Pinterest Android app could be launching at this I/O


If you’re a Pinterestee (that’s what they call ’em, right?) you’ve probably been moaning over the lack of an Android app for a while now. Well, fret no longer. Or actually, just for a couple of days more. Because it looks pretty clear that the Pinterest for Android app is right around the corner.

People over at Ausdroid spotted a mention of Pinterest, Inc in the Google I/O app sandbox, which clearly states “Now available for Android”. The screenshot from the I/O app is attached below. If the news breaks at the conference, we’ll be right there to report it.

[Ausdroid via Android Central]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. With Pinterest’s audience (mostly bored housewives and other “normal” people), I’m surprised there’s even a need for an Android app. :P

    1. So you’re basically saying that people who use Pinterest like myself don’t have a life.

      Look at it this way, I love using Pinterest and I usually post new pins practically every day and have quite a few followers myself.

      Hell, even famous people like George Takei have Pinterest accounts themselves.

      Of course, there’s a need for a Pinterest app if Pinterest is that popular PLUS it recently received a $100 million dollar investment from Rakuten, seen as the Japanese equivalent of Amazon who clearly see it as important enough if they’re willing to invest that sort of money into Pinterest.

      In any case, don’t knock it until you try as you may be pleasantly surprised once you do so. ^_^

    2. If women have been buying iPhones ‘cos its the only one with a Pinterest app so far, then ain’t it good that the app made it to Android? It would probably do more for getting women to start using Android than “women-centric” phones made that are nothing more than mid-range devices in pink color.

  2. I have no idea what it is and if it’s a social app it’s only for losers anyhow. Get a real life.

    1. You obviously spend too much time in the basement with no female interaction. The ladies freak over Pintrest.

  3. Look people I don’t know the official percentages but I’m willing to bet that way over 50% …say maybe 75% of Pinterest users are female. Nothing wrong with that. Just informing the uninformed that never heard of Pinterest. (If anyone does know the actual membership percentages please do share…thanks). If I’m wrong so be it….I’m not going to eat my words. I didn’t state a fact…I was just betting…so I loose the bet then is all. Just look at their website and tell me what you think. It screams “Glamour” all over that site. I understand the concept and I realize I can pin Harleys and cars and tech stuff and make my Pinterest site custom and manly …but I guess they really need to do a better job marketing to both sexes. The concept looks like a scrapbook….which is mostly a feminine thing.

    So no thank you….I’m not Pinterested.

  4. From what I gather, Pinterest is basically reddit, but more oriented to females?

  5. I find this Pinterest app, which looks good. Although it is not official.

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