Galaxy Note 3 reportedly will feature 6.3-inch display, Samsung’s octa-core Exynos 5


Thanks once again to The Korea Times, we might have our first inkling of what to expect from the next Galaxy Note. What will no doubt launch as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is said to once again up the screen size from the 5.5-inch display of the Note 2 to a massive 6.3 inches, enough to steal back biggest phone status from Huawei’s 6.1-inch Ascend Mate.

But if the gigantic display wasn’t enough, the Note 3 could be among the first to feature Samsung’s recently announced Exynos 5 Octa, the eight-core ARM Cortex-A15/Cortex-A7 hybrid based on big.LITTLE technology. Quite simply, when the Note 3 launches, likely in the fall of 2013, it will feature one of the most powerful hardware compliments found on in a smartphone to date (unless something bigger and better comes along by then).

Here’s hoping Samsung moves towards a bevel-less design in order to cut down on overall device size. Samsung has done a good job of making previous Note handsets feel manageable, but when screen size borders on that of a 7-inch tablet, pocket-ability  and one-handed use becomes compromised. It will be interesting to see how Samsung tackles the issue while providing the rumored world-class hardware.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Highly doubt that screen size.

    Then again I highly doubted the screen size of the Note 2.

    I know nothing.

    That is all.

    1. Humble pie. Eat another piece

      1. Omnomnom.

  2. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  3. I can’t wait for the true specs to come out.

    1. With the A-15 they COULD use 4 gb ram……just sayn ;)

  4. That is way too big!

    1. That’s what she said!
      Sorry couldn’t help myself :p

      1. For that line alone, is why I show off my Original Note… well that and it’s a great phone… but where’s my “at&t official” jelly bean?

        Anywho, good one Joan.. I needed a laugh :-)

    2. That’s what lube is for.

  5. Fap, fap, fap, fap! While also holding my new Note 2. What say you haters?

    1. Fapping should not be happening on screens smaller than 7 inches.

  6. My Note 2 was pretty much the maximum I felt was usable for a phone. If they can make 6.3″ fit inside the Note 2’s dimensions, I’d have no problem. Otherwise.. I dunno.

    Still, I want it.

    1. Yeah, too many phones out there have more bezel than they need to. Can get more screen space if dumping the bezel. Put the logo on the back, it just takes up space.

      1. 4.3-4.5″ screens need no bezel. Up to 5″ and it needs half or less bezel than most phones have. For a 5.5″ screem Samsung got the bezel size perfect

    2. Bezel-less and use more of the phone for the screen. 6.3″ inside the dimensions of the Note 2 is possible… Who knows… With Samsung’s new flexible displays, they might curve the screen a little so it’ll fit better… I dunno.

      Still, I want it too.

    3. i have the note 2 as well and i totally agree. I’d move down to 5 inch before i jumped to 6.3

      1. I think 5 to 5.5 is it as well! unless 6.3 was just a complete screen!

    4. its funny my friends ask how I talk on it, and I completely hold heartedly say it doesn’t bother me a bit, but i’m 6’3″ with big hands so maybe thats it lol who knows.

  7. Make nearly the entire front nothing but screen. No bezel at all on the sides, next to none on the bottom, and only leave room for the ear speaker and ffc/sensor at the top. Do that, and in my book you’ve got a winner.

    Before anyone says that you need some bezel… If you do, then this probably would not be for you. If you need only one handed use, probably not for you.

    If they neglect to minimize the bezel as described, then yeah, I think this might be the first time that I agree with the “too big” sentiment. But, we won’t truly know until there is an actual physical device to hold.

    1. Hell lets just see if its even that freaking big to begin with.

  8. When Apple added a row of icons there were tons of photoshopped iPhones the size of baseball bats. This trend toward bigger screens is bound to give iFans some ammunition of their own.

    1. They have nothing else to do other then stare at android users at Starbucks and pout knowing full well their iphones suck

  9. I highly doubt they would go that big. I think 4.5 to 4.8 is the largest phone I would use, my S3 is it, unless they can keep the phone the same size and the screen larger by decreasing the bezel, if not, I will never buy one.

    1. To get 6.3 inchs, there is no way to do that without increasing phone size, hell just look at the 6.1” Mate. But hey, have fun in your sub 5″ phone world, the rest of us Note users are never going back to less

      1. not sure about the less part, you might very well be right, however as a note user im never going back to a phone that doesnt easily do 24 hours on a charge and which also has a radio that picks up signal the way the note does

        1. If the screen size and or s-pen didn’t sell you on a Note, I honestly don’t know what else would. Buyers either want one or the other. Not wanting both means your apt to go the smaller S series route.

        2. I can say I won’t go with a phone with a screen smaller than 5″ (except maybe a S4 @ 4.99″)

  10. 6.3 that’s pushing it for a phone, I can’t wait to see this thing.

