Sprint Lights Up Kansas With Beautiful 4G LTE


If you’re currently a Sprint customer living in Kansas with an LTE enabled device in your possession, I have some good news for you. No, the weather isn’t going to get any cooler but maybe some of Sprint’s all new, blazing fast 4G LTE will help take your mind off the heat for a little while. The #3 largest network in the US has just flipped the switch for LTE in Kansas City a little ahead of its July 15th rollout which is set to hit 5 cities across the US including: Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Apparently, it’s not just Kansas City that’s getting now receiving 4G LTE. Surrounding areas like St. Joseph, Missouri and Manhattan, Kansas are also getting their taste of next-gen 4G LTE on the Now Network. One user even posted a SpeedTest after his device lit up with LTE (above), getting close to 12.7Mbps down and almost 5Mbps up. Those speeds are likely to decrease as more people connect to the new LTE network, but it’s still a nice upgrade from their aging 3G network.

Any of our readers experiencing LTE on Sprint? If you previously had LTE disabled on your device, now might be a good time to re-enable if you’re apart of one of the lucky 5 markets. Feel free to share your SpeedTests below and congrats!


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  1. It’s almost there in Atlanta as well. I hit an active NV site on my GSIII last night and got these 3G speeds: http://twitpic.com/a6xc0v

    1. I’m trying to convince myself to stay with sprint, if I could have those 3G speeds at the very least I’d be happy. I’m wondering if Sprint’s 3G reception indoors will be better at all with the NV upgrades. Anyone have any idea? Seems whenever I’m indoors, Sprint’s reception is horrid and I’m not even talking about wimax!

      1. When Sprint repurposes their old Nextel 800Mhz bandwidth to their regular 3G network their signal strength indoors “should” go up. The lower frequency bandwidths are able to penetrate buildings better so let’s hope they get this completed sooner rather than later.

        1. Hoping it’s sooner rather than later. I am about to jump ship though, not because the network is horrible but because I don’t think Sprint is going to have a substantial fix in place relatively soon.

          Thinking of grabbing the Galaxy Nexus from the play store and getting either t-Mobile or at&t.

          Sent from my Galaxy S II

          1. that’s what I did and never looked back. although I am now with straight talk. same coverage as T-Mobile where I live which is great and only $45 a month for unlimited

          2. Just don’t like the idea of not having unlimited. I would probably come back to Sprint when the network in my area improved substantially.

            Sent from my Galaxy S II

          3. I’m on straight talk. its unlimited talk text and web.

          4. Tmob isn’t quite unlimited, they’ll throttle below 100Kbps after so many GB.

          5. I’d rather be throttled after 2 or 5gb of data than to be permanently throttled so i never reach more than 500mb. Sprint better launch this thing quick

      2. That speed test was taken on the 4th floor of a 7 floor building, inside, of course. I was in class when I took it last night.

      3. Sprint’s reception will improve approximately 20% initially with NetworkVision due to the fact that the NV upgrades include Remote Radio Units (RUU’s)… later, Sprints reception will improve dramatically as they are adding 800mhz carriers as the iDen/Nextel network is shut down.

    2. I am getting 2+ Mbps (down) on Sprints 3G consistantly, the past few days in North Houston (Woodlands/Spring area), which is a vast improvment over what I was getting. I would say that the signal upgrades will be a big improvment for all Sprint users, regardless of LTE or 3G phone.

  2. You do realize that Kansas City, MO is like 10x the size of Kansas City, KS right?

    1. You do realize that the population on the Kansas side of the metro area is just about equal to the population on the Missouri side right?

  3. Isn’t 12.7Mbps pretty slow for LTE compared to AT&T and Verizon?

    1. I believe Sprint is running on 5×5 whereas Verizon/AT&T are running 10×10. Thus, the speeds would be higher.

      1. True but that is more related to capacity than realistic speed. ATT/VZW have twice as many users than Sprint so the capacity is about the same. Sprint will also be adding 800Mhz band next year and then likely use Clear LTE when capacity is needed.

        1. I’ve only seen those insane LTE speeds on the alternative carriers when the markets just launched, and were unused. I remember when the GNex first came out, I went to the VZW store to check it out and on full signal of 4G, I couldn’t top out on anything higher than 10 mbps.

        2. True, Sprint will be running a 5×5 on 1900mhz, which they are deploying now… and will add a 5×5 on 800mhz as they shut down the iDen/Nextel network. So, VZW will have a 10×10 nationwide, Sprint will have dual 5×5’s… ATT.. they’re kind of screwed in many markets compared to Sprint and VZW.

