[APK] Get the official Tablet-optimized Twitter for Android app


For years, I’ve been a pretty annoyed Twitter user. Usually, I give a startup a pass if they focus more on their iOS app, understanding the need for them to focus their engineering talent on a platform they deemed more important (even though I don’t quite agree with that line of view).

Twitter weren’t worthy of that pass in my eyes for two reasons, one being that they’ve been around for, like, forever, and secondly because they keep putting up fences making it difficult for people building better clients than theirs to exist (like Falcon Pro). I mean, for all their engineering talent and resources, they could on implement a ViewPager in their app this April?

After Paul Stamatiou (a designer at the company) wrote his Android is Better blog-post, I was hoping to see more love from them for their app. Thankfully, they’ve responded, with the new Galaxy Note 10.1 demoed at IFA containing a tablet-optimized version of the app.

The folks at were amongst those who spotted it, and have shared the apk with anyone who wants to get their hands on it. Visit their website for the link and the instructions (in German).


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Works and looks great on the Xperia Z Ultra.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. New “Discover” widget. App looks great.

  3. Doesn’t work on GS3. Black screen.

    1. Well it is for tablets.

      1. I’m running Paranoid Android, so… yeah…

        1. The app is for tablets. The Galaxy S3 is a phone. What difference does it make if your running a custom rom? The app is for TABLETS!

  4. Why’d it take so long? wheres the FB tablet optimized app? Just some of the things that frustrate me with 9+ inch Android tablets.

    1. I hope FB also implements the holo design.

    2. Just use the desktop site on your tablet.

  5. Bitter party of 1 your table is available.

  6. Works and looks awesome on a Nexus 10!! A little gripe about authentication at first, but working smooth now. Thanks for sharing this. LOOONGGG overdue.

  7. At least it wasn’t Galaxy tablet optimized. That would have became a disaster for the Android ecosystem if that would have happened…

  8. I’m just getting a blank screen on my nexus 10. Twitter isn’t responding then pops up

    1. Mine did the same thing. Go into Application Manager, clear cache and data then it should ask to re-login. Had the exact same issue.

      1. thanks

  9. Now it begins… Our dream of lots of lots of lots of Android tablet optimized apps will become true soon.

  10. Come on, Facebook; your turn.

  11. Does anyone know anything about the ‘draw’ function?

  12. Twitter got it right with the tablet app, it passed our stress-test! We weren’t expecting much:

  13. good apps for your pc & compatible ur mobile or pc

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