Australian Judge Calls Samsung vs Apple Patent Suit “Ridiculous” – We’d Have To Agree


In the Apple/Samsung patent spat in Australia, Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett is calling the entire case “ridiculous” further adding the dispute (over Samsung’s wireless 3G patents) should be directly sent to mediation. Bennett asked lawyers on both sides today:

“Why on earth are these proceedings going ahead? It’s just ridiculous. A similar dispute between any other two companies would be immediately ordered to mediation. Why shouldn’t I order the parties to mediation?”

The trial that started today in Australia is set to run for the next 3 months but appears as if the judge overseeing the case is echoing a sentiment held by US Judge Posner, who threw out the Apple vs Motorola case earlier this month, comparing patent litigants to “animals.”

Samsung’s case was filed in response to Apple’s earlier claim that Samsung had stolen the design of the iPhone and iPad for use in Samsung’s own devices. Now, according to Samsung, Apple’s iPhone is in violation of three of the company’s 3G patents relating to the transmission of wireless data, and Apple refused to pay for licensing fees. But, Apple said they were willing to pay up, but Samsung had refused their offer.

Sounds like a lotta “he said, she said” drama for your mamma…

Chris Chavez
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  1. There’s nothing to be said that hasn’t been said previously. All of this has gone out of hand a long time ago. Apple has become a monster.

    1. Technically the monster in this case is Samsung. Mind you, it is a ridiculous countersuit in response to a ridiculous suit from Apple, but still..

      1. Technically, Apple is the monster. They initiated a lawsuit against Samsung 1-2 years ago in Australia. Samsung finally got the balls to start swinging back. It’s only because they are being aggressive that a judge stands up and says “whoooa.. mediation!”. Had Samsung not done this, Apple would be winning in Australia right now.

        1. Where exactly does she say that the initial suit by Apple should be meditated? She doesn’t. She refers specifically to the 3G patent suit.

          I might be wrong here, but as far as I know suits and countersuits do not actually counter each other, but are more a case of 2 ballistic missiles. Mutual destruction so to say, you drop yours we drop ours. But that is something you do outside the courtroom. It did nothing to “stop Apple from winning in Australia”. They didn’t win (or lose) yet because their own lawsuit is not finished yet, not because Samsungs countersuit.
          If a judge calls one suit ridiculous it does not really tell you her opinion about the other one.

          Don’t mistake this as defense for Apple. I would be quite happy if they crash and burn in every single lawsuit they have. But the judges statement is not calling Apple ridiculous, but Samsung. They initiated that suit.
          It is for Android not positive, but negative news. Because it reduces the threat potential of Samsungs countersuit.

      2. wawawa….WHAAAAAAAAATTTT?!? °o°

  2. then why did Aussies allow Samsung tabs to be banned in the first place. Judges speak out of both sides… ridiculous. Hopefully judges around the world will get tired of the whining from ALL sides and just order mediation from the beginning. It would save money.

  3. i will never by an apple product, whilst they continue to sue their competition instead of trying to make a better product. Apple instead of suing the superior manufactors, start making revolutionary products, as you did with the original iphone. now they have lost the brains they have nothing, apple are getting further and further behind,

  4. I feel like everyone was hoarding patents like nukes in the Cold War and then Apple had to fire the first shot. Everyone needs to stop this BS. It’s good to see other countries have better sense than the US (this from a US citizen).

  5. While I’m sad to see Samsung stooping to Apple’s level with ridiculous lawsuits, I hope Apple doesn’t sue Samsung for copying it with stupid lawsuits.

    1. lol Apple probably have that patent somewhere.

  6. What a freaken joke this is, Apple is using Samsung’s 3G software patents in their I-Phones but on the other side they are the ones who are suing everyone and his brother. Apple has their head up their ass. Judges better start throwing these cases out of court and stop wasting the tax payers money. Someone should look into possible corruption, you know maybe one or two of these Judges are getting payoffs to rule in favor of Apple. It happens all the time and If I was a Samsung attorney I would be hiring outside sources to investigate these possibilities. Something doesn’t smell right at all, I smell ROUGHTEN APPLES.


  8. I have to agree with the judge, I seem these stupid frivolous lawsuit. I criticized Apple for acting like A-holes over this. Apple is trying to monopolize on the tablet PC by banning Android tablet and letting Ipads dominate the market. This is unfair and violate free market.


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