    2. Many have posted Sprint tests of 10-30Mbps, which is comparable. Sprint is also coming out with better latency than ATT/VZW. A smartphone doesn’t need more than 3-4Mbps anyway, latency is what matters for app/browsing performance in most cases. And Sprint is unlimited. Would you rather get 4Mbps/unlimited or >10Mbps with a 2-3GB limit?

      With Sprint you can watch videos, with ATT/VZW you have to watch a meter.

      1. Better watch that meter when you’re out of sprints coverage, the 500mb of data they allow of their network isn’t so unlimited. Compare sprint with VZW/ATT when I need more than two hands to count their lte markets.

        1. thats great and all but 99% of people don’t travel to portland or ohio or other markets across the map on even a remotely irregular basis. So it really doesnt how many markets, all that matters is if its in YOUR market.

    3. That’s still a good 8Mbps faster than I can ever get on Verizon LTE.

    4. 12.7 is pretty slow for my Verizon LTE, I average 20 – 30mbps
      Given other tests of Sprint’s LTE, I’d say this was probably a low test though, maybe a bad signal area (Note except for the nexus, on cdma phones the bars actually represent the cdma connection, not LTE)
      Sprint’s LTE will likely be slower since they are using 5×5 instead of 10×10 like Verizon though.

      1. What app do you have that needs more than 4Mbps? You just get to your limit that much faster. Sprint is unlimited.

        1. internet? wether you download a 500 mb file in 15 seconds with a fast connection or you download a 500 mb in 15 minutes with a slower unlimited connection… you are still only using 500 mb of data so i dont know why speed would be a negative-.

    5. Yep and then you run out of Data on Verizon/AT&T and if your T-Mobile you’re throttled down to 2G either way Sprint is still chugging along lol…

  4. Missouri… Not Kansas.

    1. Both actually.

  5. I don’t about those speeds…here in ny I get higher speeds on wimax

    1. yeah and here in ny, i get about 1.5 mbps on wimax… so here’s to hoping EVERYONE on sprint LTE can achieve those speeds.

      1. I am on wimax also why the difference in speeds. I mean its not even close

        1. Allegedly that’s the benefit of sprints new LTE it’ll be able to offer a consistent experience. If you check the reviews it says sprints Wimax averaged about 4 mbps. So average your 16 to a lot of people like me n there u have it. I don’t know why tho, just know I ditched my old evo for an LTE version because my data speeds were going to be crap regardless

          1. In northern Illinois, 3g was faster than WiMax

          2. And that’s a damn shame

  6. Just get me around 3-5 MbPS and I’m good to go… just make it consistent.

    1. can you skip through porn without buffer on 3mbps?

      1. Someone load Brazzers Mobile.

        1. Lol yeah but I like the free full length vids

    2. Agreed, there is no app that needs more than 3-4Mbps. Sprint is unlimited, I’d rather have 3-4Mbps consistently unlimited than 1Gbps that is limited.

  7. In knoxville I’m lucky to 250k on 3g…. I’m switching over to straight talk. cuts my bill in half and I will get around 8-10mb. Who cares about unlimited data when the data speed is worse than my old 28.8 dial up modem. And it sucks because I used to be a huge proponent of spring and have been with them since the late 90’s

  8. Sorry, I LOL’d.
    T-Mobile H+:

    Surely Sprint can do better?

    1. the question is… do they need to?

    2. What app do you use that needs more than 3-4Mbps?

  9. Anyone know if Topeka has any of this yet? If Manhattan does I would sure hope so, we’re 3 times the size and closer to KC.

    1. Maybe it’s because Manhattan is a college town? Kinda odd if you ask me.

  10. you are welcome for the screenshot!

  11. Man I wish Sprint would bring some lte love to Sac

  12. lol that is crappy LTE speed. I get 30,000/12,000 here in Vegas on Verizon. keep trying, Sprint!

  13. 1.5 MB speeds. Hmm… I get 1.4 MB maxed on WiMax. So it is better!! And I’m to imagine that this isn’t maxed out on LTE. Can’t wait for the Photon Q. Ima trade my E4GT for that and have me some LTE.

    Sorry, but I just don’t under stand Kilobits since all the files I download are in MegaBytes. LoL!!
    Oh, and before someone tries to say ANYTHING, 1.5 MB =! 1.5 Mb
    Ok. I’m done.

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