Black Samsung Galaxy S3 confirmed, in stock in the UK in 4-6 weeks


The folks at UK retailer MobileFun just dropped us a line confirming a series of rumors that surfaced last week pointing to a black color variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The latest version of the phone is now listed on the MobileFun website and retails SIM-free for £499.95. The phone isn’t immediately available, however. It should be in stock within 4-6 weeks. Other than a darker coat of paint, the phone remains identical to the already available Pebble Blue and Marble White Galaxy S3 models in the specs department, which includes a quad-core Exynos processor, 4.8-inch display, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via MobileFun]

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  1. Nice now come to usa please, i didn’t want an other white phone and i hated the pebble blue which i think is more like purple.

  2. I agree moises this looks way better than the other two previous colors.

  3. Wasn’t willing to wait but wish i could have gotten mine in black instead of “pebble blue”….

    1. i wouldve waited had I known a black model would be released XD

  4. Any sign of the 64gb model anyone?

    1. Some UK retailers had it for around $1,000

  5. Samsung knew people wanted black from the beginning. Force people to take blue or white early then refresh the phone as black to get more sales and compete with the IPhone 5.

  6. screw you Samsung.
    Their shouldve been a black model from the get go. I bought a Pebble “Purple” because it was closest to being black which it is a far cry from n NOW you decide to release a damn black model…..
    Screw you.

  7. Black looks way better than fugly blue.

    1. I thought the blue was ugly as well until I saw it is person looked way better than videos, but I think black should have been the default and blue the alternative color

      1. I have a feeling Samsung was afraid to release a black and white model at launch, because a bad Apple would say it resembles their launch colors.

  8. .

  9. I have the blue one and I get people all the ime saying it looks really nice, and I agree. Black is sooooo basic and boring, all the phones are friggin black. Nice to see some choices and if you dont like the blue, put a case on it, most of you people complaining about the outside color of the phone are going to throw some huge otterbox type case on it anyways and wont see the color….

  10. I see what you did there samsung…

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