Sphero gets into the holiday spirit with this Android-coreographed dance


Sphero’s robotic orbs recently spread some holiday cheer in Union Square, NYC. 28 out of the little Android-controlled toys combined via meticulous choreography to performa a “dance” to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Chritsmas Eve / Sarajevo.” So, yes, it’s a little like all those videos of houses with automated light shows, except not.

You might recall that the quirky Sphero ball made it all the way to our holiday gift guide. The orb can be programmed freely or used in conjunction with a selection of apps and games, making it more than just a light with a motor. Yes, the Sphero isn’t for everyone but it’s a pretty darn cool example of what you can do with a smartphone. Next we want to see a fleet of Parrot AR.Drones taking to make a toy drop down a chimney or two.

[via Reddit]

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    1. I thought you were talking about anal beads.

  1. choreographed*… just sayin

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