be faster than the S4 as well.

  43. “As for the camera, this is admittedly one area the iPhone has always shined” <—really? i've seen the opposite. the pictures i've seen taken with iphones have been TERRIBLE.

  44. Gotta say I still absolutely love my HTC One. When I bought it I assumed I would flash a more stock Android like UI, but I actually ended up really liking the newest version of Sense and it seems like they finally made it light weight enough that it doesn’t degrade performance compared to stock Android (of course it might just be that the phone’s hardware is sufficiently powerful to overcome inefficient code).

    Another feature that has really surprised me has been the speakers. “Boomsound” made me roll my eyes when I first saw it and the beats integration further convinced me that this was just another stupid gimmick. But I have to say, the speakers really are amazing and have become one of my favorite features of the device. Even the beats audio software-amp actually improves overall sound quality. I assumed it would just boost bass and wipe out everything else, but it actually seems like it was tuned specifically to compliment the frequency profile of the One’s speakers.

    HTC’s very questionable past with updates and the fact that this was seen as a do or die device for them still make me a bit nervous- but there is no question that they have built one of the best phones on the market.

    1. Let’s just sit here and pretend we aren’t amped for the HTC max lmao

  45. Well… I have the iPhone 5 and it’s a nice phone but I just can’t get pass the screen size. I will hold out for the next version and if the screen is the same size I’ll go for the One.
    I had the HTC One X before getting the iP5 and the feature I liked best, maybe because my eyes aren’t what they used to be, is how the text adjust to fit your screen when you zoom when browsing. I just can’t get that with any other phone! No matter what browser I use, it is not implemented as well as the HTC’s and that goes back to my EVO 4G.

    Some times it is hard to explain this feature to someone that hasn’t used an HTC phone because they think it’s just like double tapping the text and making it fit to the screen. Even the iPhone does that. Actually, every phone does that. What I’m saying is: Zoom the text to the size you are comfortable reading at and let go. Boom! the screen adjust to fit that size AND you don’t have to pan left to right to read.

    Now, why in the world is that so difficult to implement? Is it an operating system limitation? In the case of the iPhone, that may be the case because I have tried every browser I could find and none can match the HTC Phones. Not even the Galaxy phones does it well. But at least they have a giant screen so I wouldn’t miss that feture that much. :-) But then I don’t want that big of a screen either.

    1. It is the single most underrated feature of HTC. I love the autowrap browser function.
      I went from the evo to the 3d to the vivid to onex to the one And I will never leave HTC. People don’t understand until they use them.

      1. You are 100% correct!! And you put it perfectly, “The single most underrated feature of HTC”. Why the tech press doesnt make more of this feature is beyond me.

        1. Use Opera it does the same thing, Sheesh!

  46. Note 3

  47. Note 3.

  48. I also had the iPhone 5, sold it last week for the new 5S. Saying that the best phone and to make it fair the Note 3 blows all Smart Phones away completely. The 5S isn’t out so why would you compare the 5S to phones that are over 4-5 months old, compare it to the latest and greatest Android. The Note 3 is a freaken Beast. The Note 3 is more powerful than most home laptops. IMO there is nothing out there that can touch the Note 3.
    I am still buying the 5S, just like the hardware and the OS. I am one crazy ass who just likes electronics and all Smart Phones.

    1. The thing is you don’t need to compare it to the latest android, it’s not even as good as the androids from the first part of the year.

  49. I’m shocked that Tim Cook’s Apple did not come out with a 4.5″ or larger iPhone today. This was a big misstep.

  50. Battery: 2600 mAh vs 10 hours of talk vs 2300 mAh. Yep, that makes sense. Clearly. smfh.

  51. Iphones are the training wheels of smart phones, I’ll stick to my xperia Z

  52. Note 3> Iphone 5S = HTC One > Galaxy S4.

  53. Yet millions of Fandroids will still flock to Crapple.
    Fingerprint reader is honestly cool. 64 bit is cool too but the average Apple user has no idea what 64 bit is. Most iPhone users I know do not use their iPhone at all in any way, shape of form like a ‘smartphone.’ Unless you count using Facebook.

    1. 64 bit gives apple fanboys something they can use in their talking points.

      They’ve been asked to give up a lot for this new Apple. I mean, they even got rid of cover flow and all the other things that made ios look good.

    2. how will 64 benefit us?

