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Xbox Live junkies like myself might be happy to hear this news if they’re also fans of DashClock. Developer Matt Katzenburger has created a DashClock widget extension that will show you how many of your friends are online. Beyond the amount of friends, it will also give you the exact list below the extension’s main text. That’s about as far as functionality goes, though, so don’t expect the world.

Still, it’s a great way for folks to decide whether they want to sign on — I know I like to check who’s on using SmartGlass or the Xbox website before I decide to power my console on. If you’re like me and you also use DashClock, dropping $.99 on this might not be a bad idea. Note that your Xbox Live friends list cannot be set to private if you want this widget to work.

Oh, and don’t forget — DashClock widget requires Android 4.2 or later, so don’t waste your time or money if you’re not on that particular version of Android yet.

[Google Play Download]

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