Gamestop All Stocked Up On Nexus 7’s – Waits For Word From Google Before Releasing

There’s been some talk over Google’s first flagship tablet — the Nexus 7 — and for good reason. This thing has been selling like hotcakes since it was announced and it’s got Apple’s chonies in a bunch. For those that pre-ordered the tablet from the Google Play Store, there’s still the question of when exactly the Jelly Bean tablet will ship, and if those pre-orders will get the tab before local retail outlets. Maybe we can help answer some of those questions.

Do stores like Gamestop have them in their backrooms? Yes. Are they allowed to sell them? No. Take a look at this internal memo we received from a Gamestop store explicitly instructing employees to hold off on selling the Nexus 7 until further notice. Who’s further notice? Google’s of course. Apparently, the Nexus 7 has already shipped to many 3rd party retailers but they’ve been asked to hold off on releasing, just until those that pre-ordered the device through the Google Play Store receive them first.

I guess you can say Google wants to make sure their customers don’t leave the Play Store with a bad taste in their mouths. If you ask me (and people rarely do), I just want to see the floodgates open, and jelly bean released unto the world. In some cases, this will be the first time many Android users have ever owned a stock Android device sans manufacturer UI’s. Remember, those that ordered the tablet from Gamestop, Office Depot and other retailers are Google customers too. In fact, the same $25 Google Play Store credit also applies to them as well. So, Google… let my people go!

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  • phoenix_fire

    i won’t buy one from gamestop (since they’ll probably mark up the price) but i hope they have one on display that i can play with.

    • mbaldwin85

      Not sure they would be allowed to mark up

    • Joe Frederick

      The price is not marked up. It’s the same price as the play store and every where else except only the play store is selling the 8GB version exclusively along with the 16GB version.

    • Chris Chavez

      Little known fact: Gamestop doesn’t make (hardly) any money from selling hardware, only accessories and used games.

    • Terrormaster

      Chris nailed it. Game Stop makes zero from selling anything other than accessories and used games. All those NEW titles… The manufacturers pay Gamestop for shelf space and the manufacturers set the prices. The only money they make on hardware and new games is from said space rentals. Same with Target, Walmart, and Bestbuy even. I went through all this research when I was considering opening a hobby gaming store and having electronic games. Little to no money in it unless you’re selling used/pre-owned.

  • Jayshmay

    Oh, all these stupid technicalities before selling a product,… ohhhh boy!!!!!!

  • bob

    LOL! They’re not exactly waiting though. Not sure about Gamestop but my local Sam’s Club started selling there’s last night. To top it off each version is $5 cheaper then direct from Google and there’s no shipping. I feel like an idiot for pre ordering now.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Me too I’m pissed.

    • Chris Chavez

      Remember, pre-ordering guarantees you a Nexus 7, not that you’ll get it first.

      Also, it’s not like just anyone can walk into a Gamestop and pick up a Nexus 7 on launch day. They have limited quantities and about 90% of their first batch is taken by pre-orders.

      • Adam Intinarelli

        100% of their first batch is for me.. the one they got in, is the one i ordered.. only me(:

    • droid.

      Which Sam’s might that be?

      • bob

        bakersfield ca

        • droid.

          Awesome! I went to my local Sams in Springfield, mo and picked one up just before they closed.

    • C-Law

      I went to two Sam’s clubs today. Neither had them.

  • HalfwayCrook

    I love you Chris… but stfu! If I knew Google was going to ship the n7 to retailers this early there’s no way in hell I would have pre order from the play store and pay an extra $20 for shipping. I’m honestly pissed at Google and I feel ripped off, I would have just bought one from Sam’s club or staples which has much better customer service than the tight wads at the play store. So no Chris, don’t “let your people go”, Google better keep those f—ing flood gates closed. I paid an extra $20 for my pre order from the play store so those retailers better damn right hold those n7’s until a few days after I get mine!

    • Chris Chavez

      Shouldn’t feel ripped off yet. Google’s keeping a close eye on the Nexus 7 and going to great lengths to make sure you guys feel loved (and privileged) ;p

      • Terrormaster

        Then why haven’t they made any sort of announcement yet? I heard a rumor that they’re going to throw in Kanye’s new book and Justin Beiber’s new album. In addition a new Rebecca Black video or something if you ordered the 16g version. I sure hope this person was kidding because that’s just adding insult to injury.

        • itmustbejj

          Is this Sheldon Cooper? If it was, it’s not your fault that no one was around to explain that was clearly sarcasm in that XDA thread. If not, palm to face for you sir.

          • Terrormaster

            Nope, was in a #Nexus7 thread on Google+ and thank the stars it was a joke.

          • itmustbejj

            Well it came from that redonkulous xda thread.

