ComScore: Android, Samsung still holding strong as market leaders

According to the latest data put forth by ComScore, Android’s meteoric rise began to slow, if not peak, towards the tail end of last year. Wrapping up the three month period ending with November, Android saw a modest increase to a 53.7 percent share of the overall smartphone market. While it’s still a comfortable lead over Apple, whose share grew to 35 percent, it’s only a few ticks higher than ComScore rankings for summer 2012. Android finished with 52.6 percent of the market for that period.

It’s a similar story for Samsung. The company also saw an increase in market share of about 1 percent, leading to 26.9 percent overall. The company also maintained its lead over Apple. In a separate report by¬†Reuters, analyst Neil Mawston projects the lead will grow greater in 2013, with Samsung’s smartphone sales increasing by 35 percent.


Apple’s iPhone 5 has no doubt helped to keep the margin close, but the same can’t be said for other mobile platforms and manufacturers. The three operating systems ranked below Android and iOS — BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian — all saw decreases in share. The same goes for the manufacturers bringing up the rear. LG, Motorola, and HTC all saw declines.

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  • Treknologist

    There was a report yesterday showing how the Samsung Galaxy line of phones is outselling iPhones in the UK. Clearly, Samsung is doing well and that will continue to drive the fight between them and crApple. The interesting thing to see there was that the iPhone 4S is outselling the iPhone 5 in the UK! That fits with reports that the iPhone 5 hasn’t been selling as well as they had expected.

    • zifnab

      That’s what they get for making an awkward screen size. iPhone 5 runs nice and smooth but every time i’ve looked at one all I can think is “WTF were they thinking when they made this display?”

      • guitarist5122

        I’m just wondering how long Apple devs will take to tailor the apps to the new screen size. it makes me giggle inside every time I see my wife’s iPhone and A LOT of apps still aren’t stretched to use the larger screen. can you imagine the chaos if android phones all need apps tailored to each screen size? Lol

        • Treknologist

          Android’s ability to properly scale is definitely a plus. :)

        • Kaostheory

          For the most part now Android uses standard resolutions 720 and now 1080 with Apple using oddball screens.

      • Jeffrey Evans

        I’d say it probably has a lot more to do with the 4 & 4S being a lot cheaper to get than the 5.

        • Jesse Hamlin

          Yep and that the iphone 5 isn’t really that much better than the 4s. Technically it is better but when you use it you won’t notice a difference. It’s exactly the same phone with a larger/weirder screen.

      • kascollet

        What do you mean ? It’s just another 16:9 ratio screen, as is the S3’s or the Note2’s.

  • jak_341

    Interesting. I wonder how this fits in with Samsung beginning to either move away from Android or fork it as their own.

    • selonmoi

      I’d say it’s yet more evidence that that speculation was rubbish.

      Samsung has kept its fingers in a few different pies all along: Bada, WP, feature phones. The Bada > Tizen shift isn’t particularly significant. They will keep their main focus where the money is: Android.

  • maximillion82

    The one thing that’s now different then ever before is the fact that every time Apple released a new version of the (yes Apple I am calling it the…, it is not a human being stop treating it like one) iPhone Apple market share for this period increased at a higher rate than Android, this time around its not the case (Android 1.1% increase, Apple 0.7%).

  • scoter man1

    I’m sure LG will get a nice bump 1 or so bump in percentage just because of the N4

    • franjados

      I can’t see that happening if, as reports suggest, they have only managed to move 400K units..

      • moises1204


      • adi19956

        Nothing to do with the fact that they’ve completely sold out on the Play Store?
        At least in Europe they have

        • Sharky

          Selling out doesn’t account for much if they didn’t make many in the first place. I predict that they’ll ramp up manufacturing and marketing this year though – there’s clearly a demand for it.

  • mmmmmbop

    When in the world did LG overtake HTC?

    • ratnok

      LG has always been higher than HTC. It was Apple who overtook LG that was the surprise.

  • Khengsiong Chew

    The second table shows total mobile subscribers. I am sure there are people who own more than one phone, so the total would be more than 100%. No?