Google Posts “Getting Started” Video To Help New Nexus 7 Owners Get Up and Running

Noobs. You gotta love ’em. We were all there at one point. And it looks like Google is making a better effort at educating newbies to the bright new world of the Nexus 7. Rather than letting new Nexus 7 owners figure out things on their own, Google’s making things a little easier on the tech-challenged by uploading this step-by-step video tot their Nexus channel, showing people exactly how to get up and running on the tab.

Sure, this is kids stuff to you and me, but the Nexus is selling like hotcakes and will soon be in the hands of every boy, man, and older person around the world. Regardless of their tech-literacy.

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  • Marsg

    Had to rewind the video 3 times couldn’t find the micro usb charge port >.>, Than some dbag stole the Id so i had to rename it

  • id10terrordfw

    I would watch this, but it does me no good as I still don’t have any info about my preordered 16GB US N7.

  • dreadnatty08

    I wish my Nexus 7 came already unlocked. :p

    • aeok18109

      right?? ROFL. I was like holdup. that thing is unlocked and he took it out of the packaging WAY too easy lol. also magic password is magic, it just popped up LOL.

  • oneillperson

    My girlfriend’s dad, a long-time Apple fan, finally bought the Nexus 7 and now his iPad is collecting dust.

    • Neal Wagner

      What does he use it for most? I’ve found 7″ to be too small and would prefer a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or iPad.

      • oneillperson

        Mostly reading and media consumption. He says it’s way more comfortable to hold than a 10″ tablet, and he really likes the UI so far.

  • Cameron John Schluchtner

    notice the bootloader is unlocked xD yeah