LG unveils Google TVs for 2013 at CES


We know about LG’s 2013 Google TV lineup, but until today we haven’t been able to see them live. The new sets have been officially unveiled today at CES, and they are looking nice, guys. As expected, they will come in 42, 47, 50, 55 and 60-inch versions. More than enough to cover any room in the house!

These are as bezel-less as you have seen, and look gorgeous. One can also use all the new features from Google TV 3.0, like Voice Search, the new PrimeTime and more. LG is also showcasing its new remote, but it is not much different. They just moved the D-pad a little higher. We weren’t able to use the set so we can’t say much about performance and software, but we will definitely be looking for some hands-on action at the showfloor.

LG wouldn’t comment on price either, but they said it would be released by March and be equally similarly to last year’s sets. Last year’s 47-inch LG Google TV was $1600 upon release, while the 55-inch version was $2100. So, you get an idea – they are not cheap.

That is all we could get from LG for now, but we will find more details at the show floor. Stay tuned! Are you guys buying one of these, now that we know what the average price will be?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Hopefully they have a 240hz model.

  2. So beautiful but so expensive :'(

  3. They’ll be sure to make only 5 of them so that there are stock issues again.

  4. i have an lg smart tv and the best part ab it is the motion plus remote, looks like they got rid of the best feature

  5. Why no 40″ screen ;( not all of us have large living rooms.

    1. Once you go up in size, you won’t want a 40 again. 7 years ago I though a 37″ was perfect, even at 10 feet away. Now I have a 55″ at 7 feet away, and I feel like it’s not big enough.

    2. well 42″ shouldn’t overwhelm you

  6. Hope these have MiraCast.

  7. when are these available?

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