Possible Intel-Powered RAZR M Hits The FCC As The Motorola XT890

The Motorola DROID RAZR M has officially gone on sale today at Verizon Wireless and not soon after, we get a little hint of what else Motorola has in store for the Razr M. The Motorola XT890 has just passed through the FCC and per the usual, the FCC documentation doesn’t reveal very much other than a few internationally compatible radio bands (which also fit well with AT&T’s 2G/3G frequencies), along with a diagram or 2 of the device’s dimensions.

This Intel-powered variant of the Motorola Razr M will also feature dual-band WiFi and although LTE wasn’t specifically mentioned, we can’t for a second believe Motorola would leave this out. Also rumored is that the Intel Atom (Medfield) processor could be clocked all the way up to a screaming 2GHz, as reported by a leaked benchmark. The Motorola Intel M is expected to be unveiled next week during Moto’s press event in London, so it wont be much longer before we learn more.

[FCC | Engadget]

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  • Michael Thompson

    The Atom-powered devices I had all sucked.
    Why is this suck being brought to mobile?

    • dreadnatty08

      You ran Android on all of those?

  • Pistachio

    I wish Intel would step it up, seeing as they make some great CPU’s for PC’s. Maybe this is a sign?