Google Play Store limits Nexus 4 purchases to 2 units per customer

It was almost 2 weeks ago to-the-date that Android users across the globe rushed to the Google Play Store in hopes of purchasing Google’s latest flagship device, the Nexus 4. In what could only be described as a shark frenzy, many Android fans gobbled up whatever they could get their mouse cursors on, myself being one of them.

I walked away from the dog pile with 2 of the handsets — 1 for myself, and 1 for one a random Android friend who wasn’t so lucky. While I was purchasing, I wondered how many people were doing something similar, and if Google had some kind of limit to the amount of units one could purchase. The last thing Google’s customers needed was some wanna-be entrepreneur buying Nexuses in bulk, only to resell them at a higher cost on eBay. Tonight the Play Store listing was updated, and we have just learned that anyone who has purchased 2 Nexus 4’s — yup, you’ve been officially cut off.

So whether you were planning on picking up a few more for friends or family that might have missed the first round, and more than likely the second, looks like you (myself included) will be sitting the next batch out. No word on how long users who purchased multiple Nexus 4’s will have to warm the bench, although purchasing a variant different from the previous transaction (either 8GB or 16GB) is apparently allowed.

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  • Matt Jones

    I’d just quite like to order one, let alone two.

  • Freshly_Snipes

    Great move. This should slow down eBay scalpers.

  • erni74

    That’s a good decision! Some people bought more than one Nexus 4 Smartphone and sold them later for more than 800 bucks on ebay! That’s not fair!

  • tsunami1609

    They should have done that from the get go. I guess they needed to test out the waters first to see whether they could sell out their original stock first. Better to have a high demand and oversell to a few people than have a low demand and cut off potential profit.

    At least they’re learning……

  • fredphoesh

    Good! Prevents ebay scumbags ripping people off.

  • scoter man1

    Oh man, thanks for the article Chris, but man. Is woke up and saw the picture. I was running to my computer because I thought they were back in stock =(

    • Ryan Stewart

      Same here.

    • Abdulrahman Al-Rayaan

      Same Here too :-(

  • Bryan Haywood

    I was planning on buying 4…Not at once but one for my wife and I and a backup for us as well. I guess my wife will have to switch later haha ^_^

  • Ryan Stewart

    I might have to be maxing out. Anyone think the Nexus S is worth dealing with? My girlfriend is probably going to need a phone and I would prefer it be a bare Nexus device but the new phones are just so big anymore.

  • Carlos Aya


  • satsmine2k4

    Now i just hope people who weren’t able to buy any in the first round would be given higher priority in the 2nd round….

  • J Jones

    I just got email. Nexus 4 is back on sale at 12pm PST!
    Let’s hope Google has more than 20 of them this time.

  • Albert Naranjo

    Smart. I was thinking about this a while back. Google is subsidizing these phones with the hope of making money on collecting data about you. It wouldn’t make sense to allow 1 person to buy multiples. They are nice enough to let you buy 2. In case you break one, a replacement won’t break your bank.

  • zifnab

    Wait, did they already open it up for sales a 2nd time? I’m still waiting for a response for my single order on the 13th at 9am…

  • titanium_man

    I feel sorry for those selling and buying these phones on ebay, the real losers in this Nexus 4 experiance

  • Derrick Best

    It takes two to tango. Ebay scalpers would not exist if suckers didn’t buy from them. Some one is supporting the scalpers. Starve a leech. Kill a leech.

  • Derrick Best

    Don’t buy from scalpers. Job done.

  • procoder

    i ordered one on 13th..and 2 on 28th…so total order of 3 nexus device..the limit is applicable for today’s order