Android Overload: Sony Walkman App Ripped and Available For Rooted ICS Devices, Google Planning Street View For Mobile Web Browsers, and More

  • Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android now takes pictures of thieves from your stolen/lost phone. [CRN]
  • Old thumbnails taking a toll on your SD card? Clear them out with Thumbnail Files Deleter. [XDA]
  • HTC launches new web-based tutorial for getting your new HTC device up and running. [HTCSense]
  • Rdio starts paying music artists $10 for every customer they attract. [LA Times]
  • Does iOS6’s adoption rate show that Apple’s closed ecosystem is better than Android’s open one? [Forbes]
  • Android devices can reveal your network names to hackers. [PCMag]
  • Good Guy Google plans to add Street View to Maps for mobile web browsers. iOS users are in luck. [AllThingsD]
  • Sony Walkman music player app available to download. Should work on most (rooted) Ice Cream Sandwich devices. [XDA]
  • Liquid Smooth RC3 ROM now available for 11 devices. [XDA]
  • Sony brings their “Extra Bass” line of headphones to the US. [Engadget]
  • Hands-on video of NTT Docomo’s squeeze-based smartphone UI. [TheVerge]

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  • Unorthodox

    @Forbes. What bothers me the most that fanboyism and opinionated articles are allowed in such respected houses.

    • DanWazz

      That article didn’t even say anything really. Just a bunch of factoids and blurbs. “Google needs to learn something about updates.” Actual Google phones get updated just fine.

  • Saleenfiend

    The problem with the Android phone revealing your SSID is mute bc your phone remembers the original network it won’t connect to a new network with the same name automatically. It will always just reconnect to the one you have saved. Somebody would actually have to log into the wrong network and they would obviously notice two similarly named networks wouldn’t that raise suspicion. Besides its not hard to pull that information on most any device.

  • Bear266

    I can’t believe you would report on ripped apps being available for download. That amounts to promoting piracy and the staff on this site should be ashamed of themselves. You do it all the time and it definitely doesn’t do anything to help the Android ecosystem.

    • Unorthodox

      Have you been living on the Moon? Making vendors exclusive apps available for other devices has been there for years, and is not piracy AT ALL.

      • Bear266

        Sharing MP3 files has also been there for years… that doesn’t mean it isn’t piracy.

      • Mike Reid

        IMO, Technically it IS piracy to rip an app from one phone and install it on another.

        Practically, I’m not aware of any such case that caused a bad reaction from the “wronged parties”.

        XDA has a strict anti-piracy policy, but things like this are tolerated, though IMO somewhat borderline.

        If the “wronged parties” don’t make a fuss, they signal that they tolerate it. And I’m OK with it, if it becomes a “victimless crime”.

  • Saleenfiend

    Second Android updates compared to Apple are almost like oranges to apples. We don’t have to update in order to reach every single aspect of the OS like Apple requires. We usually see small maintenance updates with neat functionality from later OSs.