  11. Octa-core? I think that’s a little too much XD

    1. We said the same thing on dual cores, and quad cores for our computers and now our phones so…

    2. It’s technically octa-core but it switches from 4 low power cores to 4 high power cores. Never 8 at once.

  12. I was wrong. Not having a Note 1, I was checking myself against what are now apparently incorrect dimensions I found via google. However I do maintain that increased diagonal space does not always equal increased screen area, as manufacturers would like to have you believe. For example, the Evo 4G’s 4.3″ display had 207 sq mm of area, and the Evo 3D’s 4.3″ display had only 200 because they changed the ratio. In that case the average consumer, when faced with 4.3″ vs. 4.3″, thought they both had the same exact size screen, when in fact they did not.

    1. Still bigger…

    2. Basic geometry disagrees. It may not be as wide, but its taller and has more surface area.

      1. You are correct, I was wrong. Not having a Note 1, I was checking myself against what are now apparently incorrect dimensions I found via google. However I do maintain that increased diagonal space does not always equal increased screen area, as manufacturers would like to have you believe. For example, the Evo 4G’s 4.3″ display had 207 sq mm of area, and the Evo 3D’s 4.3″ display had only 200 because they changed the ratio. The average consumer, when faced with 4.3″ vs. 4.3″, thought they both had the same exact size screen.

  13. bezel-less it what we’ll see by the end of 2013.

  14. Even though I’m using my Note2 for only a couple of months together with my Note1, I’ll be one of the first to buy the Note3.

    They just get better, faster and more beautiful with each release.

    The Galaxy Note is the emperor of the Android kingdom!

  15. I think the Note 2 has the perfect screen size it should stay 5.5

    1. And have some Chinese knock of with a brand name that sounds too much like Hawaii have the big screen glory? Not if Samsung has something to say about it

      1. It doesn’t actually get pronounced like Hawaii. It’s “Wah-way”. But hell no the Chinese are never getting my money on a phone.

  16. Can you really continue to call this a ‘phone’ at that size?

    1. >=5″ == ‘phablet’ (and the SGS4 will “only” be 4.99″, so, still a ‘phone’ :))

    2. Fine, its the new generation of phablets to be called “Tabones”

      1. How about with a slight tweak we call it “Tablones”? :P

    3. rumors have it the note 4 will be 7 inches. lol jk

  17. It was much easier to believe the Note 2’s tiny 0.2″ diagonal increase in screen size and aspect ratio change VS the Note1, than it is to accept the much larger 0.8″ increase VS the Note2 (same 16:9 ratio).

    If the Note 2 had zero bezel, it’d measure: 4.8″ tall x 2.7″ wide
    If the Note 3 has zero bezel, it’d measure: 5.5″ tall x 3.1″ wide
    (for reference: my SGS3 is ~5.6″ tall x 3.0″ wide with bezel + Incipio case)

    Gotta have at least SOME bezel, though, for rigidity, sensors, and a fat-finger border.

    Still, it should be pocketable… and usable by us non-self-conscious giant-handed mutants… :)

    1. Maybe no bezel with that flexible display

  18. I think 5.5 was my limit, can’t go with a 6.3 unless they minimize the bezel even more.

    1. From a design standpoint, its not possible, they have to make phone bigger to accomidate that screen size, even if benzel didn’t exist.

      1. well I’m not saying it should be exactly the same size as the Note 2 but if it has the same amount of bezel than it would make the size of the overall phone even more extreme . If they minimized it some more as they did moving from the note 1 to the 2 design than the difference won’t be that drastic.

      2. Have you measured a Note 2 external dimensions? If you don’t have a Note 2, we need someone with a Note 2 to make the measurements.

  19. Might as well just make it the Galaxy Note 7 instead. No point in this being a phone unless they’ve made the bezel ridiculously small. Considering it will most likely still use an ugly, physical home button, I doubt Samsung would even bother making it near bezel-less.

  20. I love my note 2’s screen size. With that being said I don’t want it to go bigger than it already is.

    If the galaxy s4 comes with a 5″ screen and a s-pen may go that route.

    1. I honestly can’t see Samsung doing that as it pretty much negates the main selling point of the Note series doing that. Wanna s-pen, get a Note. Want a regular phone, get a S3/S4

      1. I agree and hope they don’t do that. I don’t want an S-Pen taking up precious internal space in the S4 which could be used for battery.

  21. I’m a well known Samsung fan but honestly this one upping each other on screen size is just STUPID. I held a Galaxy Note 2 and as much as i love samsung devices for the awesome screen, and great support (well they have been getting better LOL), I cant justify getting anything bigger. the Note 2 is the MAXIMUM size device i could still consider a phone. anymore and i might as well just walk around with my friggin Nexus 7 taped to my skull. It looks absolutely ridiculous. http://youtu.be/LgvH1R4wXJs?t=18s

    1. Then don’t buy it…

    2. Let me introduce you to Bluetooth…

  22. I thought the rumor was that the S4 was going to get the Octa-Core

  23. Looking at my Note 2. They could raise the screen to the top of the “Samsung” on the front and probably down about 3/4 of the home button. I don’t know how big that would work out to but it would still fit in the Note 2 dimensions without adversely affecting how it is held (since you usually hold in on the sides.

