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The Motorola X Phone is rumored to be the first Android device jointly developed by Google and Motorola in the post-acquisition era, but its existence has been mostly speculation…until now. A job listing posted to LinkedIn by Motorola Mobility is looking for a Senior Director of Product Management to work directly on the X Phone project. And, yes, they indeed refer to it by that name.

Motorola is seeking a qualified individual to head up the development and execution of a “next generation smartphone platform,” but don’t expect to find any details on the phone buried within the text of the listing. The outline of desired skills and experience speaks mostly in generic terms about mobile product development. Sorry, but we aren’t going to learn the processor spec or display size by scouring Moto’s wanted ad.

The odd thing about the listing is it reads as though development of the X Phone is still in the early stages. That wouldn’t necessarily jive with rumors that Google could launch the device as soon as their I/O developer conference, but, again, it’s nearly impossible to glean anything from a basic job description. The fact that they are just beginning the hiring process for a product manager seems rather telling, though.

Check out the listing in its entirety over at the source below.

Update: The listing has been pulled, but here’s a screen grab from LinkedIn:

[via LinkedIn |Thanks, VaxHeadroom!]


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  1. Could just be somebody to literally handle the launch.

    Actually that is sort of what it sounds like. They need somebody to handle the carrier modification packages needed for launching this on a bunch of carriers. A liaison between the carriers and what they want and the software teams to get it done. That is sort of the last step in phone development.

    1. Yep. Product usually means finished in the field. Project usually means idea on paper through ready to roll off the assembly line.

  2. You can take the posting down.
    Your new Moto X Product Manager is right here.

    1. So everyone just tell me what you want on the phone.
      Base list is:
      Removable storage
      64GB internal stoarage
      3000mAh battery (removable)
      2 sizes, 4.5″ and 5″ (1mm bezel, 90% screen coverage)
      more to come.

      1. Stock Android OS – No Blur

        1. CyanogenMod would better… :P

          1. Arguable. If it were Cyanogen full support, with no bugs, yes. Abso-f’n-lutely. Otherwise, bone stock with updates direct from El Goog.

          2. rooting will take care of that in a matter of minutes.

      2. Honestly, I don’t really need a removable battery if it is going to be over 3000 mAh, especially if that removable battery comes with a Samsung style back plate.

        -For that 5″ display, I’ll take a Full HD SCLD display.
        -A good camera. Not just high MP, but a larger sensor with capable software.
        -Multi-colored notification LED
        -Pogo pins, and a reasonably priced and on time desk dock and car dock.
        -A loud earpiece. I don’t actually use my phone as a phone often, but I would love to actually be able to hear who I am talking to (HTC One X problem)
        -Stock Android + not stock Android camera software.
        -Quad core Snapdragon
        -2GB of RAM
        -Carrier unlocked.

  3. Or the current Sr. Director of Product Management is leaving…

  4. Until Moto repeats the D1 I am not interested.
    That means stock android and unlocked bootloader.

  5. link conveniently removed from linkedin.

  6. The job listing’s been removed, looks like no-one told HR the X phone is a secret :)

    1. If that’s the case then it may have been a ruse to “leak” some info. Or it may have been a practical joke by someone in Google’s social media ranks.

  7. MotoBlur is unfortunately listed on the ad though, probably wont be stock android….. edit: whoops i got a little ahead of myself i read that is included in Motorola’s specialties, nothing to see here

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