Google Chrome Beta update brings full-screen browsing, omnibox improvements and more

Google has brought some new features to the beta channel of Google Chrome for Android. The update, which brings us to version 27.0.1453.49 (the first version 27 release for Android), will bring some very nice features. For starters, a full-screen browsing mode can be enabled. When you scroll down a webpage the the top bar will disappear until you need it again, giving you valuable screen real estate to focus on whatever content it is you’re viewing.

Alongside that, the omnibox has been made simpler to use for searching. Your search term will remain in the omnibox as you typed it instead of being replaced by a URL, so if you only need to make a simple edit you won’t have to retype the entire search term or use the search box on the webpage.

Other key changes include the ability to view your tab history on tablets by long pressing the back button, and the ability to access sites which require certificate (and the related ability to select a certificate that’s already installed). The main list of known issues? Why, that’s no problem at all:

  • Noticeable lag in text entry on some text fields
  • chrome://history sometimes show duplicate items
  • Opening tabs is sometimes slow
  • Pages may flicker sometimes, especially during navigation

All the goods (and bads, I guess) can be had in the Google Play Store right now.

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  • toomuchgame441

    I think Apple should bring over the Safari browser to Android so we can have a browser that works properly. What do u all think?

    • phinn

      If they’re gonna bring an app over to Android (which they never would) it should be iMessage over anything else.

      • Larkhillv

        Who needs that with Babel coming soon?

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I think Safari is crap. No thanks.

      • Timbo1


      • simpleas

        im just loling at the fact that when someone mentions apple he immediately gets downvoted lol.. But yes it is crap.. the whole os Lion to ios is crap.

  • cabbiebot

    Oh thank heavens the text lag is fixed. That was really aggravating me, I wasn’t sure whether it was Chrome Beta or Swiftkey causing it.

  • supremekizzle

    Chrome Beta is now only a couple text flow, text resizing, and text wrapping improvements away from being PERFECT!!! The only problems I ever had with Chrome for android were the text management issues that make Dolphin perfect. Hopefully in a couple of months Chrome will be at this level and I can ditch the other browsers that don’t have the deep integration with my laptop that Chrome does.

  • Real Madrid

    Chrome is so freakin slow on Galaxy Nexus. COME ON google! It’s YOUR OWN damn brand, the damn Nexus. The stock browser is so much faster, but i miss chrome features. Anyways, i am just pissed of that chrome sucks so bad on googles own phone. Ok, now i feel better lol. Have a good night.

    • Keith

      That’s too bad for you, but it works great on the Nexus 4.

      • simpleas

        so mean…. and note 2 too! ^___^

        • Keith

          I guess I’ll come back in a couple of years and complain that my N4 is slowing down too.

      • Real Madrid

        Not just me, everyone else who has Galaxy nexus and uses Chrome. I am not trying to hate, i just hope Google can do something about this.

    • remister

      I definately feel the slow performance overall over two updates ago, it was fine for 4.1, but when 4.2 hit, PERFORMANCE ISSUES

      • Real Madrid

        Yeah i remember that Chrome run well on 4.1. But on 4.2 it’s been so laggy that i went back to stock browser.

        • remister

          I meant the phone performance overall.

    • TheHowiie

      the phone’s processor could just be outdated thus causing your substantial lag with browsering.

  • pauleycz

    Full-screen browsing, finally! Now Chrome will be able to compete with the stock 4.2 browser (at least until Google fixes that annoying search/navbar drawing bug).

  • Darnell Williams

    Just let me set my Homepage and I’m happy…

  • Jayshmay

    This thing is still in “beta”?!?!?

  • Subzer0

    why isnt anyone using boat browser??