Android Overload: Motorola Atrix HD Now Free For Upgrades, MotoDev Studio Goes Open Source, and More

  • Motorola Atrix HD for AT&T is now free from Amazon Wireless for new customers and upgrades. [Amazon]
  • Motorola Mobility open sources key features of MOTODEV Studio for Android app development tool. [Motorola]
  • AOKP Build 4 is live and ready for the flashing. Adds support for AT&T HTC One X, fixes bugs, introduces a few new features. [AOKP]
  • Latest leaked TouchWiz ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3 now available (I535VRALHD). [XDA]
  • Using a PIN on your Play Store account isn’t the most secure way to keep people out. [XDA]
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G now available. [T-Mobile]
  • Sharp’s 5-inch 1080p displays pictured at CEATEC 2012. [Engadget]
  • Apple’s (flawed) Maps uses up 80% less data than Google Maps? Probably because they display less information. [Onavo]
  • Nokia and Microsoft quoted back in 2007 saying, “We don’t see Android and the OHA as a threat.” Ouch. [TechRadar]
  • Peel for Android update let’s tablet users interact with the presidential debates. [Play Store]
  • Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution now available in the Amazon Appstore for free. [Amazon]
  • Google Catalogs now available on the web (still available for Android). [Google Catalogs]
  • Open WebOS makes it way to a variety of Android devices. [TGDaily]
  • New Android malware can turn your phone into a surveillance device. [ThreatPost]


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    Wow, the ATRIX HD hitting the “BARGAIN BIN” already. Can’t say I’m surprised, no doubt to soon be joined by the PHOTON Q………..

    This is the new MOTOROLA,led by WOODSIDE & SONI, will we need to flush twice, or, will it sink on it’s own……….

  • jbo1018

    That leaked ROM for the Verizon S3 is NOT Jelly Bean. It’s just another ICS update. If there is a JB leak I haven’t seen it and it sure isn’t at that leak.

  • Splaktar

    And AOKP unfortunately is still seeing a lot of RR and SODs on build 4 and the new nightlies for the Hercules.

  • hodayathink

    The Map comparison is using the Apple developed iOS5 maps version versus iOS6’s Apple Maps. The Android version of maps uses vector maps and has for years.

    • ari_free

      Yeah it’s funny how they were all excited over turn by turn

  • Michael Thompson

    Is that free FOR upgrades or free OF upgrades?
    Just sayin’