Nexus 7 tablet now shipping in 1-2 weeks

Good news for everyone who’s preordered the Nexus 7 tablet has just hit the Google Play Store. The ship date has changed from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks, a good sign that Google will indeed be making that mid-July launch window it promised for the 7 inch tablet back at Google I/O. The Nexus 7 is a quad-core Tegra 3 device that looks to instill the idea of pure Android in the tablet realm.

The device was introduced at very attractive rates. $200 would get you the 8GB version while $250 would get you the 16GB version. The tablet has been under a bit of fire lately due to its lack of a microSD card slot. Despite the small (but understandably upsetting) exclusion, the device is the best you’ll get at this price range. Google is still accepting pre-sales for the device so get over to the Google Play Store if you’re interested. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • aeok18109

    At times like this i wish i had a delorean

  • G. Andrew M. Blackburn

    I’d love to order one but after taxes and shipping the 16gb device comes out to almost $300…

    • Michael Thompson

      Compared to…?

    • renGek

      Then get it from staples with free shipping and you can probably find one of those $10-$20 off $100 purchase deals which pretty much covers the tax. Don’t know if they offer $25 play store credit though. But really if you are that concern about price then you compromise and get the 8gig. You can’t have it all.

      • G. Andrew M. Blackburn

        If it had an SD slot then I’d just get the 8gb version. But as far as I see it its cheaper to just get a used Touchpad off ebay for $150. I just think at almost $300 after Taxes and Shipping I don’t understand what all the excitement is about.

        • leaponover

          Probably Quad Core and Jelly Bean if you want to compare it to a touchpad. Just sayin’

          • G. Andrew M. Blackburn

            Tegra3 really isn’t that impressive and I’ll likely have 4.1 on my TP around the same time people get their nexus 7 in the mail… just sayin’

      • itmustbejj

        Those coupons aren’t good on tablets. I rushed and preordered one the day of the annoucement from the Play Store, and frankly I’m annoyed that Google is charging shipping but everyone else is giving free shipping. How bout rewarding loyalty Google?

    • leaponover

      I am in S. Korea, so I had it shipped to my sister in law in Hawaii. The shipping and tax was sooo cheap I couldn’t believe it. It was going to cost $283 to have it shipped to TX, going to HI it’s only $263 and they only charged $.63 for tax, lmao!

  • youareme7

    I’m crossing my fingers that the early pre-orders arrive on friday of this week. That would be awesome. I’m completely obsessing about it this week.

    • JamesS

      I’m hoping for this too!

    • Michael Thompson

      I’m also champing at the bit to get mine!

    • Scott Stafford

      I’m sharing this sentiment!


    Not going to lie, I’m more pumped about this than any other device I’ve pre-ordered!! BOOYAHH!!!

  • edoggy

    For me it switched from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 weeks. It never said 3-4 weeks.

  • PhoenixP3K

    Not sure why people are so upset about the microSD card. I’ve had the same 4GB microSD in my Nexus One and never swapped it. Previous to that I had a 2GB card in my Blackberry Pearl. You get the trend…

  • tom-e

    I ALWAYS wished I had a Delorian… past present or future.

  • bossyman15

    not buying one. No sd card.

    • HalfwayCrook

      cool story nub

  • Michael Thompson

    It is only upsetting if you have been ignoring trends toward the cloud or don’t have a home server set up to deliver your personal content. Google wants people to use the Google Play ecosystem, and not including external storage is how they plan on doing it.

  • moopuna

    Is there a reason all the sudden that the gray cover now says “notify me” and asks for your email address about shipping? I ordered one initially right after ordering the 7. curious if its not shipping at the same time?

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Looks amazing… holding off until their 10 inch model comes out.

  • tom-e

    Strider, I agree. Google really wants people using the cloud for storage. But this device cannot use 4G, and WiFi access isn’t available everywhere.

    I hate having all of my music in the cloud. I will driving and suddenly the music will become “unavailable”. Or if I am taking a trip by airplane I have to “pin” my music before I go. A bit cumbersome.

    I don’t understand how people are expected to use the cloud for all of their storage needs when unlimited data is gone and the 4G spectrum is getting gobbled up…

    • Seth Forbus

      Most android fans have the ability to tether or create a hotspot on their phone. Especially if they have an unlimited data plan or got grandfathered in on it. Still though, my biggest android game is dungeon defenders (1.2GB) which is MASSIVE compared to anything else. (GTA 3 didn’t pass 500mb). If you rip a dvd correctly for your device, it shouldn’t go over 500MB when you consider the screen size. So you could easily fit enough entertainment for a roadtrip on the 16GB size. Thats plenty of movies/games. Most people don’t own over 1-2GB of music either.

  • PhishyKris

    I plan on using mine with my GN for hotspot. I’ve been doing that with ipad and can’t wait to mount this thing on the dash and use it for nav!!

  • zoozie

    not pre sales.. its pre orders..

  • Mike Cook

    I just got my email tonight from Google saying they are preparing my 16 GB Nexus 7 for shipment.

  • Dan Baxter

    I don’t really care how much profit they’re making on each unit. I just want them to send me my pre-order.