    • Ahmazin

      Hey, some people ordered them as early as the 29th at Gamestop. They’re customers, just like you. I ordered mine on the playstore the first day of io, but I agree with Chris. They paid their money, just like us. Give them what they paid for. We were anxious, had the money at the time, so we pulled the trigger. I don’t begrudge them the fact that Google put us all in this situation. That’s life. Fools rush in (no disrespect, because I’m one of them.) If we’re starting to get ours, they should get theirs. Try to have some empathy. Our preorders guaranteed us a Nexus 7. Not that we would get it first. If I were them, I’d be pissed that it’s just sitting there, collecting dust. Google has been saying, anyone who ordered before the 1st of July… well a lot of them ordered it before the 1st. Give them what they’re due.

    • C-Law

      I’ve been to two Sam’s clubs. Neither was selling them. Your store must not have gotten the notice

    • Mirza Dobric

      I’m not too familiar with how Google Play works when purchasing hardware, but aren’t you at least saving on sales tax?

      • Jason Farrell


        Nexus 7 (16GB) – The first tablet from Google. Thin, light, and designed for Google Play.
        Shipping (Two Day Shipping):

        • Bryan Haywood

          my tax was 18 on the 16gb

  • Michael Thompson

    I wait patiently
    As adults we can do this
    Pre-order is fine

    • saynotopunx

      Google Nexus tab
      I have been waiting so long
      can’t wait to get it

  • fail man.

    I will steal one

  • Tim Gueusquin

    Those who ordered through Ebuyer in the UK are receiving them today, before the Play Store…this makes me very sad.

  • lilmanmgf

    I was able to get my 16gb for 232 shipped including tax. My 30 off 150 coupon worked at Staples while the nexus pre orders were still hidden.

  • Alpha_Axl

    Just realized that the black outline of the tablet on the packaging is a 7. Mind = Blown.

    • saynotopunx

      wow, you’re right. 0_o

    • bmg314

      Lol…that was the first thing I noticed, only in reverse…it actually took my brain a second to realize that the seven was the outline of the tablet! xD

    • matthew d lyons

      I noticed that when the brought the box out at Google I/O. Pretty clever packaging. Too bad I can’t see it for myself yet! >-l

  • Luxferro

    Probably the last time I pre-order from google. They already screwed up, and having some retailers hold off selling doesn’t fix the problem. We should already have them if stores have them in back rooms and are selling them.

    And before someone says have patience, or relax. I’m not mad, just next time I won’t preorder since there is no benefits – and it cost more too!

    Google should do more to make up for their mistake beside making some retailers hold them.

    • Havoc70


    • itmustbejj

      Yes I’m a proud Google fanboy here, this is one of the few times I feel like they have let me down. I think I’m more upset about it because I hold them to a higher standard because of how they normally operate. Also I’m pissed that I’m paying $14 shipping on a 2 day delivery from Mountain View to Mountain View, when everyone else is giving shipping for free with preorders, and I could have just not preordered and walked into a store and bought it at/before I will actually receive it.

      • HalfwayCrook

        Me too dude, definetly a let down :( #Never again

  • id10terrordfw

    Before everyone gets hot and bothered over not having to pay shipping, if I remember correctly from my preorder the 25 dollar play store credit is only when ordered from the play store.

    • JimmyHACK

      You get the credit when you setup your nexus 7, where you purchase it doesn’t matter

      • id10terrordfw

        Yeah, I noticed that right after I posted this from my GSIII and couldn’t edit it. I have no shame admitting I am wrong on that. But either way, 13 bucks isn’t so bad.

        • JimmyHACK

          Yeah, people just like to whine either way :)

        • Terrormaster

          13 bucks is two meals at Taco Bell.

    • Terrormaster

      Nope. Everyone gets the $25 credit and Transformers 3 regardless of where you buy it. At this point I can see not one single reason to have preordered it through Google Play. Not one damn perk.

  • Perplexicles

    I was going to pass on the Nexus 7, because I really can think of no reason to own a tablet. However, the 200 dollar price point is really tempting.

  • john

    Piss off not only did I order the first day just found out if I had ordered from ebuyer before mid-day yesterday I would have received it to day and got free p and p Ex Google play store customer

  • Jason Watson

    Just let us pick up our preorders already. Damn this is annoying. Some self entitled kids yelling about how they should get it first when most paid for the slow shipping and all of us who ordered it day one at Gamestop must wait so there people dont get their diapers in a wad. Just release it to all who preordered in the order they did. If B&M get it faster you know better next time.

    • aiden9

      There is no option for “slow shipping” as far as I can tell. Its $14 for 2 day shipping or bust.

      This isn’t about keeping “self entitled kids” happy(although would think that bunch would be the type to go to gamestop, video game store and all). Google is just trying to make a simultaneous launch.

  • corona101

    Amazon is selling it for 91.80.