    Now that being said I really like the current Note 2 aspect ratio so I would prefer that they didn’t do this. If the GS4 ends up at 4.99″ I guess there isn’t much of a reason for a 5.5″ Note 3 but I really hope they have something in between the two at the existing 5.5″ screen which feels really good to me.

    1. agree thats how if they do make it bigger will I think, plus maybe get rid of the physical key on the bottom but who knows.

  24. I’ll go put a speaker on the top of my Nexus 7 and call it a phone too.

  25. And, as if on que…all small handed men cried out at once:

    “Thats just too big for my little, delicate hands!”

    1. Isn’t that what your wife said about you?

      1. Possibly….

  26. Galaxy Note 3 will ship with a pair of pants with appropriate pockets, right? How else can you carry such a device?

    1. Don’t were tight ass emo jeans

  27. The bigger the better, just use a blue tooth earpiece for calls. I will be upgrading from the S2 to the Note III

    1. Yeah with a 6.3 inch phone they should have room to make the pen even bigger and make it a bluetooth headset like the Padfone.

  28. No one else spots the typo? Note 2 instead of Note 3

    1. Yeah, saw it… But it’s just not any fun pointing them out…

      1. And now you have joined in with the pointing :P

  29. Just add the same option for one handed typing like in the note 2.

  30. I have a simple rule: the Nexus brand is worth more than any phone feature set. The Note series makes me wonder though….

  31. im sold

  32. OMFG…I want it NOW!!!! Gimme…Sammy take my money :)

  33. The size isn’t too big. Heck, if they’d release a 7″ Nexus phone without the tablet bezel, I’d use it. :)

  34. Still possible…..if samsung makes flexible screen for that size…so I can fold and pocket it

  35. I want a 10.1″ version of the note phone. There is no such thing as too big. I’ll just buy bigger baggier jeans to cope. And we all know you can never have jeans that are either bigger nor baggy enough, just like you can never have a phone that’s too big. I get turned on just thinking about how cool I will look walking down the street talking on it.

  36. I’m interested to see what it looks like. That big of a screen I imagine it will have almost no bezel, only on top and bottom for home/soft keys and speaker/sensors. I wouldn’t be surprised if they curved the screen onto the side like they did with the flexible amoled phone at ces2013. That big a screen, the Exynos 5 Octa and maybe a 4000mAh battery would be amazing. Why not through in 4gb of ddr3 ram while you’re at it? 64gb internal memory and support up to 128gb micro sd, that would be the new king of all phones. The 1080p screen should also have a refresh rate of 120, big jump over the current 60. Just a dream, but I think those specs would convince me to drop my note 2 in a heart beat.

  37. Dugh!! This is making me regret buying my Nexus 7. Soon, 7 inch tablets would become a thing of the past. Want a 7 inch tablet? Why not buy a 7 inch phablet? Oh no…

    My contract expires at the end of the year. Let’s see what devices will be all the rage. And I’m very interested in seeing the iPhone 5S. I wonder if it would expand in screen size.

    I cannot wait until October. I should say December since my b.day falls there and Christmas sells. Oh man!! I’m teasing myself. =.P

    1. Original 7 inch phablet was released in September 2010 – the original Galaxy Tab. I have one,and its still going great though running Froyo. http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_p1000_galaxy_tab-3370.php

  38. Just make sure US Cellular does not remove the global functionality of the Note 3 (and future versions of the Galaxy S4) the way they did for the Note 2. US Cellular is the only CDMA carrier (not even Verizon nor Sprint did this because their versions of the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 ARE global phones) where the Note 2 cannot work as a World Phone..

  39. dumb question/statement….just get rid of the silver around the sides, is that what you guys mean by bezel-less? My only complaint, I it annoys me and looks cheap to me. Either I was just using my Note 2 and thinking now much I love this phone and how it will take a lot for me to switch back to say a DNA style phone or anything that doesn’t have the functions this has!
    P.S. I’m on ATT anyone having landscape issues, say with youtube when using it as of late since the multi-screen update? I have to reset at least once a week! Not a big deal but sorta annoying.

  40. I understand that some people actually prefer larger screens but I’m getting really tired of every manufacturer assuming that top end phones have to keep increasing in screen size. I know so many people (self included) that actually would prefer phones in the range of 3.7″ to 4.3″ screen size (assuming thin bezel). The Samsung GS2 physical dimension is what I personally think is the maximum size for me so whatever screen size they can squeeze into that dimension is the maximum I’d be happy with.

    However, at the current rate, I’m either gonna have to buy a phone with larger dimensions that I feel comfortable with or I’ll have to settle for a non-top end phone that has a smaller size.

  41. I can see myself buying every release of the Note’s phone version (not the tablet ones…yet) so yeah I’d probably get it at this size. Hopefully they make the pen bigger and a bluetooth headset like the Padfone.

  42. At this size, you’re talking iPad mini. When does it go from being a hybrid, to just a tablet. I think the continual stretching of screen sizes has gotten out of hand.

  43. Bezel not bevel.

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