Nov 27th, 2012

It was almost 2 weeks ago to-the-date that Android users across the globe rushed to the Google Play Store in hopes of purchasing Google’s latest flagship device, the Nexus 4. In what could only be described as a shark frenzy, many Android fans gobbled up whatever they could get their mouse cursors on, myself being one of them.

I walked away from the dog pile with 2 of the handsets — 1 for myself, and 1 for one a random Android friend who wasn’t so lucky. While I was purchasing, I wondered how many people were doing something similar, and if Google had some kind of limit to the amount of units one could purchase. The last thing Google’s customers needed was some wanna-be entrepreneur buying Nexuses in bulk, only to resell them at a higher cost on eBay. Tonight the Play Store listing was updated, and we have just learned that anyone who has purchased 2 Nexus 4’s — yup, you’ve been officially cut off.

So whether you were planning on picking up a few more for friends or family that might have missed the first round, and more than likely the second, looks like you (myself included) will be sitting the next batch out. No word on how long users who purchased multiple Nexus 4’s will have to warm the bench, although purchasing a variant different from the previous transaction (either 8GB or 16GB) is apparently allowed.

[Google Play]

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