Is Motorola Planning To Debut A New Phone With Edge-to-Edge Display on Sept 5th? [Rumors]

After showing the world they can make a smartphone with a “Razr thin profile, Motorola is now looking to release a device that has a razor thin bezel to match. Seems Bloomberg has it on good authority that Motorola is gearing up to introduce the world to their all new device at their September 5th event and will reportedly feature an edge-to-edge display. This would make it a quite the head turner among Android devices (and iPhones) plagued with large bezels. Per the usual with Motorola, it’s being whispered the device will also be headed to Verizon Wireless.

No word on the display size of said device, but without a single (worthy) Galaxy Note challenger in the world of Android, I’d hope for something close to 5-inches. What do you guys think of a phone with a bezel-less display? Is that feature you would actually look for in an upcoming device?

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  • Oleg Ostrovskiy

    HEHE I would love to get the specs! It’s hard to wait for five days for those.

  • OMFCody

    Please be real! If Motorola puts this out, and gets it on multiple carriers they won’t be sorry. There would be a huge possibility that this would be my next phone I don’t even care if it’s not htc, this thing is beautiful!

  • Roy Harrigan

    That’s a beautiful looking phone.

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s also just my very poor Photoshopping skills xD

      • Rocco M.

        got mad photo skills.

        • simpleas

          mad text distortion skills

      • ari_free

        haha some other Android site used this fake pic for this story

  • bob

    LOL!!! this looks exactly like the fake S3 mock up just with Motorola on the top instead of Samsung.

    • Chris Chavez

      It was my poor Photoshopping skills used for illustration. Lol

      And it’s really an image from the upcoming RAZR HD — not S3 :p


        Chris, ignore these guys who are dissing your work. It is obvious that you or someone mocked up this image to show what it might look like, yet these guys choose to TROLL anyway….

  • bob

    hahahahaha!!! I just looked at the picture. the freaking screen photo shop job hangs over the bezzell in the lower left corner. this is such fake garbage.

    • Oleg Ostrovskiy

      The source link does not provide a picture. This was just an example and obviously not real. Don’t take it personally :-)

    • OMFCody

      It’s just for illustration purposes to get an idea of how one would look, it’s not intended to be posed as the “real” thing..

  • BoSamps

    a beautiful phone about to be ruined by Motorola-style bloatware

  • scoter man1

    I’d so highly doubt that they’d release anything like that. There’s basically no room for the upper speaker. As others have said… clearly a photoshop job that hangs over the edge on the bottom left too.

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s MY poor Photoshop skills not a “leaked” photo. :p

      • Casey Robinson

        *Poker face* In that case.. It looks great! :D had me fooled! ;)

        • Matthew Merrick

          i was fooled as well till i read the comments :P then i felt silly :P

    • droidSLC

      Oh, it’s a photoshop job?? Damn. My heart is broken….. Dude, everyone can see that it’s a photoshop job, thanks for clearing that up though.

  • Matt Nguyen

    Of course this is a photoshop. It’s meant to be an illustration. Where did he post saying that it’s a moto render?

  • Elias Lugo

    Apple has a patent on this

  • BigCiX

    Motorola Droid RAZR MAXXX HD +
    Ridiculous!!! Should of just scratched the HD and released this one if true.

    • droidSLC

      Who’s to say they aren’t the same phone?

  • John doe

    Edge to edge screens, definitely the way future handsets should follow.


    If this is true, I will be standing in front of Best Buy scalping my Galaxy S3.


    You know, Motorola has accomplished the thin bezel before. The Droid 1 and Droid 2 had extremely thin bezels on the top half of the phone.

  • Alejandro

    I think Apple has a patent on things that go edge to edge

    • droidSLC

      No, they only have a patent on A2A

  • MrSix

    Oh lordy that render bothers me something awful…

  • chris boyer

    See ya G-Nex! I’ve been waiting for Moto to get back in the game. Hope the rumors are true on this one.

  • Magnus100

    MMA • an hour ago −
    LOL!!! this looks exactly like the fake S3 mock up just with Motorola on the top instead of Samsung.

  • Batjeeper

    It’s nice (+1) and it’s Android (+2) but I still love my GS3. Moto phones just don’t appeal to me for some reason. Curves aren’t as nice? I don’t know.

