AT&T One X Kernel Source Now Available On HTCDev – ROM Chefs, Fire Up Your Ovens

After releasing the kernel source for the international version of the HTC One X (quad-core) back in early May, many AT&T One X users were left scratching their heads. Well, after a few months of waiting, HTC has finally published AT&T’s HTC One X kernel source over on their developer site, HTCDev. Those that like to tinker around with their phone’s software know that this means custom ROMs are about to get a whole lot more stable now that ROM chefs can dive into the code and apply fixes. Good times. Now we’re just waiting on the USA version of the T-Mobile HTC One S and all will be right with the world.

Thanks, Jeffrey!


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  • vioalas


  • jbo1018

    A few months later? Seriously?! That should have been out on release day really but I would be ok with a week or two later.

  • Ebony & Ivory

    Just got a One X. I can deal with HTC Sense, but can’t stand the AT&T bloat. Can’t wait to get stock Jelly Bean on this thing.

  • BigCiX

    About damn time