HTC One Developer Edition and SIM unlocked models are now “out of stock”

Annnnnnnnd… they’re gone. After 4 short days it seems consumer demand for the HTC One Developer Edition (64GB) and SIM unlocked (32GB) was high enough to completely exhaust HTC’s supply of their upcoming flagship from their site. That leaves us with only the Sprint and AT&T version of the One and if you were wondering what happened to the T-Mobile version listed as “out of stock” on their site since day 1, some would say the T-Mobile version was never truly available to begin with.

One thing is for certain, if you were planning on picking up an HTC One on either Sprint or AT&T you may not want to drag your feet. Seems HTC could have their hands full churning out enough Ones to keep up with demand. Remember, you can always pre-register to be notified as soon as the One is available  from T-Mobile. They’ll even throw in a free official car dock if you order online (when it becomes available).

[HTC Shop America]

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  • artoodeetoo

    “One thing is for certain…”

    I see what you did there.

  • Maximillion82

    And people are worried about HTC? Well comparing the One to the S4 I’d take the One, looks much nicer and the specs are very close, having 32 or even 64GB of internal storage is enough for most peoples demand, so they don’t need a “slow” SD card, I’m actually content with my 16GB Nexus 4.

    • No_Nickname90

      64GB would be nice, but you need the carrier for it. Only AT&T has the 64GB version. I’d have to shell out $600+ at once for the 64GB version. I don’t wanna do that. =.[

      And I heard the Dev. edition won’t have LTE radios. I mean, I won’t mind HSPA+, but I wouldn’t mind having LTE either. =.]

      • vlavlavlad

        You are mistaken. Here is a quote “The HTC One Developer Edition will support all the 2G/3G/4G/LTE bands of AT&T, but it should also work on T-Mobile. When it comes to HSPA+ the device supports 850/1900/2100 MHz. T-Mobile mainly uses 1700 MHz for their HSPA+ network, but they have been refarming their network to support 1900 MHz in select cities”

      • Keith

        yeah, I was wrong the other day. The dev edition uses AWS, which is Tmobiles 1700/2100 LTE.

    • Fernando Diaz

      An SD card is important for Rooting..To store offline music,ROMS and Nandroid backup

      • Maximillion82

        true, never ran into this problem, since I always had nexus phones, rooting them is easy. but I see where you are coming from with ROMS and Nandroid, easier to backup with an sd card.

  • Butters619

    Man HTC. If you really wanted to make a comeback with the One, you really needed to have your supply chain in order. I hope you make it through, but that is a pretty big fumble.

    • No_Nickname90

      I heard suppliers put them on the end of their lists since they didn’t think that HTC would bring them a lot of profit.

    • Knobskin

      Not a fumble, just basic economics, higher the demand, the longer they can keep the price where they choose, I am sure they will have more in stock very soon!

      • Butters619

        This could from demand or supply, but everything points to the latter. And having weak supply is a very bad thing in a quickly moving market.

  • Dane

    I ordered the developer version yesterday and it is back-ordered. It does say estimated availability 4/10 so they might already have more on the way.

    •ís-Tiago-Eterovick/1747701676 Luís Tiago Eterovick

      how much are the 32gb and 64gb unlocked ones?

      • Rohan patel

        32 gig is $575 and dev Ed. 64 gig Is $650 both with no tax

    • Dark Forest

      I ordered developer version 64gb on 4/6/2013 and is back ordered.I think htc put all devices back ordered until ship date comes witch is 16-19.Then we gonna know what is going on until then just guess :)

      • Christopher Sanders

        So you fully purchased yours like myself and others? Did it show availability at the time of your order or did it update to back ordered after the purchase?

    • Christopher Sanders

      I ordered mine the 32g unlocked version on 4/6/13 and received the update to my order on 4/9/13 that it was back ordered. The message also stated that it would be available on 4/10/13 like you mentioned. So far no changes to my order. Very unsatisfied with the process thus far.

      • usvi

        I the 64GB version on the 4/5/13 with over night delivery. it said it would ship on the 4/8 and I would receive it on the 4/9. Then it changed to back order with availability on the 4/10, then that changed to the 4/24. I called them and cancelled my order. I will just wait until they become more widely available. plus i heard about the phone having gaps. i saw the dummy model and can see where the can be a real problem.

  • irishrally

    The T-Mobile One will be available the same time as everyone else, April 19th, just no pre-orders. Hopefully they get the “34” batch without gap issues.

    • sean76

      What gap issue?

      • irishrally

        Some of the HTC One phones have gaps along some of the edges and around some of the cutouts due to manufacturing issues. HTC officials have publicly acknowledged the issue and that it only affects some One’s, and they will be replaced. Word on the street that models starting with serial # “33” may have this issue, and models starting with “34” may not. Maybe Phandroid can dig up the details.

    • Knobskin

      I think best buy still has it up for preorder for next Friday.

  • Rohan patel

    In all honesty I need to kno if they are coming back. If anyone find that they become available pls comment letting me kno.

  • No_Nickname90

    This gives me time to wait for the 1st batch. I’m kinda sad my upgrade is in June, but then I should be grateful. You NEVER get the 1st batch. LoL!!

    So now I’ll get to see and hear about user reviews. Although I like PhoneDog’s 30-day challenge reviews. It was mentioned that the HTC One didn’t have that great of a battery. I mean, anything would be better than my E4GT. I just can’t get past 1.5 hours of screen time without dying. =.[

    I always lose an average of 5% per hour. But this isn’t the place to rant.

  • Robert See

    it’s available now again for pre-sale! shipping date is April 23rd