  • Vikram Reddy

    this is a very beautifull photoshoped phone :)

    • Chris Chavez

      *poorly photoshopped phone. Fixed :p

  • Courtney McDowell

    Point of interest: There’s already a 5″ screen phone coming to Big Red called the Intuition.

    • droidSLC

      It also has the WORST form factor. EVER. 4:3 aspect ratio? Flop.

  • DavidVarghese

    Ha! Motorola is the worst offender of the biggest bezel to screen ratio, and all of the sudden then are going for edge to edge display? That wouldn’t be characteristic of Motorola, but with Google’s acquisition of it, who knows what will be next…

    • chuckles87

      I’ve always loved Motorola my first cell phone was a a moto v120, first smartphone Motorola q, first android was a moto cliq xt. they pissed me off when the promesed to update the xt and then changed their mind. but their recent devices have caught my attention the only problem is what you have stated Verizon exclusives. I just hope now that google owns them they work with more carriers. I think every manufactuer should release 1 flagship device and have it avalible across every carrier.

  • TheWenger

    But then there wouldn’t be any room to have the VZW logo on the front……


      They will reserve a portion of the screen to roll VERIZON banners…..

    • barry99705

      They’d just make it have a rotating banner ad on the top of the screen.

  • stndspec

    I’ve been waiting for bezels to go away, how has it not been obvious to manufacturers from the start that this would be the way to go? Except for the gaudy verizon/moto text marring the face, this is one of the most beautiful phones I’ve seen.

  • *Certified_geek™

    i’d be interested.. if only it can be a nexus device..

    • phinn

      Agreed, i’d only buy a Nexus after getting burned so bad on updates.

  • CWeb

    why are all Motorola phones for Verizon? can’t we get some GSM love?

    • adi19956

      I’ll post you one from Britain

  • reiththestud

    Sounds cool, until you start getting ghost touches from your palm holding the edge of the phone.

    • JMcGee

      This really is the key obstacle. One would assume that if Moto is releasing such a device, they’ve developed software techniques to filter out extraneous touches from where you are holding the phone. If so this could be awesome.

      Also, hopefully they have been smart enough to patent these techniques.

      • Matthew Merrick

        they already have this software: i remember reading about it when they first put it on the Xyboards.

      • TalkingMoose

        Moto patents everything. If you pass gas and it sounds unusual they’ll have a patent champion in your cube within seconds.

      • GlueFactoryBJJ

        They could easily make the sides “bow out” from top to bottom” like this and/or a case could accomplish the same to get the effect of stopping inadvertent edge touches.


  • Weezer

    Locked bootloader, root checker, no support, 1 year wait for Key Lime Pie, will never see Lemon Drop (or what ever they are going to call it)
    Can’t wait! The next Bionic for sure! :)

    • Tommy Thompson

      Lollipop? Licorice?

      • Weezer

        Laced Brownie?

    • Chris Chavez

      Photon Q has an unlockable bootloader O_o

  • Tommy Thompson

    Opened the article to see how many wetawds thought that photoshop was a real render..

  • Pkmmte

    Am I the only one who finds Motorola phones the best-looking of all?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of the HTC One X and even the Galaxy S3 but I love the way the RAZR looks the best regardless of the bezel.

    • Chris Chavez

      I’ve always loved Moto’s design since the OG Droid. Has a manly industrial thing going for it. So much different than Apple :p

      • ntegrit

        I thought the OG Droid was a brick, and, like a previous commenter, I have an inexplicable dislike for Motorola smartphones.

        • setspeed

          It’s not inexplicable, it’s justified – Motorola are just a horrible company to do business with!

      • Del373

        A rugged elegance as it were. ;)

        They’ve also got a one up on the competition in terms of build quality too.

      • AMbro86

        Chris I’d venture to say that Motorola devices are much handsomer than the iPhone right now. I mean iPhones are eye catching in their own way, but Motorola phones just look sexier than Apple’s offerings to me.

    • Del373

      I agree with you on most counts (I’m not crazy about the Blue S3, but the white and black ones are pretty nice) but I’d say that Sony’s handsets are a bit more stylish than Moto’s. I really like Motorola’s handsets for the most part and I do think that most of them are very good looking, but for me I’d say that on the whole it would be ranked as follows in terms of overall best appearance for the hardware product line:

      HTC, Sony, Moto, Samsung

      I think Sony doesn’t get noticed as much though because they haven’t released nearly as many handsets as the other three companies in that line-up.

