Report: Google also working on a 10 inch Nexus


Just days after a 7 inch Nexus device was announced and made available for pre-order, a new rumor suggests Google is looking to bring another tablet to the Nexus line.

This time, a 10 inch variant might be in the works. DigiTimes reports Google’s supplier, WinTek, is shipping 10 inch OGS panels and that Google has been the primary recipient of said shipments.

The rumor is a tad believable as earlier ones suggest Google is working on more than one tablet, and that they’ll have five different Nexus devices out by the end of the year.

We’re not sure what to expect from a 10 inch offering, though if the rumors are true we suspect it’ll come with a lot more flexibility in terms of ports, storage, and connectivity, and that it’ll definitely be more expensive than the 7 inch variant.

Do any of you event want a 10 inch offering? Will it come down to the feature set or pricing for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If it will be a better offering than the upcoming Transformer Infinity, then it will be worth a look. If not, so sad!

  2. Ha ha! As fast as I jumped on the N7, I’ll probably bite on this too unless it is just a bigger N7.

  3. I am a motorola Xoom owner, and the fact that it will be getting JellyBean means I’ll have it for a while yet. However, if this tablet was reasonably priced, I would definitely consider it. To answer your question, I guess it comes to to price and technological relevance to me.

    1. Day one wifi Motorola Xoom here — really enjoying ICS and JB will be along next month. N7 launched with JB, no doubt the N10 will as well. My Xoom is a daily driver but I’m very interested in the new panel screen and more computing power. We’ll see what they do with the prices — Xoom launched at $599.

      1. Xoom owner here also but I will be getting the Nexus 7 for work productivity use.

  4. i will definitely hold off on replacing my gtab 10.1 with a gnote 10.1 until i hear what a n10 has to offer!

    1. Yeah, I’m also looking at a tablet with support for pressure sensitive styluses like Wacom ones/S-pen, and I hope this 10″ Nexus one will support that, too. Maybe not come with it as default if they want to keep it cheap $200-$300, but it would be really nice if they sold the stylus as accessory as well, separately, and of course supporting it very well.

      It would be nice if it had support for an integrated keyboard/cover as well to use as a netbook.

  5. I was going to get a prime infinity but I think I’ll hold off till I can find out more about this device.

    1. Same here, I was looking to probably replace my OG Transformer by the end of the year and, while I still really like the dock, the idea of a Nexus devices is appealing.

      1. I’m so very torn I wanna get the nexus 7, 10 and infinity but I am supposed to get a GS3 and I feel that getting a nexus 7 would be pointless with a phone about the size of a tab (I know it’s not really but you get the point). I really want the infinity BUT I’d like to have something with NFC and most likely anything from google will have that so I guess I gotta wait till I see what they bring to the table. But I’m hoping it’s a transformer. since it would be from Asus (presumably)

        1. Not trying to troll or anything, but why NFC in a tablet? I can’t really see whipping it out at a McDonald’s and trying to pay with it.

          1. I think its more to share things via Beam

          2. Good point.

          3. @CoreyShaughnessy:disqus yeah it’s used for a bunch of things not just payment (that’s just the most widely known) you can also start tasks and pair devices. Not just phone to tab but tab to nexus Q or other devices that may use NFC in the future. there are a ton of uses that we just don’t have yet in america but Bluetooth used to be “useless” until every device had it now its invaluable.

          4. Businesses could use them to conduct business transactions. I could use it to complete some of my eBay sales as well.

    2. I am on the wagon too, infinity was my next tablet but now I am going to wait and I am sure its worth the wait. After I lost my ipad I waited for a better tablet and I am glad I was able to order the Nexus 7, so Nexus 10 I will be waiting for you.

    3. If I have to buy an Android tablet, I’m getting one from Google, just to show my support for Big G. Nexus 7 is in my future though as I’ll prob get a Win8 tablet for larger scale stuff.

    4. I believe prime infinity will be more full featured than a Google based product. Ideally it would be stock android and updates would come fast.

