Reason to root that Nexus 7 – how about overclocking to 2.0 GHz?


It is safe to assume many of you are rocking those shiny Nexus 7 tablets by now, as Google has been struggling to keep up with demand. There is nothing to complain about, the tablet has amazing specs, it features a very portable 7-inch form-factor and costs only $200. But there is always that user that wants more, which is why you might want to start rooting your tablet.

We have seen the Nexus tablet being overclocked to 1.64 GHz (tablet is factory clocked to 1.3 GHz) and that quad-core processor was flying, thanks to Trinity Kernel. The Nexus 7’s limit can be pushed farther, though. Clemsyn’s Elite Kernel allows you to overclock your Nexus tabby up to a shrieking 1.8 GHz.

If that wasn’t enough, the guys from Android Community have asked the developer for a pre-release version of their upcoming kernel, which allows the tablet’s processor to go up to 2 GHz. Benchmarks are moving up to over 8,000 on quadrant. Now that doesn’t mean much for real-life performance, but you can be sure the device will run faster and games should perform (even) better.

Overclocking to 2.0 is causing some issues, so the developer is not making the kernel available just yet. But if you want an extra punch, you can go ahead and get the current kernel straight from the XDA thread. This will allow you to overclock up to 1.8 GHz, which is still nothing to scoff at.

Now remember, rooting, ROMing, overclocking and other such actions are considered tampering with your device. Your warranty could be voided and/or harmed, so do not do this unless you know what you are doing, or have done your research. If anything shall happen to your device, you will take full responsibility.

With that out of the way, who is down to overclock that Nexus 7?

[Via: Android Community]

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  1. Wonder what the heat and battery life are at that speed and voltage…

    1. i’ve tried it. use the performance governor,, and it will deplete battery in a few minutes lol. and it will get too hot to hold for a while!

      1. is that a joke? cuz that doesn’t sound good at all

        1. no joke man. i didnt break my tablet or anything but yea. overclocking rly isnt a smart thing to do unless you want to run a quick quadrant test or something. up to 1.6 ghz is fine but lol 2 ghz really is unnecessary. not that having the option to do that isnt totally kickass though :) i love knowing the fact that my nexus 7 can roar at speeds like that XD

          1. Something smells like bullshit

          2. wat? lol i dont see wat does. overclocking to speeds that high absolutely tear your machine up :P to be honest i had it on performance governor for like 2 mins clocked to max and i stopped cuz i was worrying about my tablet blowing up lol

          3. Well thats quite a bit different than.. “it will deplete battery in a few minutes lol. and it will get too hot to hold for a while!”

          4. lol i was overeacting because i was still shocked :p i had tested it only 10 min before i posted and was still worried about my nexus. my bad

      2. How did you get this kernel? I’ve been trying to get this kernel since yesterday but people are being stingy lol I’m just curious how it’ll run on a daily basis, not on the performance gov.

        1. not sure i can give it to you rite now. i think so far its for testers only but hay maybe he made it public recently :)

          1. Thanks anyway bro. I have it now. Been running it for a day or two, and so far so good.

  2. I over clocked my g1 and nexus s cause they needed some help. But tablet runs so smooth so to me this just is for benchmarks, aka show. Not your everyday gaming and reading type of thing which is why I bought the thing. Cool that its capable though. I’ll keep that in mind.

  3. Isn’t it freaking awesome that our chosen OS allows us to take advantage of the efforts of some very talented devs, and rev the engine like that?

    Too bad those who run their so called bmw’s can’t have fun like this. O.o

    1. They don’t want us to have fun so they’ll try to sue and ban so that everybody is in the same boat.

    2. Pass me some of what you guys are smoking, will ya?

  4. I think its pointless. The performance of the nexus 7 is amazing as it is!

    1. I agree. Maybe in 12 months we will benefit from overclocking but right now it would be just to be able to do it. I had a hp touchpad that I overclocked to 1.7 and it was well worth it but I didn’t overclock as far as I could have because I didn’t want that much of a temperature, battery and stability compromise. For the touchpad it was worth it because out of the box those morons at hp did an awful job. But I don’t see it for the N7. At least not yet. I’ll wait for a stable and battery efficient build.

  5. It’s great for street cred, but what does it actually do to benefit anything operationally?

    1. It does nothing but give good benchmarks. Something like faux123 gaming fix is much more beneficial than overclocking. Clock speed isn’t everything. There is a lot better things to tweak formperfoemance.

  6. my s3 is going 1.9ghz right now… although i usually leave it around 1.7

  7. Just pointless. Faux has the best (smoothest kernel), you only need to use the standard version, which is +100mhz cpu oc. Its awesome… I just see no point in doing an overclock on a quad core device that is already smooth at stock. I wouldn’t even care if it was slightly underclocked tbh.

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