  54. You forgot another heavyweight, the LG Optimus G Pro. I switched to it from a HTC One last week, and haven’t looked back.

  55. Big screens are meant for older people? Just because I have decent vision I should settle for a low resolution tiny display? What are you talking about??

  56. I dont like a TV as a phone and you dont need to have a such a big screen unless you dont have a computer. Thats why i think the iphone size is not bad because its so portable. Also, I wonder how girls use a note 2 when going to a club? And dont forget that the first company making apps on their phones was apple. Now, if most of you dont havent use a mac with the integration of the iphone, you have no idea what you guys are missing. First, notifications; you get notification from applications. Second, you sync reminder and calendars (so whatever reminder you already done thats done in your computer as well) or the other way around. Third, icloud bookmark and reader list syncronization and all windows and websites open in safari, you will be able to see it in your computer. Macs are integrated with facebook and twitter, no more copy and paste links. Fifth, birthdays from facebook and events syncs with your computer calendar as well. Sixth, built in dictionary with define button.

    1. I hate to break it to you, but you sound seriously ignorant in this post. YOU may not want a TV for a phone, but the popularity of Netflix on phones is proof you’re in the minority. Also, bigger screens make for better multitasking productivity, which any Android user can use with apps like this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myboyfriendisageek.aircalc&hl=en, or this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myboyfriendisageek.airbrowser&hl=en, etc. And my GS3 is totally portable in any pocket I own, so I really have no idea what you’re talking about. My 5’3″ mom wanted the Note 2 until the GS4 came out. Apple was not the first company making apps for their phones, they just CALLED them apps. The first app company was Palm. And the original iPhone didn’t even run apps! You talk about Mac integration, Android ups that with total cross-platform syncing. Notifications? Stolen from android, and 99% of the tech bloggers agree that Android is still better. Syncing calendar? I’ve been syncing that and so much more by default since my G1 days in 2009. iCloud bookmarks and lists are one-upped by Chrome syncing, which does the same thing, but is again truly cross-platform. And Facebook/Twitter? We’ve long been able to add our contacts, pictures, info, AND status updates to our contacts. Not to mention that I can long press on any link, picture, video, text, or any other applicable item on my phone and send it directly to either of those services (see Android Intents). iOS has no idea what “integration” really means. We, too, have a built-in dictionary, which can be easily updated directly from the keyboard when you use a word it didn’t know. Now, I’ll give you the “define” button, but that’s your first and last point. However, I don’t have any problems understanding the English language, and if it’s not in English, I can quickly plug in Google Translate. Now, consider the following…No NFC, No IR Blaster, No Wireless Charging, No Swiping/Predictive Keyboard, No File Browser, No Widgets, No Expandable Memory, No Replaceable battery…

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more, I was about to post the same type of thing. The statement that tickled me the most was the “And dont forget that the first company making apps on their phones was apple”. Classic ignorant fanboy.

      2. well said!

      3. Read wikipedia, its just clear in 2007 came out the iphone first generation, and in october 2008 was released the first android phone. Iphone had already jailbreak on july 2008. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartphone jailbreak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_jailbreaking and the app store was available on july 2008 while android was introduced on october 2008.

        1. I really could care less who came out with it first. I don’t care if Android ripped it from a vault in cuppertino during a midnight raid. Who cares? Do you only buy things made by the inventor of said product? Welcome to the world of competition and trying to stay one step ahead.

          And New Guy is right….Android one-ups Apple because it has all of what you say only it’s truly CROSS-PLATFORM. Syncing works on my HP, Dell and any other computer I use. Just log into Chrome and all information is shared.

          And I want the biggest screen I can get my hands on. Note3 is already pre-ordered. Apple fell behind with their screen size and only the sheep are still believing that 4″ is large enough for a portable computer monitor.

          1. i am not really such a nerd to have and antenna and movie theater on my palm, besides that, the quality of samsung phones are so cheap, plastic and ordinary and has so much bugs!

          2. No bugs in mine, but plenty of awesome. Hey, wander over to the sister site, iSource, and read about how the Note2 converted an Apple Blogger. We also have a former (different guy) iSource writer now writing for Phandroid as the proud owner of an HTC One. Stories like that abound because Android is simply superior due to its simple AND comprehensive nature. Want to do something with a picture? just long press to get all the ways you can share it available with the apps you have installed. It’s so brain-dead simple. Want to customize your Notification Bar toggles? You can with Notification Toggles! Want to use flash web pages? No problem, Android Flash is available on Adobe’s website, and works for 90% of androids (super-cheap 3rd world created phones not withstanding). True Multitasking. Check. There is NO good reason to switch to Crapple.

