Android Overload: Microsoft Surface vs Nexus 10, Jelly Bean soak test for Moto Droid Razr HD, and more

  • Android 5.0 shows up in NenaMark2 benchmark for Sony LT30i. Real? Fake? Coming soon? [Nena]
  • Texas Instruments cuts 1,700 jobs and prepares to shut down OMAP processor unit. [NYTimes]
  • ZTE Grand X Pro press images leaked. Doesn’t look half bad either. [EVLeaks]
  • Judge approves FTC’s $22.5 million fine of Google over cookie tracking on Safari. [AP]
  • Google strikes deal with European music publishers. Gains access to 5.5 million works. [BusinessWeek]
  • Google recruits #2 official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to help with self driving cars. [DetroitNews]
  • Microsoft Surface goes to head-t0-head against Nexus 10. [WinSource]
  • Nokia 920 goes up against the best Android has to offer… from 2 years ago. [YouTube]
  • Soak test for Motorola Droid Razr HD and Maxx HD coming soon. Most likely Jelly Bean. [Image]
  • Nexus 4 gets a handy toolkit for all you unlocking, flashing, rooting, recovery needs. [XDA]
  • Google wants to make an open AirPlay alternative. Hopes to introduce second screen apps. [GigaOM]

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  • Matthew Merrick

    “goes to head-t0-head”

    really? :P

    • Chris Chavez

      *jumps off bridge*

      • lolwut

        We need you. It’s not worth it! :-P

      • Jeffrey Evans

        Used Apple maps?

  • warcaster

    Because having Nexus 10 reviewed by Windows fans is what I really want.

    • malcmilli

      you’d prefer a nexus 10 and Windows competition to be reviewed by an android fan right? you should appreciate reviews from all camps, not just the apologists.

      • Matthew Merrick

        actually, an iSheep comparing the two would be the most impartial.
        would actually be interesting to see,, IMHO.

        • malcmilli

          That would be nice. There should be a site ran by 3 fanboys of each flavor that do reviews and comparisons

  • Erik Slavik

    I will not be buying a Nexus 10 after that. The lag, and buggy touch response I’ve experienced in every Android device is still present in their latest and greatest? No thanks. Maybe next time Google.

    • Max

      You’re talking about web browsing?

      • Erik Slavik

        That’s what this video discusses, so yes.

        • Max

          so the “problem” is limited to one browser, just don’t use chrome as it lags on all phones/tablets?

          • Erik Slavik

            The default android internet browser, Firefox, opera, and chrome have lagged at one point or another on almost every Android device I’ve used. Inconsistency is the issue, and it’s something I wouldn’t put up with dropping $400+ on a device.

            I’ll continue my wait, instead of spending money on a regretful purchase.

          • Max

            Get over yourself. I admit that Chrome is a laggy browser but the other ones are not that bad. Stock browser works just fine.

          • Erik Slavik

            Get over myself? For having an opinion? I think you should read those words to yourself a few times. I’ve had bad experiences with Android’s browsing and touch interface. I shared my experience and I should get over myself? Cute.

          • Max

            Get over yourself for balancing your decision for buying android devices on small lags in the browsing experience. I’ve never heard about that before.

          • Erik Slavik

            Why wouldn’t I base my buying decisions on past experiences? I’m not going to buy a Chevy Volt just because it was MotorTrend COTY.

            Never heard it before? Well now you have.

    • Marsg

      the lag has nothing to do with the device itself, its the chrome browsers fault for being all glitchy

  • Caleb Loop

    What a joke, That was just a browser comparison.

  • YellowSnow

    I wasn’t impressed when I saw the Nexus 10 for the first time and this review sure doesn’t help.

    • MK2

      Unfortunately, the Nexus 10 has been getting shoddy reviews. And the price points between these two are not comparable.

  • harold

    Putting them side by side would of been better

  • Alex

    They said the surface screen is better than the nexus 10? Ha, no its not….my dad had the surface (returned) and then got the iPad 4(also returned) and the nexus 10 is crisper, brighter and has more real colors than both of them, also for the record, I have NO lag on the n10, no matter what I do, even web browsing, I have absolutely no lag at all…

    • Trent Richards

      This reviewer clearly looked for any way possible to make the Surface RT (148PPI) look better than the Nexus 10(300PPI). So what does he do? He finds websites that aren’t optimized for high resolutions and not only that, but views the mobile versions of the site rather than pulling up the desktop view on the Nexus 10, comparing it to the full PC version of the site on the Surface RT.

      • AMbro86

        Clearly he’s on a Windows fanboy site so he’s going to say only good about the Surface. Really they are two different tablets and things operate the way they do on the Surface because it’s like a watered down version of Windows. The Nexus 10 is running on Android. Android is a mobile OS and it’s focus is mobile first and foremost.

        The real story of the Surface is that it’s competing more with Ultrabooks and laptops as a mobile device. But it can’t really hold up vs other Windows devices because the OS is watered down too much. I mean I’m no fan of Windiws 8, but if I were in the market for a Windows device the Surface Pro, or an Ultrabook would be much higher on my list than this lame tablet. The RT version of Windows just isn’t enough to win me over. Now on the other hand when I can load all my Windows applications right on there then I’ll be impressed and consider it over an Android device. But I’ll still loathe the stupid “charms” bar and other unintuitive UI tricks that will get on my nerves.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Glad to hear there will soon be more music deals. Now if they’d just strike some deals in Australia, I’d be all set. It sucks to not be able to get some of the music I really like listening too unless I consider stealing it. (Which I haven’t but if no one is going to bother making it legally available…)

  • AMbro86

    Seriously? Comparing the video camera on the Lumia 920, a fresh off the line smartphone vs the HTC Thunderbolt? Microsoft sure knows how to pick their battles. I’d like to see the Lumia 920 pitted against the Droid DNA, or the Galaxy S3, and then we’ll talk about camera quality. Or if we’re going to compare older Android handsets with Windows Phone then why not compare it with an older Windows Phone as well.

    Well whatever. I’m too tired to really care about this right now. I hate the Windows Phone UI and I’m a total Android fanboy so no mind is being changed here.