      • Daniel Marcus

        I’ll give you HTC, their phones have always been well built and look great. Unfortunately, I have found the Sony phones to have occasional random cheap bits, like the silver plastic buttons. I’m not sure I find Motorola’s phones to be perfectly stylish, but for those of us who appreciate manufacturers who don’t cut corners on quality parts, I’d rate them highly.

    • AMbro86

      I’ve really become a huge fan of Motorola hardware of late and feel that they just feel premium and well built.

  • Samuel Rodrigues

    If Google does something like this lets just hope they patent it so Apple can’t copy it.

    • ari_free

      They will copy it and will still win because Apple owns all the lawyers.

  • Jay

    Wouldn’t mind a Moto Nexus that looks like this (Nexus Razr, Droid Nexus, whatever just release this damn thing lol)

  • vioalas

    Oh Moto… From an atrocious bezel to “almost” none at all? DO IT

  • Rolf

    Edge-to-edge Screen is the way to go. No wasted space. Samsungs GS3 is getting close to it, featuring a large screen in a handy body.

  • DeAndre Johnson

    Nice! But why is Verizon the only carrier to get the Razr? That’s the only thing that sucks.

  • Satwik Kamatmehbro

    omg i want this phone.

  • Andresin

    I think they are talking about the Razr M which has a pretty small bezel.

    • Tim242

      That phone has a huge chin!

      • Andresin

        Yeah, the chin is regular sized but the side bezels are very narrow. I want to believe there is some amazing bezel-less phone that’s coming but it just doesn’t seem likely. Especially not from Motorola who normally make the largest of bezels (Droid Razr, Atrix HD).

  • Playa93 Playa93

    Finally some innovation! This is goooood

  • Ben Baranovsky

    Where does the earpiece go? I remember seeing a new technology not so long ago that didn’t need an earpiece but used vibration or something. The video was either in Chinese or Korean if that helps. It’s been long enough to the point where I don’t remember which.

  • Bgor Chu

    Edge to edge looks nice, but the user’s fingers might disturb the operation on the touch screen.
    May be its not practical.

  • ijudge

    Nice, more choice is always welcome. but i hope this is just a concept becoz this design will fail in drop test i guess. i think only flexible screen would do the trick.

  • danny byun

    make sure to patent this

  • CoreyShaughnessy

    SHOPPED! *Comic Book Guy voice* It is clearly NOT plugged in despite saying “Charged.”

  • nemesys06

    I do like this design. I would love to see motorola follow samsung’s footsteps and release the same phone on multiple carriers. But as much as I like the design of this, I still like the rumored prototype of the Galaxy s3 much better. I love the design of the SGS3, but this design was just amazing.

  • Mike Donatello

    Who cares if it’s another locked bootloader? Still waiting for my Droid Bionic to be unlocked a year after Moto promised it would be.

    No thanks, Moto. I’ve learned my lesson.

  • toomuchgame441

    Release this just like the S3 was released to all carriers and I will buy this. And please make it a 5in screen

  • JulianZHuang

    locked bootloader…. no rom no good.

  • Fidlee

    Where would a camera sit on edge to edge front panel? :D

  • John Doe

    Fat fingers will ooze around the edge while holding it, and mess up your paint app

  • RichardReich

    Well, this phone is impossible (not a Nexus, Verizon, etc), but I hope it’s successful so phones I might buy will be zero-bezel.

  • koham

    Wow.. I would love an edge to edge display but the only problem I see with it is that we won’t be able to put a case on it.

  • AMbro86

    I’ve wondered how come phone manufacturers haven’t already done more of this. Especially where screen real estate is so valuable on the mobile experience. It would certainly give you more screen while keeping the overall footprint of the device at a more manageable size. I think the bezel is still necessary, even if it’s only a micro one, to keep fingers from contacting the screen when they shouldn’t, but I don’t think a shrinking bezel is a bad thing at all.

  • Daniel Voyles

    Oh, so you want no protection from your screen breaking from the smallest drop? Oh, you will just put a case on it? Is that going to fit in your pocket, or will you just get a murse?