New round of Nexus 4 shipments going out to limbo customers


Good news for Nexus 4 users stuck in limbo — those of you who received a confirmation email, but no shipping email. We’ve received enough tips to confidently announce that a handful of shipments are now going out for those of you who ordered the Nexus 4 three minutes after it went live in the Play Store. That 3 minutes may sound small but it was enough to push some of your orders back a full week. On that note, I’ve also finally received a shipping confirmation for my Nexus 4 bumpers (should be here by Wednesday) that I ordered 2 minutes after they went live in the Play Store. Gotta be quick, folks! Anyone else receive their shipping confirmation today?

Thanks for the pic, Jordan!

Chris Chavez
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PSA: Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 do not support Miracast wireless display

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    1. You’re slackin, bruh O_o

      1. I slept threw the buying frenzy :(

        1. Don’t worry. So did I..

  2. Glad there’s some progress.

    And for those that ordered after mashing F5 for two hours. A math quiz to test the education system. :)

    120 mins * (1 week / 3 mins) = …

    1. well…all of these units have the dimension of time and (1 week / 3 mins) makes that portion unit-less…depending on units, your answer is 403200 minutes, 6720 hours, 280 days, 40 weeks, or 20 fortnights

  3. I’m not sure it matters when you placed the order…mine went through after a good 20-25 mins and it got shipped last week=/ Pretty sure it wasn’t first come first serve…

    1. why the sad face? your shipped last week!!

      1. Not so much a sad face as a skeptical/annoyed face. While I’m thrilled I have mine, I don’t like that it’s not first come first serve. I could have done without in this first round (it’s not like my GNex is suddenly garbage) and would have preferred to see Google handle this properly, especially considering I may very well be in the opposite circumstance the next time around…

  4. Mine shipped finally! YEEESSSS

    1. I jumped for joy and freaked out when I saw my shipping email. I thought it wasn’t ever coming!

      1. I told you to hang in there!

  5. I am starting to wonder if these were Processed and Shipped out in alphabetical order. That *could* be one reason that those that ordered an hour after me got the phone shipped out faster.

    1. I’m a B… Mine just shipped Monday night, ordered 10:45 am cst tuesday morning. I slaughter your theory ;)

      1. You stink xD

  6. Will someone with money buy me one?

    1. *pulls out wallet* You want the 4, 10 or both? O_o

      1. Decisions decisions. I’ll take all three!

        1. What’s with the blank stare?

        2. I won’t be greedy. I’ll just take the 10 please? :)

  7. Really happy for those that are getting a nexus taste… I already rooted mines and at the end of the day ended up having to settle for the 8 gig and it wasn’t my plan but now very OK with that and happy for those that have been waiting to getting it finally getting some cosier.. Enjoy!

    1. You’ll be a little bummed when you find your nandroids taking up ~2Gb of that space. ;)

  8. Yes! Shipping! Huzzah!

  9. Seriously did a 40’s jig when my email came (just about 20 minutes ago)

  10. Mine shipped last friday and i received it this morning. What an incredible phone, the build quality is top notch and the screen, OMG

  11. Mine finally shipped! But they still charged me shipping after they promised they wouldn’t!

  12. Still no confirmation on shipping -_- sigh….

  13. How long till they’re back in stock again?? I was one of the unlucky ones.. sucks too.. it was my birthday on the 13th.. really wanted to treat myself to a Nexus 4.. :(

  14. Any chance of seeing it late…? I’m not seeing an email. ._.

  15. got a Shipping Email 12:06am in fact its already in my town, wasn’t even expecting it until tomorrow! I hope I’m home to accept it, busy day for me today… Well I’m happy my Nexus 4 and bumper are FINALLY almost here – D

    1. its arrived, and its Gorgeous!! – D

  16. Mine finally shipped last night. Next Day Air, too :)

  17. Mine left KY at 2am and is out for delivery already. Can’t wait.

    Also, for those who spent their morning mashing F5, Web watcher worked perfectly for me.


    I had it check the page every 1 minute starting that morning. There. Now you know my secret.

  18. It’s out for delivery, according to UPS.

  19. FYI: I see on the UPS Tracking page that I have next day air, which Google paid for.

    1. Annnnd it’s here. So much for Fargo being far away to ship to!

  20. mine just got delivered! time to get off work ha

  21. Nope, still in limbo. I called last night and was told that if I didn’t receive a back order notice my phone would be shipping today. No word yet :(

  22. Never got another email after the backorder email :( Seems us BO people won’t get in on that batch. Then again I shouldn’t complain as my order went in at 3:00pm EST.

  23. Out for Delivery… I was in the 3 minutes after launch window… never got a email until late last night when i got the tracking info. I almost canceled the order I was so fed up not knowing if Wallet actually sent my order to Play and not hearing anything for a week. What an effed up mess this launch has been..

  24. Mine too was stuck in limbo. I placed my order 4 mins after it went live. My status showed “Pre-Ordered” up until yesterday, the 19th, which it then changed to an estimated shipping date of the 15th. (LOL) I called Google last night and was told orders placed in the first few mins of it going live got messed up some how. He told me that I would receive a shipping email by COB yesterday, which I did. I checked the shipping with UPS this morning to find this:
    “The package was left in a UPS facility. / Package will be delivered next business day.”
    Are you freaking kidding me. Thanks a lot Google and UPS for making this the worst purchase ever with Google. I had none of these issues when I ordered my N1 back when it went live.

    1. and you’re complaining because …..

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