Jul 14th, 2012

The growing trend of companies suing Android manufacturers continues to grow along with the platform’s success. Just in case Google partners don’t have enough to worry about already, Fujifilm has decided to join the party. The camera maker has recently filed a lawsuit against Motorola, claiming that a large amount of the manufacturer’s devices are infringing on its patents.

Fujifilm is bringing 4 specific patents to court, which include the following:

These patents involve processes mostly related to imaging (of course) and communications. In short, they relate to image conversion, processing, face detection and devices communicating with other devices “over a path other than the telephone network.”

Needless to say that some of these are pretty general patents, and many other companies could very well be blamed for the same. There could be a certain process these patents refer to, which usually includes the way the coding and/or hardware is set up. But for now, the only thing to do is wait and see which patents are considered valid in court.

So there you go, guys! Fujifilm joins the rest of the tech world in the war against Android.

[Source: Document Via: FOSS Patents]

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