Ice Cream Sandwich update commences for HTC Rezound [Update: Official documentation posted]

Update: Verizon has posted the official changelog for the update, including an overview of new features found in the move to Android 4.0 such as Face Unlock and multitasking. The documentation can be found at VZW’s support site.

Just as Rezound owners started to believe they might never see the promised update to Android 4.0, some good news comes our way. Reports from around the web say Ice Cream Sandwich is finally rolling out to the Verizon handset, and not a moment too soon. The update brings the phone to Android 4.0.3, Sense 3.6, and software version 3.14.605.12. Given the jump from an Android 2.0 base to Android 4.0, numerous changes can be expected.

The update is rolling out on a staggered basis. Some are having luck pulling it via the setting menu, while others are still awaiting their taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. Let us know when you receive yours!

[Twitter via AndroidForums | Thanks, NightAngel79]

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  • bakdroid

    Wow, they waited this long and it is still 4.0.3….FAIL!

  • eibook

    When I check for update I get a Service Unavailable error

  • svh105

    With this release, cm9 builds can follow ?

    • Jeffrey Geer

      This build really has nothing to do with it, but a working CM9 build is available on XDA. It isn’t rock solid stable yet, but it is usable as a daily driver if you don’t mind a few random reboots and other issues. Chad on XDA just cracked the RIL interface for AOSP ROMS, which was the biggest hurdle to AOSP based ROMs. Now the update is out however, hopefully HTC will release the kernel source and the CM9 and AOKP builds will become more stable and I’ll get use of my camera back.

  • poly15

    Still no update here yet

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I would really like to know who is to blame for this update being pushed back for so long. HTC 0r Verizon… At this point HTC should have just given an update to JB.

    • camelsnot

      HTC. they admitted it even on twitter.

      • Duong Duc Ngo

        Verizon, this is the same as the leak one that was out for over 2 months. Once HTC give verizon the Rom it is up to them put it over the air

    • Josephus

      I think I’ll wait at least a month or so before I freak out about wanting JB (lol)

  • Robert Manser

    How about all the same people quite complaining……. Now you bitching about it being 4.0.3 lol GROW UP.

    • King_James_The_Wicked

      ICS was released the same Month that the HTC Rezound was released in October 2011. Verizon and HTC claimed that the phone would receive the update in the 1st quarter of 2012. Later it was published that it was pushed back to the end of May. After that it was pushed back to the end of July. So now it is being slowly released starting Aug. 2nd. I can see why Rezound owners are a little miffed at the release being pushed along. 10 months after release before the update that was promised when the phone released was made.

    • camelsnot

      how about you quit complaining yourself. What’s with the lol? Does that make you less of a troll? Why must people put an lol after every sentence, like it eases your passive aggressive intent.

    • ludist210

      Quite complaining? You, sir, need to do the growing up.

      I don’t hear anyone complaining about it being 4.0.3. I’m happy.

  • stevesharkman


    • camelsnot

      proof? Didn’t think so Stefania

  • Josephus

    @VZNews has confirmed rollout beginning today:

    :EDIT: update complete, took quite some time, but it is sooo worth it

  • Josephus

    ICS is downloading now on my rezound (New York)

  • Josh Bucchioni

    Interesting…my Rezound just got a 7meg update to prepare it for the ICS upgrade…anyone else see this?

  • Rich Johnson

    I am getting something right now. I initially did a check earlier and it told me there wasn’t an update. So I did the *#*#checkin#*#* and then checked. It told me there was an update, but it was 7.1MB. It stated it was to prepare my phone for 4.0. I will respond further in a few minutes.

    EDIT: Chicago here.

    • Rich Johnson

      After the reboot for the 7.1MB update to prepare my phone for ICS, now I have the following:

      “New Software Update from Verizon Wireless”

      Size: 299.0 MB
      Data Charges May Apply

      It is 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), so it is legit.

      EDIT: The download is stupid slow

      • Gerry Champoux

        I got that same 7.1MB pre-update as well. Then it rebooted and started the real update, which does indeed take a while to download. It’s nearly 300mb. I find that ICS works well on my Rezound. Overall performance has noticeably improved, especially in scrolling long web pages and Facebook. 4G connectivity reliability has improved dramatically. I used to lose connection multiple times a day. Now I haven’t lost it once yet. I also added Chrome browser (which requires ICS) and it has a good chance of becoming my default browser.

  • Siddharth Motwani

    You know what this means…THE WORLD IS ENDING

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    3.14.605.10 710RD is what I’ve been running for the last 2 months (not rooted, not unlocked… Android 4.0.3 running under HTC Sense 3.6 overlay)… ICS does amazing things for the Rezound — most notably the speed increase as ICS fully utilizes the dual-core processor (no lag, really responsive) and the battery life is *vastly* improved.

  • Mark Seven

    I got the 7.1MB update scheduled to download when I get home to some WIFI so after that hopefully I get the ICS update as well. I wanna see some feedback from ppl before anything. I’ve had bad luck with HTC updates in the past.. I could never get GB on my OG Evo.. Got it replaced then sold it with Froyo still on it.

  • toomuchgame441

    Nexus is the only way to go this point going forward

    • Mark Seven

      Next year I’m going Nexus but for now I’m stuck :-

      • trons4u

        Agree, I think I’ll do the same

    • Josephus

      especially if ASUS makes the next nexus

    • phinn

      Agree 100%

  • trons4u

    Getting my DL right now, checked about 4 times this a.m. and nothing

  • trons4u

    Hmm, it says the DL is prepare my Rezound for update to ICS and had some other version 2.0.16…something like that.

    Ah, here it comes. Guess it does an update before ICS – Idaho

  • Mark Seven

    So just like that HTC rolled it out for the Evo 3D, Evo Design 4G & the Rezound all within the same week or 2..?

  • Kyle Ruth

    Getting nothing here Youngstown, OH

  • Marsg

    how come chrome isnt compatible with the rezound ? thought it was downloadable for any device 4.0. +

    • Mark Seven

      I was able to get it. Not really used to it tho.. Don’t know if I’ll use it..

      • Marsg

        Wasn’t compatible this morning, I was able to get it awhile after,chrome is kind of laggy compared to my nexus though

        • Mark Seven

          Both browsers, stock and Chrome, have been sorta laggy after a while..

    • trons4u

      I put it on mine after I got ICS and it works fine

  • Celena Beers

    Was this supposed to do a hard reset on the phone??? Nowhere in the documentation or the article does it say that data will be erased. I didn’t lose anything when I updated to Gingerbread. On top of it, Info still says Android 2.3.4 and Sense 3.5.

    Thankfully I don’t store pictures or contacts to the device.

  • Shanell Flaningam

    finally got the damn upgrade