Last chance to get an OUYA console in April


If you have been thinking about ordering yourself an OUYA, the Android-powered gaming console, act quickly if you want to be included in the first batch of shipments headed to buyers in April. The company has made a post to their Facebook page warning that stock will soon run dry, at which point potential buyers will have to wait for a second batch of consoles to ship at a later date.

In order to be among the first to receive the OUYA console, make sure you get your order in before February 4th.

[via Facebook]

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  1. uhm…no thanks

  2. While the OUYA’s Tegra3 might not be the ideal situation for 1080P gaming, people need to realize the potential here. A full-on premium set top Android 4.1 system that works out of the box that will garner TONS of development support on XDA. Yeah, there are those cheap Chinese HDMI dongles that would do the same but you get what you pay for.

    Personally this is what I’ve been waiting for a long time. Easiest and most efficient solution to XBMC/Netflix and emulators. Probably going to get rid of cable television.

    1. It’s a tegra 3 with a fan. Processor with cooling vs processor without cooling (and power constraints) are huge. Same reason laptops don’t compete with desktops.

  3. To echo what Daniel said below. In addition to all the gaming aspects,

    Ouya + XBMC = Android (open source) Apple TV

    Wish it had a Tegra 4, but at least it’s got the highest-end Tegra 3 available. Ouya’s Tegra 3 should be clocked ~33% higher than the Nexus 7’s (which uses the lowest-end Tegra 3).

  4. £75 with shipping, that is soo cheap. but buying the nexus 4 next week

  5. I’ll pass. Given the hardware, I put performance on par with a PS Vita. While not great, it’s good for portable.

    I don’t see getting even close to the experience of a PS3 or 360, and if I can play pretty much the same games on the OUYA that I can play on my phone or tablet, why do I need YET ANOTHER device that does more or less the same thing? For the controller?

    1. shut up

    2. I’m right there with you. Never saw the hype for this in the beginning.

    3. Did you really just compare this to the PS3 and Xbox 360? Your standards are way to high. If your device doesn’t have TV out then this would be nice to have. You can do more than just play games. It’s like a smart TV for $100. From your complaints about it, it doesn’t seem like you’re fully aware of what’s coming on the OUYA.

      You do know that the OUYA has exclusives games coming out for it, right? You just also have access to the Android market, thus expanding your horizon.

      1. But the controller doesn’t have a keyboard (even my Vizio TV remote has a keyboard) which makes it hard to use for anything besides gaming.

        1. That’s a good point to bring out. Never thought about that. Hmm… This has shifted my perception on this. Well there are apps that lets you connect your phone to other devices to use as a keyboard. So it’s not that much of a loss. More of an inconvenience. That inconvenience could be the reason people don’t get this.


        2. So just add a USB remote. It’s what you would have to do with any Android TV device.

      2. Pardon me, but even with all of that, I don’t see much that I can’t already do with a tablet or a phone. For the little time I have for gaming, I want a real gaming experience. Exclusive titles or not, I haven’t seen much on the Android platform that would make me want to go out and buy another device, as much as I love Android.

        YMMV, of course.

  6. Awesome. I ordered mine on Monday!
    It’s been interesting discussing some mod ideas on the Ouya forums too!

  7. What I do not understand is all the love for this unit, yet all the hate about one version of the Nexus 4 only having 8 gigs of ram. Is it just the idea of having the Tegra 3?

    1. My PC has 8GB of RAM. My Nexus 4 has 2GB of RAM. You’re talking about storage. I would agree but this thing is $99 and it’s only the first OUYA. I’m sure they’ll change it up in future revisions.

      Also this is a standalone, stationary media device and if you require storage, you can simply plug in a 2TB external hard drive into one of the many USB ports on the back OR you could stream all of your content over wireless but on a phone, you get what you get and let’s say you go out in an area without data coverage? You’re SOL if you want to listen to something on Play Music or watch a video through your Google Account.

  8. The OUYA is made to be taken apart. They can simply offer an upgrade package in which they include the motherboard with everything but the fan, a screw driver, and instructions on how to install it. You keep your previous fan, casing, and remote(s). It could save people money from having to buy an entirely new console (they can still offer the option of a new console for people who don’t have the first OUYA or just don’t have any knowledge on taking devices apart carefully).

  9. seem really nice, but considering games from the android market won’t work with it (for now atleast) i don’t think it’s quite worth it…wonder if gamestick is the same way or not, considering it’s campaign ends in the morning

  10. oh boy…..i hear a lot of tech issues from that first batch. im never an early adopter of new products. had to learn it the hard way with galaxy nexus and nexus 10

    1. From where exactly?

  11. Well, ok then, I’m convinced, ordering it right now. I want to deploy my new game on it while it’s still fresh. And you know, I can actually BUY it, unlike some other recent Android products.

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