Samsung Wallet gives Galaxy owners a Passbook-like experience, now available on Google Play

Samsung Wallet screenshots

Samsung has just released Samsung Wallet onto the Google Play Store and it looks to provide Galaxy users with the Apple Passbook app they’ve been missing. Before you download, don’t get this confused with the NFC-based Google Wallet — there are no actual transactions to be done using this app.

Instead, Samsung Wallet acts like a physical wallet, simply storing and organizing all your membership cards, coupons, event tickets and whatever else.  Because this is a Samsung app, it remains exclusive to their Galaxy line of devices and is only currently compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


The best part is other apps can take advantage of Samsung Wallet, by a handy “Load to Samsung Wallet” button appearing in some of your favorite apps. At launch, Samsung Wallet is only supported by specific retailers like Walgreens,,, and more. If this sounds useful to you, grab Samsung Wallet via the link below.

[Samsung Wallet on Google Play]

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  • Michael Quinlan

    I’m missing something. What’s the appeal of this app that only works on 4 devices, when there are similar apps that work on most (if not all) devices?

    • JPB

      Exactly. I took a look at it for about 5 minutes, then shrugged and removed it. Between Key Ring, which I’ve had for about 2 years now and Google Now, there really wasn’t anything new to be seen here. Plus Google Wallet actually lets me *pay* for stuff via NFC, which this doesn’t do.

      • No_Nickname90

        Yea!! That’s the name of the app. I told someone KeyChain, but it’s Key Ring. LoL!! Oops. I hope they see this post. =.P

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Brand awareness will get people to download it. Samsung benefits by being privy to all the places you shop. Therefore they have even more marketing data to use and/or sell. And the typical user, who is fairly clueless to the superiority of other apps, gets a crappy service that they perceive as useful.

    • No_Nickname90

      The same reason people by the S4 because of the features. The software features only work in Samsung only apps. It’s too bad I don’t use the Samsung Browser, media player, texting app, and phone app. LoL!! I’m kidding about that last one.

      • Megatron_Don

        what about youtube…. a useful function works with that app. Don’t tell me you’re too cool to use youtube lol

        • No_Nickname90

          Which feature? When I had the E4GT (GS2) the only function that worked was the place phone to ear to call. Other functions required the use of an actual Samsung app.

          That’s why I didn’t care too much for the features.

          • Megatron_Don

            Youtube and the eye recognition. you turn away and the video pauses. that works in youtube.

  • Matthew Wenzel

    Is there a reason this isn’t compatible with the Galaxy Nexus? I mean, it is a Nexus device, but it’s still a Samsung Galaxy device, too!

    • Karma Killed Steve Jobs

      Probably has to be TouchWiz

  • Michael Foreman

    I downloaded and used this the day it came out on my Note 2. The fundamental problem with this app is that it requires you to have all the apps for the coupons and booking and whatnot. All this does is puts all that kind of stuff in one place, provided you have the requisite app to go with each thing. That does not make it very useful from a practical standpoint.

    What they should do is link the partners to their websites where if they have coupons, flights, goods, etc. they can simply sign into their web account once for each and have all that stuff ready for them. Until they fix that, this is something to avoid for almost everyone unfortunately.

    • No_Nickname90

      Isn’t there an app called KeyChain that does this? It stores the barcodes, so places can just scan the barcode off your phone.

      I used to use it. I stopped because of rooting and stuff and was too lazy to set it back up on my phone. LoL!!

      • jfelts

        Key Ring. The best app I have on my phone……

    • PassKit

      Absolutely. So unfortunately this is not truly an open wallet. 1. All data resides on Samsung’s servers and 2. you have to deliver a “Pass” via an app… which means that merchants need to still invest in an app just to get a Pass in someone’s digital wallet. Definitely not as flexible or as useful as Apple Passbook.


    Nah, Samsung doesn’t copy Apple O_o

    • simpleas



        Come on… Even Chavez recognizes this in the title…..

        • Chris Chavez

          Everyone copies everyone. It’s what makes the world go round. :)

          • Elt31987

            Everyone copies everyone. It’s what makes the world go round. :)

  • simpleas

    Love that the app consolidates all the coupons into one place.

  • Raj Bhatt

    Anyone want to post the apk so I can give it a shot on my GNex? It would be much appreciated!

  • comcinco

    Why Samsung Wallet does not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505)?…

  • Dan

    I’d love to use this, but things like this rarely work in Canada :(

  • Karma Killed Steve Jobs

    More samsung rip off of Apple. No worries, Apple will sue and win again and samesung devices will be banned

  • jfelts

    It would be nice if I didn’t get a package file error when trying to install this……….I realize however that this is a Google issue and not with the app itself.

  • wyldtek

    Also works with my Galaxy Tab 10.1