Add Fujifilm to the Android patent wars, goes against Motorola

The growing trend of companies suing Android manufacturers continues to grow along with the platform’s success. Just in case Google partners don’t have enough to worry about already, Fujifilm has decided to join the party. The camera maker has recently filed a lawsuit against Motorola, claiming that a large amount of the manufacturer’s devices are infringing on its patents.

Fujifilm is bringing 4 specific patents to court, which include the following:

These patents involve processes mostly related to imaging (of course) and communications. In short, they relate to image conversion, processing, face detection and devices communicating with other devices “over a path other than the telephone network.”

Needless to say that some of these are pretty general patents, and many other companies could very well be blamed for the same. There could be a certain process these patents refer to, which usually includes the way the coding and/or hardware is set up. But for now, the only thing to do is wait and see which patents are considered valid in court.

So there you go, guys! Fujifilm joins the rest of the tech world in the war against Android.

[Source: Document Via: FOSS Patents]

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  • Conartist

    Mo money Mo problems…

  • Jonathan Roman

    Bunch of idiots trying to make money off Android Success

  • dsparil

    I hope Fujifilm wins. The camera on Motorola devices suck, and they need to use better technology.

    • Cody1224


    • tehsusenoh

      Sure they suck, but the patents that Fujifilm holds are so broad that Motorola would have to change how the phones save the files and they would have to remove all traces of face detection. The last patent is for converting a large image into a smaller resolution onto the display, as in displaying a picture on the screen for you to look at.

      It doesn’t matter if the camera technology sucks, because none of these patents cover the hardware. They cover base software features that ALL Android phones use including Samsung’s phone cameras and HTC’s phone cameras. If Fujifilm wins, it will be bad, regardless of how bad Motorola camera hardware is.

      • dsparil

        It’s a shame it wasn’t hardware patents then. I hate the camera on my Photon. It’s the worst.

        • tehsusenoh

          Then go get a different phone, seriously. Motorola losing a patent war will not make your phone magically better. If you don’t like it, don’t get another one. I don’t particularly like my Bionic, and I don’t plan on getting another Motorola phone.
          My next device will be either HTC or Samsung, but at least I have the sense to see the bigger picture that Motorola needs to either win or get the case thrown out or the whole Android ecosystem will suffer.

          • dsparil

            Never getting a another Motorola phone. They suck.

          • tehsusenoh

            Cool. Have a nice day.

  • Rdfry

    quick someone needs to clone Posner and him on all the Android lawsuits.

  • MG83

    They’re just in a nerd rage because people don’t buy their disposable cameras littered all over drug stores anymore.

  • Darkseider

    That’s because Fuji film is a failing company. Nikon, Canon and now Sony are on the top of the food chain in cameras and digital imaging and DSLRs.

  • tehsusenoh

    ‘devices communicating with other devices “over a path other than the telephone network.”‘ You mean everything that’s not a phone?

  • DCTheTruth

    This is getting Ridiculous.

  • Joe

    I hope that it is found that the patents are not being violated and Motorola sues Fujifilm and puts them out of business. Enough with this patent BS

  • tim bennett

    Fuji is just mad that nobody buys rolls of film or developing paper anymore. :P


    Fuji still makes cameras, WHA???? Anyways what is this cheap disposable camera company going to do with that money? Add a mp3 play function to there disposable cameras or make a disposable camcorder.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Google should just go buy Kodak’s digital photography patents from them… in bankruptcy, I’m sure their creditors would allow it and as is typical with the type of sale, Kodak would retain lifetime usage rights for the patents so they could continue business after bankruptcy.

  • Jeffrey Evans

    More patents to soon be invalidated. If these were legit, they’d have sued much earlier and would be targeting literally everyone making phones.

  • Michael Clanton

    Another reason that shows android is a stolen product…microsoft makes alot of money from it…and only a matter of time before they get some big legal blows.

  • Layman76

    As long as they stay the hell away from the Atrix HD I’m happy.

  • Anthony Walker

    As companies become less successful they start resorting to patent trolling.

  • Caffiend

    In the age of social media, and most, if not all, cellular phones, (Smart and “dumb” alike) made within the last 5-8 years have cameras on them, why the need for disposable cameras? Most paper reproductions are done through digital printing, or from P&S, or more advanced imaging hardware, (SLR’s, DSLR’s 35mm etc..) So again, how is Motorola actually hurting Fuji. What makes this even worse is if these patents are in fact, vague.