The LG Optimus G will have an all new True HD IPS+ display, new battery


Looks like the all new quad-core Snapdragon S4 won’t the only component to make it’s debut in the LG Optimus G, images of which were leaked yesterday. LG has put out a news release stating that their upcoming flagship (not naming it, but do mention the first quad-core S4 device) will contain some of the latest innovation from the other LG subsidiaries, including a new display and new battery technology.

The new “True HD IPS+” display can apparently display a white background at 470 nits brighter than an AMOLED, while still conserving 70% power. LG’s screens are already some of the best in the world (probably the best due to the pentile arrangement of the 720p Super AMOLED screens) so this is something I’m really looking forward to seeing how much better it is. Additionally, using a new “Touch Hybrid Display”, they have eliminated the gap between the glass and the LCD display which would allow them to shave some fat. Not to say phones are fat these days, but you kinda get the point.

Something that would definitely interest a lot of people is the new battery, which they would have us believe is 60% more efficient than other similar-sized ones and has a life-span of 800 recharge cycles, more than the 500 for other modern cells.

All in all, this phone sounds like a beast. It should be released in September in Korea and in other countries over the next couple of months.


LG Electronics, LG Chem, LG Display, LG Innotek

Collaborate on Most Technologically Advanced Device to Date

SEOUL, Aug. 26 -– The next major smartphone from LG Electronics (LG) will be a as significant for the way it was developed as for its performance and specifications. That’s because LG Electronics and its vertically-integrated sister companies LG Chem, LG Display and LG Innotek developed the device together from the start to include each company’s best technology and innovation to set a new standard in the smartphone market.

As the first Quad-Core LTE smartphone to utilize Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon™ S4 Pro APQ8064 processor, LG’s upcoming device will not only offer blazing fast performance but also longer battery life, thinner profile, brighter display and a new touchscreen panel technology as a result of the vertically-integrated development process.

LG Chem, Korea’s oldest and largest chemical company and a global innovator in electric car batteries, developed a new battery that offers greater energy capacity without compromising on size and weight. Standard mobile phone batteries have a lifespan of 500 charges in best-case conditions. Utilizing LG Chem’s high-density technology, the battery that was developed for the new flagship smartphone provides more power than other similarly-sized batteries by running 60 percent more efficiently. The new battery has a lifespan of 800 cycles, a first for a mobile device.

Industry leader LG Display’s contribution to the project was in the development of a new mobile display that is clearer than AMOLED displays but requires less power. LG Display’s True HD IPS+ Display is sharper than today’s AMOLED displays due to its high pixel density of 320ppi (1280×768 pixels) and Stripe RGB IPS Panel. The new display is capable of generating 470 nits of brightness while consuming 70 percent less power compared when displaying a white background. Furthermore, True HD IPS+ Display does not suffer from screen burn-in as AMOLED displays have been known to do.

Partnering with LG Display, solution-provider LG Innotek developed the G2 Touch Hybrid Display after investing significantly to raise its R&D capabilities in touchscreen technology. The G2 Touch Hybrid Display is a unibody unit that eliminates the gap between the glass and the LCD panel as found in traditional touchscreens. As a result, the thickness of LG Innotek’s touchscreen panel was reduced by 30 percent and displays images that seem to “touch” the fingertip without the glass creating a barrier in between.

“Working closely with our affiliate companies allowed us a degree of control that very few smartphone makers have with their component partners,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Our next smartphone will be a game changer for us because we were able to incorporated all the best-of-best technologies from our sister companies with one single objective in mind -– to give customers the best user experience that we were collectively capable of.”


[LG via The Verge]

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  1. I, for one, welcome our new LG overlords


  2. Something inside of me is tempted by and LG phone. What is this world coming to?

    1. LG is touching your G spot.

  3. omfg its a rectangle. SUE THEM!

    1. if one person chooses it over a iphone apple will.

    2. Pmsl! That was the first thought thru my head!

    3. Wanna reconsider that? Last time apple sued someone they lost 1.5 billion dollars

      1. Actually last time Apple sued someone they won 1 billion…

        1. read that wrong. ignore me.

    4. only if you are dumb enough to believe that. Any non-fanboy call tell you Samsung made the Galaxy S to look like an iPhone. That is why they did not sue HTC for the design

      1. The original Galaxy S*. To correct you. which isn’t the only device Apple has gone after for having a rectangular shape.

  4. The specs sound nice. I know the software will be boring and ugly in my opinion. That has a big part in getting a cellphone for me. Regardless of the specs I wouldn’t get it just because of the software. I’m sure you can’t go wrong getting this beastly monster, but slapping CM10 or anything other ROM on it, you might as well get the Gnex. Because at the end of the day your not getting the latest in software until you own a Gnex, regardless if you root your other phone or not. That phone will have to wait when something is updated just to get a custom ROM.

    Sounds like it’ll be a nice phone though. Just not for me. hopefully this will put LG back on the map. All they need now is a better skin.

    1. Or, preferably, no skin.

    2. and this is why LG fails

      1. Or rather why they should build a Nexus device, I’d take their hardware + stock Android over a Samsung with Touchwiz.

  5. I’d say sony screens, such as the one on the One X, are a bit better than the LG screens. Maybe this will push them up a notch.

  6. Looks like a iPhone, Lawsuit!!

    1. Actually the iphone looks like an old lg phone…oh, wait, that doesn’t count, does it? >.<

      1. sorry its not allowed to sue apple,as everything is overturned anyway..here in the states is a joke..payoffs included…

  7. LG doesn’t support their phones after they drop. I’m good on owning another after the G2x smh.

    1. same here. I too have a g2x and and feeling the abandonment. I said never again to LG and nvidia but this phone temps me. I must resist the urge even though we all would love better battery life and top notch screens.

      1. I had problems with my G2X and got off if it after 9 months. However i am not going to write off LG so quickly. Every company has a problem phone, i.e HTC with the thunderbolt and Samsung with Galaxy S GPS issues and the Behold 2 lack of support. if i were to write those companies off too, then i would be have to go to am iPhone? I would go to iPhone but right now everyone has something better includimg LG. So i will go back to LG again if they release a super phone for T-Mobile.

  8. Pending info re internal memory / sd, this beast should have enough juice to not be hampered by Verizon bloatware and a potentially awful UI. For the first time, I feel good about VZW’s tight relationship with LG!

  9. Please bring this t-mobile as the lg optimus nexus. Vanilla Android please. Looks awesome.

  10. After owning the g2x i will NEVER purchase another LG product.(phone tv fridge etc)

  11. Really live design of this phone, looks like facelift Optimus 2X. But sw support will be crap. First dual core O2X still withou ICS. I Hope next Nexus will be LG.

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