  6. Any plans for an 8.9 tablet.
    For me that seems to be the sweet spot.

    1. I agree. I have a ATT Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I love the form factor.

  7. This is a good thing. Despite not having enough memory and no SD slot I decided to forego using the Nexus 7 as a replacement for my Zune HD 32g and just wont use it for music – went ahead and preordered it already. It will be a good way to get a demo unit in the house and convince my wife to go with a Nexus product over an iPad. She wants a larger screen than 7″ though and was really put off by only 16g on the Nexus 7. And up to this point she has been unconvinced by the current 10″ Android tabs on the market – she felt they were laggy and not intuitive to the casual user.

  8. It will come down to both. I want more bang for my buck. I’ve been holding out on a tablet and the Nexus 7 is what I may get.

  9. I’d rather have the more portable 7. I just wish they’d release a Nexus 7+, with a SD card slot, and MHL/Mini HDMI support. They could have avoided alot of the complaining by offering a 32GB model for $299, marked down to $249 during I/O or during the 2-3 week pre-order period.

    1. They’re making no profit on a 7″ tablet with 16GB at $249. Adding those features and bumping internal to 32GB for the same price (or even $50 more) probably wouldn’t happen. Price point would have to be higher.

      1. That doesn’t make any sense. I know they weren’t making a profit. But another 16gig bump shouldn’t tack on $50 more to production costs. Hell one could argue that the $50 premium between the 8 and 16 gig model is ridiculous for a measly 8gig bump. Especially when off the shelf 64g SD ram can he had for around $50. Why on earth would internal cost that much more?

  10. If it has a micro-sd slot… I have so many tablets kicking around now, the lesser devices are reduced to movie players for my 2 year-old. Without expandable storage it doesn’t doesn’t even serve that purpose ideally.

  11. These devices all sounds great with the Google Nexus line but the one thing that is detering me is the lack of expansion slot for memory and HDMI as well. I like to stream and store items on my SD card rather than internal. The nexus Q has peaked my interests in getting the whole lineup but if they are making a 10″ version I am game to see what it might entail.

  12. Already ordered the 7. Price point for a 10 will probably be out of my comfort zone.

  13. Pair this up with a gaming controller and I think I found my new gaming device… I was thinking of a way to get into developing games and this might be it. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THROW IN A MICRO SD CARD SLOT!!!!

    1. I’m sure they will add an SD card slot. They wouldn’t get ANY sales if a 10-inch Android device didn’t have one. LoL!!

      1. Google doesn’t see SD card slots as the future. That’s why they haven’t included one since the original Nexus One, I believe.

        1. I had the original Nexus 1. It was and is still my favorite designed phone. It had an SD card slot. I think… LoL!!

          But I see what you’re saying. Google is gearing towards the cloud.

          1. Me too. N1 was my first Android. Ah, the memories!

      2. If the Nexus 7 is any indication, i wouldn’t count on that. And the “upgrade” version with only 16GB? Silliness.

        1. I know. I feel the same way. I’d rather spend an extra $50 on a 32GB SD card instead of 8GB of space.

  14. If I’m going to spend the money to buy a tablet, I might as well go the whole way and get a 10″. 7″ tablets just seem more like big phones to me.

  15. My prediction is soon the next gen of tabs are coming , 12-14 inch sizes… I actually don’t find 10″ all that interesting, just too small for my tastes.. and while I know most of you are gonna disgree, there are people other than me that would like bigger than a 10″ screen

    1. There is one already for your taste…the toshiba excite 13

    2. I disagree, but also agree. I think there is a market for both 7″ and 12″ tablets. There is nothing like quickly sliding a 7″ tablet into a pocket while boarding an airplane. So $200 takes care of your mobile media needs.

      Then at home, why not have a less portable device like a 12″ model, to allow for even more space? The main problem I anticipate is that in the 10″+ market, I feel Windows 8 on surface pro or similar machines is going to make a big splash. If anything, Google’s choice of the 7″ market isolates them from Microsoft’s upcoming devices.

    3. Right you are man. Me too. I hope Great G will develop soon a 12″ GNex tablet with sufficient number of ports , multicard slot and whatever is needed in nowadays business.

  16. …must…buy…asap…

  17. I ONLY want a 10 inch tab…7 is just to small in my opinion…hopefully this one is a little better in terms of sd card, etc.

  18. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I hope this story is true, if so when will it be available for purchase?!?!