          3. you make it sound like you need to open a command line to use android. If you can figure out http:// www. whatever. com then you’ve figured out something more complicated than android

        2. You’re funny, trying to save face and all. Nowhere did I say that Android came out with Apps first. I said that Palm did. They never called them such, but I had a Palm with custom apps like a metronome, QuickOffice, Sudoku, Dictionary, Olive Tree Bible, etc back in 2006.

        3. You are such an ignorant, crawl back to isource where you belong!

      4. IOS has more common sense in making its operating system that even your grandma can use it. Tell me from those awesome 100,000 features that android has, how many are really really useful?

        The only game that android is using to get people buying their phone besides copying exactly everything from apple, its showing off as many features that you really dont need. Exactly that makes people believe that android is better but its not its just takes your time away trying to figure out all those usefulness features and settings.

        1. Not true. I have a 32GB MicroSD, and I have 20 movies on it for “whenever”. I have my screen on for over 5 hrs, which is why I have a replaceable battery. Kii keyboard rocks swiping and predictive text, fastest way to type! I use my phone all the time, at work and as a private violin instructor. PhonemyPC for writing things up in the field on QuickBooks. Excel with AirCalc overlaid. Pictures of products sent directly to clients via messaging, dropbox, drive, facebook, etc while talking with them. Video recorded lessons. Flash based music websites for instruction. Musical Pro for metronome and tuning. Chrome browser for tab syncing. Calendar for appointments. Now for reminders and travel notices. You have no idea how much I use those features, daily.

          1. I do the same with my phone, you have no idea. This is like comparing a Honda civic turbo (android) vs a BMW. who said that you cant do something with the iphone while you are talking to someone? by the way too much features is too distracting. Dont tell me that you are the type of person that watches porn on your phone while you are banging your girlfriend, you would be an idiot.

          2. Just quit dude you are making yourself look like an ass in the comments, the only things iOS does better than Android are its uniformity and simplicity. Most new android have 2x the features of even the 5S while you could argue those are features you wont use, that is you. Just because you wont use them it doesn’t mean no one else will. I owned iPhones 1 – 4 and after that couldn’t deal with its “simplicity” or in my opinion boring UI anymore. I don’t want a phone my grandma can use, she cant even figure out how to switch to the blu ray player on her hdtv, something that simple is boring to actual techies, and people who don’t need their hand held by the OS.

          3. They make you spend more money. With those micro SD cards.

          4. A roll on buying a cheap plastic phone, you mean.

          5. Oh, you’re buying the iPhone 5c?

          6. Now that we know that android users love plastic 5c would be your best achievement in life. You should do it my man for sure also better plastic. I will stick with the 5s ;)

          7. That makes no sense. I said you were on a roll, you said I was referring to a cheap plastic phone, I drew the obvious conclusion… But now you’re saying you’re getting the 5s? You really make no sense. As far as iOS, I could never use it. No multitasking, no replaceable batteries, no expandable storage, a gimpy and incomplete cloud, lack of cross platform compatibility, no widgets, no better software keyboards, no Google music, no flash (needed for my violin lessons)… It’s a never ending list…

      5. Dude just read this article that a writer from droidlife.com wrote, you will love it. its call, WHY I USE AN IPHONE. http://www.droid-life.com/2013/08/14/why-i-use-an-iphone-opinion/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews Bye,bye!

        1. Seems like everybody hates this ron guy, reminds me of you . I just can’t believe he posted that on droid-life.com it is sad.

    2. “Now, if most of you dont havent use a mac with the integration of the iphone, you have no idea what you guys are missing”

      hmm well I have a PC. It’s funny how iphone fans say it is better because it has so many games. Then they go to their macs which doesn’t have many games and appleTV doesn’t have any games while all the REAL games are on Windows and non Apple consoles such as playstation and xbox. So the argument for an all Apple ecosystem is killed off right there.

    3. Lol, wow. I just… wow. This can’t be a real post. It’s too perfect.

      1. He seems to be under the impression that androids don’t have these features lol. I love when people who have no knowledge try to educate ahhh only in America.

        1. ‘Murica .