    • 0xabad1dea

      Just because it comes up when you search “Nexus 7″ doesn’t mean it’s a Nexus 7. Hope you didn’t fall for it…

    • Juan Carlos Contreras

      Wrong one buddy!

  • b_to_the_randon

    Really wish that they’d at least let you cancel the Play Store pre-orders.. At this point I’d rather just skip the shipping charge since it essentially negates the bonus $25. Especially if quantities hold out at the brick and mortar’s (which it looks like may happen as Google is delaying to ensure widespread inventory).


    • HalfwayCrook

      Amen brother, Never pre-ordering from the play store again!

  • warcaster


  • G. Andrew M. Blackburn

    My god what a bunch of whiners!!! This happens with every pre order. this is the reason why I never pre order. I know I can get it cheaper and can get it faster if I just wait till launch day.

  • Havoc70

    Just ship the d-a-m- n things already! Yea i preordered and yea i am not happy that Gamestop, Sams Club and others has them in the back room already but Google hasn’t shipped out the ones we preordered, !FREE THE 7!

  • IX

    I just got an text message from my Gamestop store “Your Google Nexus 7 order, avail Fri AM. bring your trades to reduce price” I am a little shocked and going to have to find that 200 bucks that the salesperson said i wouldnt need until the first week of August. If it is legit…

  • Juan Carlos Contreras

    Sam’s Club had a Pre-Order sale for $246.98 but they SOLD OUT already.

  • Peter Pagonis

    I just got this text a few minutes ago from gamestop. Think it’s possibly a fluke? Gamestop won’t open for another 30 min in my area.

    • Drumaholic870

      i got it too….*insert big stupid grin here*

  • Drumaholic870

    gamestop just sent me a text message…and i quote…”Your google Nexus 7 order avail Fri AM.”

  • Junjie Yang

    I would like to order one if I did not know the Microsoft Surface is coming soon, too

  • William Shaft

    YES…………. My store called me this morning ( i work for gamestop) and I can pick up my tablet today.

  • Dvrcowboy

    They should give out a Mass Effect game voucher with it

  • Éclair

    Hate to say this but Google Playstore’s customer service is so much worse than competitors’ service. I just called Play customer service and had to wait on the line for over 30 minutes. Not to mention the slow shipping on preorders, etc. Amazon did a much better job with its Kindle Fire launch. I for one think the customer service will be one of the main factors in this tablet market, and Google so far is not winning on this front.

  • Art

    Got a text and picked mine up

  • Jon doe

    I had a text from game stop saying “your nexus 7 is on back order!” Wtf!

  • Drumaholic870

    not a fluke…….got the same message and i am now typing this from my N7

  • raul44

    I just called GameStop. He said they just got the email with approval to start selling them!

  • EasyEEE

    I don’t think it’s a fluke.

    I got my Prime Dec Game Stop … Before a ton of people that pre ordered from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy.

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Let us know if it came installed with Game Stop installed games and their App Central thing.

    I may run down and grab the 16GB for the he’ll of it.

  • Devildadeo

    Ordered my 16GB day one. Have gotten no shipping confirmation or anything. If peeps get theirs at gamestop today then I am certainly getting the shaft. Had they announced retailers day one I would not have ordered through the playstore.

    • Terrormaster

      I think that’s pretty much the gist of it. Google never announced availability beyond the play store and most of us presumed that it would be the only place to buy it. So we all sucked up the shipping and preordered through the play store.

  • Mike Mouse-Morales

    Just got charged for mine. Google should be sending it soon enough.

  • rockosolido

    Not sure where some of you people get your misconceived ideas of how retail works from, but you’re off base.

    Nobody has to sell you anything, least of all because its in a stock room. Its like some of you don’t understand that in most cases, x video game or y movie is in-hand at your local store days before its street date, but that doesn’t mean you can walk up to a cashier and demand to buy it. That’s not how it works.

    Companies issue street dates, vendors adhere to them or risk the fine/penalty. Google hasn’t even announced a street date for the Nexus 7, so what does that mean? It means the brick and mortars have to sit on them until they’re given the go-ahead to sell them. GameStop decides to say screw Google and do it anyway because some whiny entitled 20-something wants it now? Then they don’t get to carry it next time around, Google makes sure they’re the last company to receive it, or some other punishment.

    Now, if Google drops the ball on their Play pre-orders and Joe Schmoe can just walk in and buy it before they’re shipped to us? Yeah, then there’s going to be some deserved backlash.

  • AxeeTech

    This is the best 7 inch tablet to date, I read about it that it costs $ 150 to $ 160 and they are selling it for $199

  • Dan

    Going to return to sender my preorder of the 8 GB that I paid $229 for. Bought the 16 GB at Sam’s today for $246 and also got the $25 Google play credit.

  • S.Rambo

    I just got mine on Aug 3 pre order at gamestop after the first batch so i had to wait 267 after tax i bought it in Wildwood NJ cheaper tax then at home in ca