Carbon (Twitter) for Android finally released


It’s been a long time since we first learned that Carbon — a popular webOS-based Twitter client — would be headed to Android. The developers have had a hell of a time taking criticism from restless users, a bunch whose impatience led them to give the application the negative title of being “vaporware.” Recent rumblings suggested the app was close to release, but we took a “we’ll believe it when we see it” approach to that bit of news.

Well, it looks like that assessment was quite accurate as the developer, dots & lines, has officially launched version 1.0 of its Twitter client in the Google Play Store. The app’s claim to fame will be from its beautifully presented aesthetics, an element which we believe was the likeliest cause for all the delays in the first place.

The app is still early, though, and the lack of some key features show just that. For starters, customizable notifications — an important part of any Twitter experience — still aren’t in tow. Beyond that, folks who were hoping to see a tablet interface baked in will be a bit disappointed to learn that no such thing exists right now.

Options and settings as a whole are pretty scarce, but we’re sure later versions of the app will introduce even more flexibility (even Falcon Pro didn’t start off as fully-featured as it is, though development for that app raced along in comparison). We’ll be contacting dots & lines to see if we can get an ETA on some of these highly-requested features, but for now just give it a shot (it’s a free download, after all) to see how beautiful an Android application can be.

[Google Play Store download link]

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  1. I’m not sure why people are saying there are no notifications. You can turn them on in the settings. It checks every 15 minutes, and you can enable them for mentions and/or messages. They have a nice quick reply or quote option in the notification pull down.

    1. I have those turned on and the notifications have never worked for me. I’m going to email their tech support today and try to work it out.

      1. Might be worth a shot. I sent a test mention to myself and it alerted me to it.

      2. It depends on your device and the application processes you have simultaneously running along with carbon.

        1. What other process would cause it to not notify? Wasn’t sure if you were just speculating, or had benchmarks.

  2. Not compatible with tablets

    1. surprised?

      1. Actually, yes. Apparently if a developer knows what they’re doing, it’s pretty easy to account for different device screen sizes.

  3. Falcon Pro is now the Go-To Android Twitter app IMO. I doubt I’ll even try Carbon now even though I initially was waiting for it.

    1. I totally agree. It’s a shame, but Carbon’s endless delays that culminated in what is essentially a beta product, really disappointed me.

      1. Ummm and your twitter application that you’ve personally developed is much better right? ok. Just asking. :-)

        1. Nope, but if I did I certainly wouldn’t tease my client base with vaporware and implied release dates followed by months of silence. Developers may choose to do whatever they want, but such actions without explanations are frustrating to everyone. I know it’s currently free, but the developer had the opportunity to reap TONS of money with how anticipated this was, but instead just let it wither. Maybe it was a family emergency, illness, or some other thing beyond the developer’s control, but as far as I know the reasoning is still a mystery. By now many, many, many people (including myself) gave up waiting and went with a competing app since we assumed the project was dead. Carbon had the opportunity to hit a home run over all the previous-generation, bloated Twitter apps out there, and quite literally millions of Android users were frothing at the bit to get it – no doubt they would have ponied up $5 each for it.

  4. Seems cool to me. Idk which features are missing though. I rarely use twitter

  5. Wait! You mean this was ** THE ** Twitter app the Android world was waiting for?! The “one app to rule them all”?? #FAIL

  6. I like the look, the interface, the multiple account support, and the interface. Did I mention that I like the interface? I look forward to positive progress.

  7. It’s a pretty app, I’ll give him that. But after all the hype it’s a pretty app that has fewer options/features than tweetings did in alpha. Falcon Pro is a nice app, but I just don’t like the interface. Swiping to/from columns is where it’s at these days. Tweetings is the bomb. :)

  8. I’m going to try it for sure. Gonna be hard to beat plume though.

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