  57. For the value/feature set its impossible to ignore a Nexus 4. Doesnt have all the cutting edge functionality but has 99% of it at a pricepoint that simply makes sense for those that dont need the latest and greatest handset

    1. Nexus 4 Specs STILL better than iPhone 5S/C

      1. I’d like to see a comparison chart.

  58. Chris chris chris…. Finger Print is a gimmick 64 bit apps is ok but has no real connotation, iPhone updates are no more than security updates when going across the board and currently Samsung and LG and Google has been on top of things as far as updating previous devices. In comparison to the previous iPhone 5 this thing is a minimal updated revision.

    1. I’ll give Apple one thing: they knew how to deliver a 64 gig phone since the beginning. Android OEM’s are still struggling with that-even the ones without SD so you’d think they’d try to compensate.

      1. I don’t think they’re struggling. The chipsets have been ready and they’re likely to roll out to consumers early 2014 or even late this year. And they will still be largely pointless for quite some time, or until phones start coming with 4GB of memory. This article also hints that 4GB phones will show up in 2014:


        1. He said 64GB not 64bit

  59. I think calling the iPhone 5S a low resolution display is way wrong. It’s Retina you can’t even see the pixels it doesn’t matter if it’s 326 ppi instead of 440 ppi. The User Experience is what matters.

    1. Yeah, at this point adding more ppi is like adding more megapixels.

  60. iPhone 5S is lightyears ahead of htc one and galaxy s4

    1. Not according to these comparisons…. You mad?

      1. Did you just comment and contradict yourself?

        1. The guy above me clones people he doesn’t like and posts troll comments. That’s why I have my post count in my name.

        2. Phakeman is the apple fan boy that sell his body for the good of apple, be careful around him, you might catch the stupid in him. Altough the real Phatman is on the good side.

    2. what is your definition of lightyears?
      copying previous model’s looks? LoL

  61. I am spoiled being in the Industry I can have just about any phone I want.

    I really liked my iPhone 4s, it was a fantastic device. The iOS ecosystem is top notch as well. My opion is during that generation of devices android was a VERY distance second. I moved from the4s to the Galaxy 3, I really did not like my Galaxy 3 or iPhone 5, I actually used my HTC 7 and iPhone 4s alot more during that period.
    When I picked up the Galaxy 4, i thought it was simply to large. They are cheaply built devices, and the 4 came with even more plastic, and lost the “stoneish finish” of the Galaxy 3. In a battle of the very plastic phones, the Galaxy 3 probably wins out for me.
    I do some mobile productvity training, and the Galaxy line is SICK as a PC replacement, it was comical trying to mix in the Apple Devices to that training, I had to say..no…apple does not do that about 10 billion times. That are the best a being an imperfect substituion for a PC.
    The HTC ONE on the other hand, is an amazing device, if you can adjust to loosing a home key on the front of the device. Top Notch fit and finish, fanatsic speakers and Mics. Best MP3 player ever made…period. Wide Angle Cameras that capture more of what you are taking photos of. HTC’s Blink Feed and Word Wrap in the broswer make it the best news consumption phone i have ever used.
    I do tend to watch media on my device, and love the power key being at the top of the device and the flush volume rocker keeps me from hitting the buttons on accident.
    HTC also has the best version of Android, I have seen. The device just does not slow down and LAG like the Galaxy 4 does.
    What I dont like about the HTC, is the one amp charging port. I have 2 amp chargers all over my house, the HTC simply charges slower then my Galaxy 4s did…and not just “a little” slower. I guess its the by product of being wraped in metal with a warranty that has to cover the internal battery( that gets suprisingly good batt life). If i am stuck with slower charging, it needs to be cordless like the Lumia.
    I want to see if the new 5s can give me enough enjoyment to walk away from the HTC ONE. On paper…i just dont see it happening.

  62. The Note 3 is going to be a beast… Think it’s going to blow the above mentioned out of the water. It’s my next device for sure… Can’t wait

  63. Reasons I use an Android phone: Screen size, widgets (fast access to info at a glance), swype keyboard (can’t go back to tapping), and browser word wrap (double tap zoom is not good enough). If the iPhone had these features, I would probably switch due to (imho) better app selection and a smoother and more consistent (especially within apps) user interface.

