Best Buy offering T-Mobile’s HTC One S for $99

Best Buy’s holding themselves a little sale for T-Mobile’s HTC One S. If you order it through the big ticket retailer’s website now, you’ll be a proud new owner for $99. More importantly, both new and existing customers who are upgrading can take advantage of the generous offer. This is all following a two-year contract signing and a rebate, of course, but we’re sure that won’t be a problem for many. This one is sure to have a time limit but, as usual, we’re not exactly sure what that limit is. To avoid missing out go ahead and order it as soon as you can. [Best Buy via TmoNews]

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  • Ian Dale

    T-Mobile itself has the One S for $50 for new contracts ( ). Upgrades not so much (at least not at 18 months), though, showing as a silly $380 when I checked through my account. So T-Mo for new, and BB for upgrade.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    Isn’t T-mo also holding a “Free” weekend for Father’s Day where this phone will be free?

    • Ian Dale

      I do remember seeing something (email?) about that, but can’t seem to find it anymore. I think it was something like ALL smartphones free this weekend? Not sure the details on those deals (does it work for upgrades or just new contracts?). If anyone’s done it before and knows, it would be good info for people to have.

      • Henry

        There was a big ad in Boston’s Metro news paper today for free 4g phones.

  • godrilla

    lol people still buy shit from bestbuy

  • Edgar is selling it for $49.99 with 2 year activation

  • Butters619

    LOL! You had an advertisement right next to the article for T-Mobile offering the same phone for free this weekend.

    • godrilla


    • JoshUng

      Not seeing the ad myself, but came to say just that, wait until Father’s Day and its free.

  • NardVa

    Htc One S isn’t a bad phone but I would rather have the GSIII.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    It’s free from T Mobile in a couple of days