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For all you Android gamers out there, today is the day Sony’s PlayStation Mobile goes live — not only for their fledgling PlayStation Vita — but PS Mobile certified Android smartphones and tablets. Of course, Sony’s Xperia devices make up the majority of PlayStation certified Android devices with Fujitsu and Sharp finding themselves as the most recent PS Certified partners.

But, when it comes to the Android devices most likely to be found in your possession, you can download the PlayStation Mobile app directly from your PS certified HTC One X, HTC One S, and HTC One V. For now, let’s just take a look at the launch titles for PlayStation Mobile (new games will be added every Wednesday) and you can see if anything catches your eye.

Frederic – Resurrection of Music ($3.99)
Loot The Land ($3.99)
incurvio ($7.49)
Wipe! ($1.49)
Magic Arrows ($4.99)
Everbody’s Arcade (Free)
Underline ($2.79)
Nyoqix ($5.49)
Numblast ($2.99)
Super Crate Box ($3.49)
Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender ($3.49)
Flick Hockey ($2.29)
Word Blocked ($1.99)
Rebel ($1.99)
Tractor Trails ($2.29)
Hungry Giraffe ($2.99)
Beats Slider ($0.79)
Fuel Tiracas ($0.49)
Twist Pilot ($3.49)
Samurai Beatdown ($0.99)
Beats Trellis ($0.79)

PlayStation Mobile app for PS certified Android devices: Download

Not too bad at all. Prices seem more than reasonable enough, right?. Remember, purchases are linked to your PSN ID which means download on one device, and play on all the others. Let’s hope Sony already has their cloud game saves incorporated on Android so you can easily pick up where you left not matter which device you happen to be gaming on.

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