  64. I can’t change from apple to these poor looking samsung phones coz am intelligent therefore i sh’d be using intelligent phones which fix my hands useful and good looking

    and leave those for cheap niggers dat cant afford

    1. You can’t even spell properly and you call yourself intelligent….. And racism is still alive and well in your trailer i see…

    2. You may have more money but you are still low class. Enjoy your Snooki phone.

    3. You definitely should stick with iPhone, but not for the reasons you list.

    4. you should’ve afforded an education for that grammar instead of buying apple products.

  65. I would buy an HTC one EXCEPT because no SD slot and fixed battery. Have you seen the tear down video for replacing the battery? $200-$300 I am sure. HTC made a disposable phone because of limited memory and the reality that phone batteries last 1.5-2.5 years and then you have to replace them.
    I would buy an Samsung S4 – except the cheap plastic feel of the ‘toy’. Otherwise it seems solid.
    I would not buy an iPhone – I love to hack, install custom ROMs, install custom features, other tweaks. iPhones are for people who don’t care to customize their experience and accept things as is. I understand it’s a solid device and stable but I want tweaks!

    1. Just change out the back. Plastic feel gone!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have an HTC Sensation and different back covers aren’t available so I didn’t even think of looking for one for the Galaxy. I have putting on an external plastic or leather cover as they just make the phones bulky & gaudy and many prevent the charger from plugging in correctly. Maybe I have to rethink the Galaxy, Thanks.

  66. I think that my Nexus 4 is better than the iPhone 5/S/c. It is better on features, and the only real area that I believe the iPhone kicks android in the teeth is in the camera.

    Pound for Pound, Android phones of the same class, wipe iPhones with ease. They will claim that they get their updates, but their updates always do at least one of these, take away new features (Siri anyone), create such a bad user experience with lag and memory that can’t handle the update.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. With Nexus devices you are correct. With the current gen (Nexus 4) and last gen (Galaxy Nexus) getting prompt updates; this follows the Apple model closely. The iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S getting the newest updates. The difference being that Google doesn’t seem to be nixing any features on the Galaxy Nexus like Apple has done with their updates. I guess now though the 4S will be getting dropped.

      1. Nope, the 4S is the Penny phone now. Funny though, because all the Apple fans I knew always tried to bust my hump about the cheap Android phones, which was the reason Android picked up steam, and now Apple sells their pone for a penny.

  67. Ummmmmm I think the Motorola Atrix “innovated” the fingerprint scanner unlock.

  68. I would rather see a comparison to the new Moto X. I am still amazed that a phone with physical navigation buttons can be popular. To me, the One and S4 never had a chance. Moto X or Nexus 5 will more than likely be my next purchase.

    1. Since getting an N4 to test I can also confirm that I dislike physical buttons. I have the S3 as well and it just feels old with it’s physical buttons now.

  69. Galaxy S4 FTW. IF you’re capable of getting in there and configuring it, there’s flexibility like NO OTHER. Plus with such a large base, LOTS of support. And in that PROPER configuration, the battery lasts and still laughs at you come 2PM. Unless you’re youtubing all day on unlimited with no job, battery life is a NON-ISSUE. Yeah, it should be a bit leaner “stock”, but who buys this kind of phone if they don’t know their gear? Get an iPhone then!

    All these complaints about “Plastic” when everyone puts their phone in a PLASTIC case anyway! The bumper of the S4 isn’t plastic it’s metal or aluminum. Don’t like the plastic back? Get one in aluminum, brushed metal, pleather, rubber grip, etc…(There’s so many) and the phone is still “Naked/Slim” now with that extra touch of class. Problem solved!

    Yeah “Boom sound” is cool, but who REALLY listens to music through the phone speakers? No Matter WHAT it’s still gonna suck! Headphones or bluetooth audio to a REAL system please. The front facing speaker is nice, but the S4 speaker is plenty loud for a PHONE. Blinkfeed KILLED the HTC-one for me. Seriously, I can’t disabled it? Just hide it and choose a different home screen? How ridiculous. Honestly still felt too much like my Rezound, which got updates like um…..practically NEVER! Yeah it has updated sense and is zippier with a bigger screen, but still an HTC all the way. Including a battery that looks a bit short. The S4’s extra 300 mAh really makes a difference. Pushing towards that 3000 mark that ALL phones should strive for in addition to efficiency. I wanted to like the HTC-one, but after owning a Rezound and playing with it, I just don’t see what all the fanfare is about. Other than it’s not shitty like the previous phones LOL.