  19. Nexus 10 better have 2gb ram. Also higher screen resolution!

  20. I like the new Windows Surface I think it’s called. Being a real Android hacker the new Windows tablet with the keyboard would be great for rooting my Android phones ect. I think the Android platform is the king but having the ability to use the new windows Surface for just about all your office needs including hacking I think it’s a real winner. Not to mention that slick built in kick stand and the overall look is well thought out. It comes in two models, if the price is right I will get the better of the two with all the bells and whistles.

  21. Oh no, here I was hoping for 5 new nexus phones. Now the rumors make more sense,. 2 tablets, 1 Nexus Q orb and maybe 2 phones if not the 1. Damn it! Motorola Razr Maxx Nexus!!!!!!!!

  22. If I had the funds to blow $400-$500 on a tablet I’d be interested, but for now, the Nexus7 will be my device.

  23. I’d like to see an 8.9″ Nexus tablet starting at $299.

    1. I second that.

    2. I’d like to see it for $200… $250 max!

    3. you’ll have to wait until September when Apple announces the iPad mini. Then you’ll start seeing Android knockoffs.

  24. I’d like to see a premium higher end Nexus tablet. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 is pretty much my main device at home but it’s getting a bit old.

  25. I would bite on a 10 inch tab if it had support for HDMI/MHL and USB.

  26. A 10″ tablet with a USB port would be cool. Throw in a Snapdragon S4 and 2GB RAM along with the 1920×1200 screen while they’re at it. I still think the 7″ is an awesome value and I might get it as my first (mostly useless) tablet.

    1. That is true. The 2GB of RAM is very necessary. I mean with what Jelly Bean can do, I’d want all that extra RAM space.

      1. Definitely. I’m also not a fan of the Tegra 3 being that it’s 40nm A9s and doesn’t support LTE. I’d much rather have the beast 28nm A15(ish) dual core S4 w/LTE.

        1. Ah!! So true!! I do lyk the stats I’ve been seeing with the S4. I could care less about the Tegra Market since its device dependant.

  27. I would definitely buy a 10 inch Nexus tablet. I am thinking $240 for 8 GB and $299 for 16 GB?

    1. Hmmm … sounds a bit little to me. It’ll be IMO $299 for 8 GB and say $349 for 16 GB tablet . What I heard is the price of screens grows exponentially with the size.

    2. agreed. $249 for the bump in the screen (edit: for the 8gb), everything else can pretty much stay the same.

  28. Now a 10″ Nexus I could get behind

  29. Good. I’ll need a replacement for my Xoom eventually.

    Though I’m still hoping for a nexus padfone of some kind.

  30. well. if this is the case ill be using my buy back plan for my tab 10.1 and trading over to this bad boy…. gotta be a 10 incher though

  31. I really want a ten inch nexus tab for use around the house and the 7 inch tab for on the go. Then I’d have a complete nexus family with my gnex

  32. Damn I already ordered my Nexus 7, now I have size envy. I think I am going to cancel my order and wait to see what the new offering will be

  33. Why would Google be the one receiving the 10 inch panels if it is Asus that is the one actually building it??????? So this whole rumor is pretty weak on that point.

  34. That’s the way , the way I waaant it !!! Aha Aha !!! Started waiting patiently. IMO a 10″ tablet is the only logical continuation of the GNex 7″ line , although there may be some other sizes in between like 8.9″ or similar. I am confident Google will , again , do a good job.

  35. Absolutely! I use my Xoom as a laptop replacement, and I don’t want a 7″ laptop!

  36. The only thing is that I bet this still won’t be that full-featured. Google has stated that they want their Nexus line to be the base line, or the minimum recommended specs. I don’t think a 10 incher would be that much different from the N7. Hopefully I am wrong, though!

  37. Hey guys n gals … how about a GNex 10″ (or higher) with a dock and keyboard ?
    Hard to believe there will ever be a hybrid Win+Android Google Tab and on top with a dock and keyboard . Is it too much of a dream ?

  38. I’m more inclined to wait for a 10″. Once a device is too big for my pocket (4.3″ or maybe 4.5″ if I really stretch), I don’t see a reason to cram down the size. 4″ phone and 10″ tablet makes sense for me. I don’t really see the point of the 5-8″ range.

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