    1. S4 was like Apple, a copy of S3…
      Just 5S is of 5…
      People needed a change and I guess HTC One offered that change!

    2. I switched from the iPhone 5 to the S4 and it’s an absolute piece of crap. the metal bumper is painted on, so your comment above is laughable. The battery even with the best battery saving apps needs to be charged 2-3 times a day (you must not use your phone much), and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to charge unless you have a special high speed bulky charger. The search on corporate email is non-functional, come on google, I’m thinking you could get search right. before i go back to the iPhone, i’m going to try the HTC One, maybe they won’t have screwed with the device as much as Samsung, adding a ton of non-useable, battery draining features. If you want to know if I have the chops to make these statements, I’ve been in the mobile media industry since 2005, have literally had carriers sending me phones for testing and been written up in industry publications well over 100 times. Android may capture the heart of the tech geek, but why do you have to be an engineer to use it, it’s a phone it should just work.

  70. The point of a fingerprint scanner or pattern unlock or code unlock is to keep your phone secure.

    What if someone cuts your finger off and takes your phone. Or if you fall asleep and you’ve had a few drinks and that someone presses your finger against the phone and tada they are in your phone.

    I think pattern and codes are the best way to go. You don’t keep them on the end of your finger tips when you sleep.

    1. I read somewhere today only “LIVE” fingers could be used, so cutting and then using is not an option…

      1. Your only option to use this is to buy it. You will not need to cut someones finger to use it. I know you most be crazy about getting one of these Grad student in CS.

        1. Ouch! Seems you took my words to heart!

          Never mind, I can grab a popcorn if you want me to! :)

          Also, there are 10 kinds of people in the world, one who understand binary, others who dont… Seems you fall in none! :D

  71. My favorite is and will be for the foreseeable future the HTC One X. I know its not as super as the ONE, but for me the One is TOO nice. I’d be afraid to take anywhere, or wrap it up to the point I can’t enjoy it’s beauty. That being said, my daily carrier is my 4S. Perfect size and great performer.

  72. Double gunz!

  73. I still haven’t owned an HTC since my Touch Pro 2 with WinMo, no, wait my OG Incredible (which ironically it was not) I have thought about an HTC One, just haven’t been convinced.

  74. I think it’s safe to write 1440mAh for the iPhone 5S.

  75. A7 is the upgraded version of A6. I can see that. So it is time what is so great about A7 compared to other processor. Is it quad or octa core and 64bit? And please anyone tell me the A7 clock speed?

  76. I upgraded to HTC One a few weeks ago. I really like the phone. I think it is the best phone.

  77. HTC One is the best phone!!!

  78. HTC One is the ultimate smartphone money can buy right now.

  79. Apple is the best, read this article. For the ones who dont know what 64 bit means.

    1. If you are really flaunting about 64 bit and stuff, you must also know that to take full advantage of x64 architecture you need RAM in excess of 4 gigs…. Good luck with just 2 GB in this case :)

      – Grad Student in CS Guy :)

      1. They wouldnt inculuded it if they werent sure, it will perform well.

        1. iOS in general performs well, because hardware and software is tightly coupled… x64 is gimmicky!

          1. You have to a mediocre person to focuse only on the tecnological aspects.

          2. focuse?
            Sorry but good English skills are pre-req if you want to FOCUSE on TECHNOLOGICAL aspects :P

          3. Smartphone evolution line.

    2. you never read it in the first place , did you?

      1. It seems you didnt understand it.

        1. Your lack of grammar says otherwise, but I do understand this kinds of things, I am an IT engineer for goodness sakes. lul

  80. Your comment about the screen size of the iPhone leaves out one, I think, important factor. That is it is lighter and easier to carry around. I place both an iPhone and and large screen Galaxy (S4, I think) of a friends in my pocket and the Galaxy was just too big and cumbersome, while the iPhone was barely noticeable. While the large screen is nice, it’s just not practical, as least for me, to carry around all day.

  81. I think HTC’s product is better than the S4. Are the extra .2 GHz, gimmicky features, MP in the camera, etc going to hurt me? No. I went with the HTC One from that list. Is 1 GB of RAM, .6 GHz, 1″ inch, and Samsung’s software being different going to kill me with respect to the Note III? Not likely either.

  82. iOS 7 sucks, and the A7 processor is still dual-core and 1.7GHz. Apple loses.
    what about the next LG G2 & Xperia Z Ultra

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